New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event
EVENTS 2023.01.03

New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event


Greetings, Adventurers!

This is CM Roccio! (Queek!)


Black Desert Mobile’s first-ever twin class

With elegant, fluttering butterfly wings, this Do wielder of the Woodo School brings forth the storms!

At last, Adventurers will be able to meet the younger twin, Woosa this January in Black Desert Mobile!


As we all know, Maegu uses her do Magic and fox spirits to mesmerize her enemies.

But what could her sister, Woosa show us this time in Black Desert Mobile?

📜 Event Details 

- Let us know your expectations of Woosa’s charm and how it will be different with Maegu. 

- Leave your comments under the original post, [New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event] through 


📅 Event Duration 

- Until January 15(Sun) 23:59  


🎁 Event Reward 

- All Adventurers who will participate in the event will receive the reward below: 

Korean Traditional Decoration Set 
Haetae Statue 
Bulletin Board of the East 
Traditional Street Lamp 
Camp Divine Guard: Underground Female Guard 
Camp Divine Guard: Underground Female General 
New Year Decoration Lantern 

ㆍ The event rewards will be sent in a sequential manner a week after the event ends 



※ Notice 

・Reward will be sent only once per account. 

・Announcement regarding the rewards being sent will be made via Official website notices. 

・Event period may change and will be announced via website notices. 

・Please be reminded that the rewards sent will have an expiration date. Make sure to collect the rewards before they expire as they will be deleted after expiration. 

・Any form of cheating in participating may lead to exclusion from the event and cancellation of the rewards including restrictions from accessing the game. 

・The rights pertaining to the event is only granted to the Adventurer and cannot be transferred to a third-person user. 

・The official account used in the forum will be collected and considered as the account used to participate. Rewards will be sent to the aforementioned logged-in account and to the most recent class used to access the game. 

・All posts that are not registered on the forum will be excluded as event participants. 


Thank you.