New Outfit Preview: Stygian Wraith


Awakened from the darkness
Stygian Wraith

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[New Outfit Preview]

Their past, their names, their fate unknown.
Awakened from the darkness they were thrown.

Unfortunate souls,
sleepless and scared,
a monster they declared.

Eyes sanguine,
paths tied by fate.

The true darkness, a fear to contemplate.
A warm light, clear and bright.
Their fate intertwined with those of like-minded might.
Enlightened about true power and the path that must be pursued.

"They are demons from another plane!"
Villains scorned and feared their reign.
"They are heroes from another plane!"
The saved masses welcomed and praised their gain.

Their bloodthirsty gaze from the darkness lay await.
To some, they remain
the object of nightmares, their fate.

And yet, a stalwart faith and resolve,
drive the fiery flame behind their undaunted watch's solve.

▲ Only the Armor Outfit will be released for Stygian Wraith.


▲ You can toggle the visibility of the headpiece.


▲ You can toggle the visibility of the headpiece.

- You can acquire the title 🏅 "Stygian Death" upon purchase of a Stygian Wraith Outfit.
- You can check the "Stygian Death" title from [My Info - Titles - Adventure].
※ The outfit is scheduled to be released with the update maintenance on Apr 9 (Tue), and the update schedule may be subject to change.
※ Actual Outfits in-game may differ from what was announced.
You can toggle the visibility of the headpiece and cape for the Stygian Wraith Outfit.

We look forward to your interest in the release of the new Stygian Wraith Outfit.

Thank you.