[3/24] Hammer of Fortune Event
EVENTS 2020.03.24

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Greetings, Adventurers!

Play together with the Black Spirit to reap great rewards!
May luck be in your favor, Adventurer!


Find out more below.


📢 Event Period

After the 3/24 Maintenance - Until the 1st maintenance of April


📢 Event Details

▶Block Board
- Use the [Hammer of Fortune] or spend 30 Black Pearls to push a block.
- Each of the 4 rows on the Block Board contains one Best Reward.
- You can refresh the Block Board a total of 3 times a day. Tap [Refresh Blocks] in order to refresh.
- When you tap [Push Block], the Black Spirit will use a hammer to randomly push a block from the left from one of the 4 rows. You'll receive the reward furthest on the right.
- The type and location of the rewards and Best Reward will randomly change on the block board when you refresh.
- You can use 210 Black Pearls to use [Push Block Row].
- The Block Board will conclude when you get any of the Best Rewards. You can use 200 Black Pearls to continue playing on the current board.
▶Hammer of Fortune
- You can tap [Get Hammers] one time per day to receive 3 [Hammer of Fortune].
- You can use One [Hammer of Fotune] to push one block for free.
▶Pushing blocks
- You can use [Hammer of Fortune] or Black Pearls to push a block.


※ Please Note

- Hammers of Fortune will be deleted when the event ends.
- Certain rewarded items will or will not be spiritbound. Event items cannot be transfered or restored.
- The Event Period is subject to change.


Thank you.