[9/11] BDM X Cursed Collaboration Appreciation Bonus Event
EVENTS 2020.09.10


Greetings, Adventurers! 

Do you still remember the [BDM X Cursed Collab Celebration! Show Off Your Monocle Event on Facebook] event last August 3rd ~ 24th? 


Our heartfelt thanks to all Adventurers for celebrating Netflix CURSED Collaboration with us.

To reciprocate this celebration, we will select 10 winners and will receive an All-Inclusive Plus Chest! 


Rewards: All-Inclusive Plus Chest 


※ The selected winner will be contacted via DM on our Official Facebook. Personal information will be requested through a consent form. 

※ The rewards may be canceled if the Adventurer has no response until 9/18 (Friday). 

※ The official list of winners will be notified through our Official Website at a later time.