Join Forces with Woosa and Release the Rabbit’s Spirit!
EVENTS 2023.01.03

Join Forces with Woosa and Release the Rabbit’s Spirit!


Greetings, Adventurers. 

This is CM Roccio 


Maegu, the older twin has already been updated in Black Desert Mobile! 

But we are also currently preparing for the next upcoming class, Woosa. 


Unfortunately, a giant rabbit posseded by a black spirit from a black rock’s magic has been attacking the town of Velia, turning it into chaos. 


[Butterfly’s Strength], a Do-magic is found to be effective in releasing the black spirit so we need the help of our Adventurers! 

Join us with Woosa and unite our strength to release the black spirit and save the rabbit! 


📣 Event Details 

- The following method can help the rabbit be saved from being possessed by the spirit. 

- If we are able to join forces from all service regions and gather a total of 10,000,000, we can free the rabbit from the black spirit! 



How to Participate 
Number of Butterfly’s Strength Obtained 
Put an emoji to the official event announcement posted via BDM Official Discord. 
The number of emoji x1,000 
Put an emoji to the official event annoucement posted via BDM Facebook! 
Number of emoji x500 
Subscription to BDM Official YouTube [Click Here] 
Amount of additional subscription x35 


- Event participation is available only by the mentioned methods above. 

ㆍLike what you usually do in the server chat, you will be able to participate in the event by writing down a comment on our official forum. 

- If the amount of [Butterfly’s Strength] exceeds the amount required, the rabbit will be completely freed from the black spirit. 

- A reward will be sent for successfully freeing the rabbit from the black spirit by all our Adveturers from all regions. 


📣 Event Period 

- Until January 15(Sun) 23:59   


📣 Event Period 

- The rewards below will be sent to all Adventurers if the amount required to free the rabbit from black spirit exceeds. 


- Black Rabbit Chest

Rabbit Ornament Selection Chest x1
Choppy, Fluffy Selection Chest x1 



❗ Notice 

- Any comments that contains inapproriate content, any content that harasses other Adventurers, or any action that violates the in-game policy will be excluded from the event. 

- Items obtained through event rewards may or may not be spiritbound and cannot not be moved or restored for any reason. 

- Use of inappropriate methods or submissions found to be not your own will result in disqualification and cancellation of the rewards which includes in-game restriction. 

- Any changes will be noticed through this official announcement including change or cancellation of rewards and event period 

- Any related concerns that are not mentioned in this notice will follow the [Event Policy]. 

- This event follows all the rules and regulations according to the [Operations Policy]


Thank you.