Welcoming Autumn: Black Desert Mobile in Autumn! Events Summary

Welcoming Autumn: Black Desert Mobile in Autumn! Events Summary

Hello, Adventurer. CM Roccio. (Queek!)

After a sultry summer day, a new romantic season, Autumn, has come.

We have prepared to give Adventurers a pleasurable Adventure as autumn begins.


Events that have not yet been released will be announced sequentially every after weekly maintenance!

Please expect a lot (Queek!)

🍁 Autumn Coupon 🍁


👨‍💻 Developer Coupon 👨‍💻



[Community Event] Don’t Stop Be-leafing

Match the missing puzzle pieces to the picture above. Each puzzle piece contains a letter and once the puzzle is complete, a word will be formed


[Community Event] Capture the BDM Halloween Spirit!

Halloween has finally arrived in the Black Desert Mobile world!

It’s time to make your camp look haunted with spooky Halloween decorations. Customize your character to scare the camp workers, or you could do both - the choice is yours! May a spooky Halloween be with you!


GM Surprise Missions Event!

Special missions are on-going this week!


Rewards obtained such as Chaos Core, Path of Glory S9 Entry Pass, and Restoration Scroll will surely make your adventure more fun!


Halloween Black Spirit Coloring Event

Halloween is in the air with the autumn breeze in despair! 🎃🦇

Show your coloring skills in your adventurers and make the this year’s Halloween the most spookiest of all in the world of Black Desert Mobile!


A Black Desert Mobile Haunting
It’s the spookiest time of the year again! It’s not just about Trick O’ Treating or wearing costumes.
It’s also about scary stories, creepy legends, and thrilling tales.
To all our BDM artists, tell your horror stories through your art! This year’s theme: the cemetery or a haunted house!
Let’s see who can make a masterpiece and get the most screams.. or just scare Roccio!

Thank you.