Early Notice for the Scheduled Update on May 23 (Tue)

Early Notice for the Scheduled Update on May 23 (Tue)

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Greetings, Adventurers!

Greetings, Adventurers!
This is the Black Desert Mobile Team.

We would like to inform you about the scheduled update on May 23 (Tue).

※ This early notice may not include all upcoming updates, such as class balance changes. This is a notice to inform you in advance of some information that we recommend you refer to while playing the game.
※ More details will be provided in the Patch Notes.
※ Some details are subject to change during maintenance.


- Some adjustments will be made to the Guild Rush content after the scheduled maintenance on May 23 (Tue).
ㆍNew difficulty levels, adjustments to completion rewards, and new items will be updated.
ㆍThe new items are Decoration items that can be installed in the Guild Fortress for a certain period of time.

- A new Social Tokens vendor will be added in the Guild Fortress.
- The amount of Social Tokens obtained upon completion of Guild Quests will increase.
ㆍWe recommend our Adventurers to complete the Guild Quests you can accept on the day of maintenance after the scheduled maintenance.
- Social Tokens will be added to the rewards obtained from completing Blood Kin Quests.
ㆍWe recommend our Adventurers to complete the Blood Kin Quests that can be accepted after May 23 (Tue) after the scheduled maintenance.

We will be looking forward to your continued support for Black Desert Mobile.

Black Desert Mobile Team
Thank you.