[GM Note] Do Wielder of the Enlightened Flames, Hwaryeong

Class Introduction

Greetings, Adventurers.

Hwaryeong harnesses the power of the Fox Spirit's flames to overwhelm her enemies gracefully.
The Do wielder of the enlightened flames is coming soon to Black Desert Mobile.


“The Radiant and Captivating Foxfire”


The Do Wielder of the Enlightened Flames


Weapons: Foxtail Fan / Foxfire

Combat Type: Melee / Mid-range

She creates the Fox Spirit's Foxfire by utilizing her Foxtail Fan she has used since childhood.
Unfolding the fans in both hands, Hwaryeong engages in close-quarter combat with her enemies
in graceful and beautiful movements, swirling the Foxfire with each twirl.

Enhanced by the Foxfire, she can swiftly evade enemy attacks,
while smoothly comboing her own attacks.
The radiant and captivating beauty of her foxfire will be the final spectacle her enemies will ever see.

Hwaryeong's Main Skills

Twirling Rhapsody

The first skill is Twirling Rhapsody.
With this skill, she rotates elegantly and charges into her enemy's side, attacking them.

She will not collide with the enemy as she moves around them, and she can attack continuously with enough MP.
She can attack in a wider range if Accumulate is in effect via Foxspirit Conduit.

Emberclaw Slash

Next up is Emberclaw Slash, which can trigger Accumulate.
Hwaryeong has skills that can trigger Accumulate and others that are enhanced by it.

So you can utilize Hwaryeong's skills most efficiently by
first using skills that activate the Accumulate effect, like with Emberclaw Slash,
and then use skills that are enhanced with the effect, like Twirling Rhapsody.


Foxflare Charge

The third skill is Foxflare Charge.
Hwaryeong wraps her body with the Foxfire of the Foxspirit and charges into her enemies to inflict burning pain.

When her movement stops, she attacks nearby enemies by swirling the Foxspirit's Foxfire,
and she can take an extra movement up to four times if she has enough MP.

Foxspirit Conduit

Last is her passive "Foxspirit Conduit"
Hwaryeong harmonizes the Foxfire of the Foxspirit and her own power to achieve a complete unity.
When Accumulate is applied, it will also enhance her abilities.

Whenever Hwaryeong activates Accumulate she will gain 2 Spirit Energy,
and if she uses certain skills when her Spirit Energy is at max capacity,
the Will of the Fox effect is activated, which will ignore enemy attacks for a short period of time.

Hwaryeong, the Do wielder who dances in the swirling Foxfire of the Foxspirit.

She will arrive with the October 24th (Tue) update!
We look forward to your support and interest.

Thank you.