[May 19] Notice Regarding a Hotfix

[May 19] Notice Regarding a Hotfix

Greetings, Adventurers.
This is the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.
We have identified an issue in "Chaos Rift III: Roud Sulfur Mine Refinery." Therefore, until the issue is resolved, entry into "Chaos Rift III: Roud Sulfur Mine Refinery" will be disabled and the item "Blazefire Shield" will be unusable temporarily.
Please refer to the following information regarding the temporary measures to gameplay:
Temporary Restriction Notice:
Duration: From May 19th (Fri) 00:00 (UTC -8) ~ until the issue is resolved.
Details: Unable to access the Chaos Rift III: Roud Sulfur Mine Refinery,
and "Blazefire Shield" cannot be used.


If your item usage time from "Blazefire Shield" has expired due to the temporary measures, we will take appropriate measures to address the issue. We will provide additional guidance through future notices for any further instructions that may be necessary.
We apologize for any confusion or the inconvenience caused during your gameplay. We will strive to provide better service.
Thank you.