[April 3] An Update to Resolve Certain Issues and Improvements

[April 3] An Update to Resolve Certain Issues and Improvements

Greetings, Adventurers.

This is Black Desert Mobile Service Team

This is to notify Adventurers that a recommended version will be updated to fix a certain issue and implement an item improvement

- Added a pop-up confirmation while enhancing during totem enhancement when Okiara's Blessing is in possession.
- Auto-enhancement has been disabled when Okiara's Blessing is selected during totem enhancement.

This to notify Adventurers on how to use Okiara's Blessing during totem enhancement

1. Select the materials needed for enhancing Rift Totem.
2. Tap the Okiara's Blessing's icon located above the enhancement button during the enhancement process.

※ Please check carefully when using of Okiara's Blessing before proceeding with the enhancement
※ Please be informed that when Okiara's Blessing is not selected, a pop-up will appear during the enhancement
※ Restoration requests for failed enhancement due to not using Okiara's Blessing will not be granted.

- Fixed certain descriptions of "Academia Outfit Chest" obtained from the Spring Season Pass reward.
ㆍThis is merely a UI description issue and the aforementioned chest can be opened normally.

■ Please Note

※ For Adventurers who have not downloaded the latest patch and are still logged in to the game, a pop-up notice will appear on a scheduled date on April 3 (Wed), 00:20 (UTC-8) that will require you to log out.
※ Since you will be automatically logged out from the game without the latest patch, it is strongly recommended to download the latest version and update the game [App].
※ The pop-up notice will appear a maximum of three(3) times and can extend your logged-in status for 30 minutes. Also, you will automatically be forced to log out when switching to a different server.
※ The latest patch has been implemented on April 3 (Wed, 00:20) (UTC-8) and will require you to log out.

Thank you.