[7/7] Awaken Your Creativity!
EVENTS 2020.07.07


Greetings, Adventurers!


Show us how talented you are in our [Awaken Your Creativity] Event!

Draw, paint, of craft the Awakened outfit you’ve always wanted to see on your favorite Class.


You can be as elaborate, elegant, ferocious, or as silly as you like.

Now, go Awaken your Creativity!


📢 Period

July 8th ~ July 24th 23:59 (GMT-8)


📢 How to Participate

- Create an original Awakened outfit for any class in Black Desert Mobile Global.

- Go to [Official Forum] > [Community] > [Fan Art]

- Click the [Write] button on the top-right. (For mobile, press the “Pencil” icon on the top-right).

- The submission MUST include [Event – Awakening Fan Art] at the front of the title (ex. [Event – Awakening Fan Art] My Valkyrie/Paladin).

- The fan art must be about Awakening in order to be considered for selection.

- All types of art are accepted (image and video included).

- Artwork will be judged on 50% Creativity and 50% Merit

※ You MUST have your Family name and region included in the artwork or it will be excluded.

※ Any work that is not originally created will automatically be excluded (ex. stealing work created by others will result in automatic disqualification).

※ Any submission that is against the Operation Policy will be deleted immediately.


🌟 Winners

8 Winners


🎁 Event Rewards

■ All-Inclusive Chest x1

All-Inclusive Chest Combat Plus (28 Days) x1
Life Plus (28 Days) x1
Black Spirit Plus (28 Days) x1
Camp Manager: Irene (28 Days) x1



※ Please Note

- Any work that is political, religious, or generally offensive towards other Adventurers or Pearl Abyss staffs will be disqualified. Furthermore, any kind of offensive comments are subject to punishment in accordance with the Operation Policy.

- Any work deemed as inappropriate will be excluded.

- Failure to meet all the requirements mentioned in ‘How to Participate’ will result in disqualification.

- Any work submitted after the Event period will be excluded.

- Moving or deleting the initial post after the Event period has ended will be excluded from the results.

- Changing the Family Name before the Event period has ended will result in disqualification.

- Participants with current and future records of restriction due to violation of our Operational Policy can be excluded from the winner selection process.
- Event participants are considered to have consented to Pearl Abyss Corp.’s use of copyright on the submitted works to be posted or broadcasted on Black Desert Mobile’s official website and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. for marketing and promotional purposes.

- The Event period is subject to change.