Six Events for June!
EVENTS 2024.06.18

Six Events for June!

After the update maintenance on Tuesday, June 18th ~ before the update maintenance on Tuesday, July 23rd

Black Desert Mobile has special events in store

for adventurers in June!


Sixth! The best team shall be crowned!
Stay tuned for the 2024 Ramones Competition!

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Registration for Event Notifications!

4 weeks of news, with coupons!

After the update maintenance on Tuesday, June 18th ~ Before the update maintenance on Tuesday, July 23rd

Registration for notifications? I wonder what they are!

Receive event news of the Six Events for June fast, every week!

A new coupon for every week! We'll send it to the email address you used for notifications!

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Get ALL the items below!

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Coupon Code

[Celebratory Coupon for Six Events]


Ornette's Blessed Potion
(15 Days)

Black Pearl

GM's June Ticket

1st Round

Will be sent after the update maintenance on Tuesday, June 25th.

Restoration Scroll

GM's June Ticket


2nd Round

Will be sent after the update maintenance on Tuesday, July 2nd.

Path of Glory S10 Entry Pass


GM's June Ticket

3rd Round

Will be sent after the update maintenance on Tuesday, July 9th.

Sun Crystals x5,000

GM's June Ticket

4th Round

Will be sent after the update maintenance on Tuesday, July 16th.

Dawning Moonstone

GM's June Ticket


GM's June Ticket?
An item you've never seen before!

The very same ticket included in every coupon!

GM's June Ticket

With the GM's June Ticket
You can select the chest you want to craft!

1st Option

Recommended for new/returning adventurers!

New Adventurer Support Chest

Trials of Ator: Ancient Entry Pass

Tier 7 Pet Chest

Awakening / Ascension Skillbook Chest

Magical Essence x5,000,000

Exuberant Sunstone

Artisan’s Skein

You'll get all the items in the chest!

2nd Option

Recommended for Current Adventurers!

Experienced Adventurer Support Chest

Power Boost Chest

Black Shrine
Entry Pass

Purified Water/Citron Tea/Clockwork
Selection Chest

Luminescent Crystal

You'll get all the items in the chest!

how do I Register for Notifications?

First! Tap the event icon in the top left corner!

Second! Tap [Register] at the bottom of the event page!

Third! On the notification registration page, enter the your email and the verification number you received in the email, and click the Register button to complete the registration!

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June Special Shop

After the update on Tuesday, June 18th ~ before the update on Tuesday, June 25th

Only one week!

Purchase select items from the Pearl Shop and receive a June Special Ticket.
Also purchasable with Pearl/Dual Pearl!

You can redeem your June Special Ticket for items of your choice at the June Special Shop.

Check out the Pearl Shop section in the patch notes
for more details.

Celebrating the opening of the June Special Shop!
Black Desert Mobile Day!

After the Tuesday, June 18th (Tue) Update Maintenance ~ 23:59
Enter the keyword in the server chat!

If the number of messages reaches over 300,
All Adventurers will receive
June Special Ticket x1
on Wednesday, June 19th 12:00!


BDM Registration

For more event details, check out the event notice.


New events every week with GM and CM!
GM, CM Event Week!

GM and CM have prepared an event for all adventurers
who are on a journey in the world of Black Desert Mobile!

It will continue for 5 weeks!
Alpaca Race and Asula Bandits!

GM Lando's alpaca-riding bandits

From the puzzle event where you earn every time you open, to the dice-rolling fairy adventure,

GM Valentine's Minigame Café

Summer is almost here!
Rewards increase with the temperature!?

CM Baloo’s Summer!

GM Meldor's favorite treasure is a diamond!?

GM Meldor’s Diamond!

Gifts from the GMs!
Which gift would you like to receive?

Your choice! Gifts from GMs!

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Season Graduation Support Event

Whether you're new to the world of Black Desert Mobile,
or a returning adventurer who's embarking on the journey again,
you're probably starting your adventure with a Season character,
so we've got you covered for Season Graduation!

Wondering what kind of Season Graduation Support we provide?

Just complete the daily missions every day!
Must-have items for Season Graduation!

Tuvala Black Crystal x450

And if you cumulatively complete daily missions?

All Altars in the in the Great Desert excluding Outlaw Zone are active!

Great Desert Altar License Chest

Adventures in the Great Desert!
Now you can ride around on an elephant

Token: War Elephant

Easily craft the equipment you need after graduating from the Season!

Chaos Jewel x1 / Ah’krad x3 Selection Chest

For more event details
Tap the button below for more information!

For more information on Seasons?

Start your adventure with a Season Character today!


Node War/Siege War
Bonus Event

After June 18 (Tue) Update Maintenance ~ July 15 (Mon) 23:59

On Tuesday, June 18th, we released a new update to Node War!
Experience a new take of the Node War,
and don't miss out on the event rewards!

What happens if you win a Node War/Siege War now?

Tier 1 Node, Extravagant Golden Vault Entry Pass x1

Tier 2 Node, Extravagant Golden Vault Entry Pass x3

Tier 3 Node, Extravagant Golden Vault Entry Pass x5

Siege War, Extravagant Golden Vault Entry Pass x10

Where you can get large quantities of silver quickly!

Extravagant Golden Vault Entry Pass

For more event details
please check the Event Notice.

Node War & Siege War with a new twist!


We've added a new twist to Node War!

Now you have to capture the Fortress! Fortress Siege!

More stats are now capped! Enhanced CP limit Nodes!

Strategic battles with more guilds! Node War with 2-5 guilds added!


Additions for Node War

We’ll roast you if you come near our Holy Artifact! Flametower & Enhanced Flametower added!

Resurrect here now! Indomitable Flag added!

Holy Artifact doesn’t have to be destroyed to win! Changed victory conditions for going over the time!

All guild members to here right now! Teleporting guild members, Guild Assembly added!


New items with Extravagant Medal of Honor!

Newly added Victory Items! Extravagant Medal of Honor Shop added!

Chaos Glyph Imprint, Embers of Hongik, Voidsent Eye & more! Rare items available for purchase!

For more details, please check out the patch notes..