[3/17] BDMWC - Ramoness Livestream Coupon Giveaway
EVENTS 2020.03.17

Greeting, Adventurers!


The finale of a grand voyage, filled with the burning passions of Adventurers’ everywhere, has finally begun!

Watch the Ramoness Championship live on stream to witness fierce battles and obtain surprise coupon codes that will appear during the livestream! You can redeem these codes for rewards that will be of great help on your own adventures.


📣 Match Schedule [Official Twitch], [Official YouTube]

America Semi-Finals / Finals
2020. 03. 17, 19:00:00 (UTC-8)
Asia Semi-Finals / Finals
2020. 03. 19, 17:00:00 (UTC+8)
Europe Semi-Finals / Finals
2020. 03. 20, 13:00:00 (UTC+1)


📣 Coupon Validity Period:
- America Semi-Finals / Finals Coupon: 2020-03-21, 23:59:00 (Server Time)
- Asia Semi--Finals / Finals Coupon: 2020-03-22, 23:59:00 (Server Time)
- Europe Semi-Finals / Finals Coupon: 2020-03-23, 23:59:00 (Server Time)

📣 How to Redeem Coupons:
You can redeem the coupon through “Redeem Coupon [Link]” on the official website of Black Desert Mobile or through [Menu]>[Settings]>[Redeem Coupon] in-game.


※ Please Note:
- The coupon code can be entered once per account.
- The coupon cannot be canceled or otherwise retrieved after usage.
- Only 16 digits of the coupon will be shown on the livestream. They will not appear on the official website or other areas.
- The coupon will not be redeemable if the 16 digits are entered incorrectly.
- Selling the coupon code for personal gain is prohibited in accordance with our Operational Policy.
- The Operational Policy will be applied to cases other than above.


Thank you.