[7/31] Awaken Your Creativity! - Event Winners
EVENTS 2020.07.30


Greetings, Adventurers!


The winners for our [Awaken Your Creativity] Event have been decided!


There were so many imaginative and detailed drawings, so we would like to thank all of our Adventurers for their unique designs.


With so many creative and outstanding artworks, we were only able to select a few.

We ask for your understanding in regards to Adventurers who did not make from the winners list.



🏆 8 Winners

NA Ligonejayy
EU Aelune
ASIA Borogue

※ All entries can be found on our [Official Forum]. For the winning entries, please visit [HERE].



📃 Event Details

To see the original Event page, please visit [here].


※ Please Note

- Rewards will be sent via in-game mail and will expire on 8/29/2020, 23:59 (Server Time).

- Rewards will be sent to the Region and Server as indicated on the submitted post.

- Assistance will not be provided for rewards that have not been received after the mail expiration.


Thank you.