[Notice] Regarding abusing of Ramoness special coupon

Greetings, Adventurers.

We’ve been reported regarding intentional abusing of special coupons distributed through the live stream of the BDMWC-Ramoness finals from March 18th to 20th. According to our Operational Policy, these activities are not allowed.

Currently, we’re now going through multiple sets of data to determine the measures.
For the ones that we’d verified as abusing so far, there’ll be actions as below.

The first is regarding abnormally created accounts.

■ Violated Operational Policy
- [BOT] An act of using the game with multiple accounts or through a systematic and collective manner for profit-making purpose.

■ Restricted Accounts
- America : 183 Accounts (Permanent restriction)
- Europe : 618 Accounts (Permanent restriction)
- Asia : 1380 Accounts (Permanent restriction)

Furthermore, after additional investigation, we’ll be able to confirm abusing accounts such as the illegal currency collection for the profit of certain account using the market. And families related to restricted accounts as above also. if verified as abusing, we’ll confiscate those particular currencies and the accounts will be restricted.

■ Violated Operational Policy
- [Trading Between Accounts] An act of moving silver, in-game goods, etc. between accounts through the repeated abnormal use of the market.

We will provide another announcement regarding this issue once we have implemented further actions.

Thank you.