[💝 A Coupon 💝 is included!] 2023 New Year Greetings from our Developers 🎆
2023 New Year Greetings from our Developers

Black Desert Mobile's First-ever Twin Class

Following her elder twin Maegu, she is a sorcerer who wields her power
of a charming fox, a butterfly who has reached the heavens of Dok-do.
You will finally meet her on our upcoming update this January.

Before the Woosa news,
A new year greeting video from the Executive Head of Division, Chang-wook Kim
and Lead Producer of Game Design, Ju-Hyung Kim has been uploaded.
Watch them now.


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New Year Greetings Coupon

Our heartful thanks to all Adventurers who have been showing their support and love from year 2022.
We hope you will also stay with Black Desert Mobile this year 2023.
Happy new year, Adventurers!


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Token: Choppy (Tier 7) x1
Chaos Jewel x1/Ah'krad x3 Selection Chest x1

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