[May 14 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2024.05.13

Patch Notes


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on May 14 (Tue) are here!
Adventurers, please see the newly applied patch notes and enjoy an even more exciting adventure.

※ All screenshots in the main text were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual update content.
If there are any discrepancies between the patch notes and the applied content in the game, please contact the support center.


Featured Updates - Class

Developer Commentary:

In Black Desert Mobile, each class has its unique features, one of which is the consumption of Combat Resources in addition to MP when using skills.

Although the previous update made it possible to separately display combat resources and MP within Memory Imprint effects, it was still inconvenient to recognize, in real-time during battle, which of the two resources your class was using to activate skills.

To make this more intuitive, we have implemented a feature in this update that will provide specific indicators for classes that consume combat resources in addition to MP. Classes that only use MP will not see any changes, so you can continue to use them as before.

With the separate display for combat resources introduced in this update, we hope you can leverage this information for more strategic combat.

- Added a feature for Combat Resources to display on the bottom center of the screen along with HP and MP for classes that use Combat Resources other than MP.
- You can move the display location of combat resources towards the skill buttons through [Settings → Convenience → Combat Resources].

Developer Commentary:

In this update, we first made class balance adjustments for Corsair. Corsair has shown a lacking performance in all content overall.

This is still apparent in some areas even after two rounds of improvements in the past month. In this update, we've made adjustments to her passive skill effects and the damage of some skills.

In particular, the change to passive skill effects has made it possible for her to inflict more damage than before. We look forward to her improved performance as a pirate of the sea.

Descending Tide

- Improved the skill to be used more frequently in auto-combat.
- Adjusted PvE damage.

Lv 1: 1142% → 1370%
Lv 10: 1484.6% → 1782%

"Flow: Tide Slasher"
- Adjusted PvE damage of "Whirlwind Zone."

Lv 1: 685.2% → 822%
Lv 10: 890.76% → 1069.2%

Wave Slasher

- Improved the skill to be used more frequently in auto-combat.
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.

Lv 1: 1499.40% → 961% x2
Lv 10: 1949.22% → 1249.30% x2

Lv 1: 404.6% → 202.3% x2
Lv 10: 525.98% → 262.99% x2

- Changed to apply "All skill damage +10%" instead of "Damage against monsters +15%."

Developer Commentary:

Next, we have the classes Huntress and Shai.

Overall, both classes did not have significant shortcomings, but there were instances where they felt somewhat lacking in PvE content. Therefore, we've made adjustments to give Huntress more power with her arrows and Shai more strength with the Florang.

True Shot

- Increased attack range.
- Increased PvE damage.

Lv 1: 1642.68% → 2299.75%
Lv 10: 2135.48% → 2989.67%

Will of the Wind

- Increased PvE damage.

Lv 1: 879.06% → 966.96%
Lv 10: 1142.77% → 1257.05%

- Increased PvE damage.

Lv 1: 565.2% → 664.94%
Lv10: 734.76% → 864.42%

"Flow: Here We Go!"
- Increased PvE damage.

Lv 1: 423.9% → 498.7%
Lv 10: 551.07% → 648.31%

Developer Commentary:

With the recent update, when the skill "Blooming Slash" was used during aerial maneuvers, the "Nimbus Stride" effect was applied, with the expectation that it would become a powerful counterattack if one could dodge enemy attacks and strike at the right moment.

However, we've noticed that the "Blooming Slash" skill, which is primarily used as a movement skill, inadvertently required the use of aerial maneuvers followed by the consumption of a major movement skill to trigger the effect, leading to a more disadvantageous situation than before.

Therefore, we have changed the activation of the "Nimbus Stride" effect to trigger with the basic attack "Crescent Pendulum Mastery." Although the activation condition has changed, you can still use the skill's actions and effects as before.

We hope that with this update, you will be able to play Lahn with even greater versatility, as if adorning the sky with the deadly grace of the clouds and fog.


