A Black Desert Mobile Haunting
EVENTS 2022.10.13

A Black Desert Mobile Haunting

Hello Adventurers!

It’s the spookiest time of the year again! It’s not just about Trick O’ Treating or wearing costumes.
It’s also about scary stories, creepy legends, and
thrilling tales.
To all our BDM artists, tell your
horror stories through your art! This year’s theme: the cemetery or a haunted house!
Let’s see who can make a masterpiece and get the most screams.. or just scare Roccio!

Event Details

Dates: October 14th – October 31st  

Theme: Cemetery or Haunted House 


  • Choose your favorite BDM class or NPC character and create a Halloween art piece with them in it!
    You can dra
    w or paint -digitally or a live version, whichever you like!

  • Post your art piece on your social media account with the hashtag #BDMhaunting  

* Social Media Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, ArtStation, DeviantArt 

  • Submit your in-game family name and region on this form: BDM Haunting 

Event Rewards

Top 8 Winners Black Pearl x 2,000
Exclusive In-Game Title
Merv's Palette (7 Days)
Appearance Coupon (7 Days)
Participation Merv's Palette (7 Days)
Appearance Coupon (7 Days)

• Participants may only enter the contest once.

• Entries will only be accepted if you complete all the steps.

• Any violations of operational policies or account restrictions placed on an event participant will deem their entry disqualified and void any prizes that may be awarded.

• The number of winners may be adjusted according to the number of event participants.

• Event prizes may be subject to change to other items of equal value without prior notice.

• Any event changes made such as event duration or cancellation will be updated on this page.

• Refer to [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policies] for matters not addressed in this notice.

Thank you.