- Changed the skill that activates effects based on the level of "Nimbus Stride" from "Blooming Slash" to the basic attack "Crescent Pendulum Mastery."
· The skill's animations and effects remain the same.

Developer Commentary:

Guardian's "Shield Blitz" is a skill that allows her to move rapidly across a considerable distance, making it highly useful for securing advantageous positions on the battlefield or approaching enemies.

To this end, we have improved the control for using the skill both manually and during auto-combat, as well as when encountering enemies during auto-combat on the field.

Shield Blitz
- Changed to use the skill until it ends when holding the skill button during auto-combat.


Developer Commentary:

Choryeong, capable of unleashing wide-range attacks from a distance, has shown high efficiency during auto-combat.

However, we have identified and improved upon instances where the frequency and order of skill usage during auto-combat could wind up reducing PvE efficiency.

- Improved to use "Bloom Deluge," "Bloomburst," "Sahee's Descent," and "Soul Shower" more frequently in auto-combat.


Error Fixes

- [Shai] Fixed an issue where the PvP damage of the skill "Flow: Here We Go!" would display lower than the actual value.
- [Eclipse] Fixed an issue where, during auto-combat, the character prioritized other skill combos over the skills on the reserved skill queue.
- [Buccaneer] Fixed an issue where "Smooth Sailin'" would not combo into "Tide Slasher" while "Captain's Will" was active.
- [Zayed] Fixed an issue where the character would briefly pause instead of immediately using "Paradise Surge" after "Condemnation."


- [Oduksini] Fixed an issue where the final attack action did not match the actual hit range.
- [Oduksini] Fixed an issue where the effects would excessively display when hit by an area attack.


- Fixed an issue in the [Land of the Morning Light] Tale "Changui" where the character Yibang did not appear in the cutscene during the "Suspicious Fight" quest.
- Fixed an issue in the [Black Shrine] Bamboo Legion where monsters did not attack properly when using Black Spirit Emergency Escape during certain situations.
- Fixed an issue on the Oasis Server where Eilton Defense would not start.
- Fixed an issue where the screen would flicker when the cutscene ended during "Mission: Tiger Palace Recapture."
- Fixed an issue where Sangoon would appear awkwardly when the cutscene ended during "Mission: Tiger Palace Recapture."


Early Notice

Developer Commentary:

Since the West Kamasylvia update in January of 2024, the average CP amongst Adventurers have continuously increased.

North Kamasylvia was updated last week with the necessity of monster zones of even higher recommended CP, and we confirmed that the new region has been accessed by many of our Adventurers with 60,000 CP or higher.

With a gradual increase in average CP expected in the future, more monster zones of higher recommended CP than North Kamasylvia will be needed. The next region to be updated is Donghae Province, a region of new Land of the Morning Light monster zones, introduced through the developer notes.

We will put all of our best efforts in bringing the new Land of the Morning Light monster zones to you as early as we can.



Starting Events

Enhance Bunch O' Balloons!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 14 (Tue), 2024 - May 20 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Great Desert Exploration
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 14 (Tue), 2024 - May 26 (Sun), 2024, 23:59
Defeat the Bosses!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 14 (Tue), 2024 - May 27 (Mon), 2024, 23:59
Mayren's Daily Missions!
· Event Period: After maintenance on May 14 (Tue), 2024 - May 27 (Mon), 2024, 23:59


Ended Event

· Chaos Rift Entry Support!
· Make Some Nice & Warm Gukbap!


Pearl Shop

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


New Products

- Special Pack > Special Package
· All-Inclusive Power-Up Chest
※ These items can be purchased until May 20 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.

· +8 Totem Challenge Chest
· Luminescent Chest
· Pirate Chest [1+Gift]
※ These items can be purchased until May 27 (Mon), 2024, 23:59.

- New Outfits

Outfit Class Price
Orzeca's Rose Invoker, Archmage 960 Black Pearls
Orzeca's Rose Maegu, Hwaryeong 960 Black Pearls

[Invoker, Archmage - Orzeca's Rose]

[Maegu, Hwaryeong - Orzeca's Rose]