Twilight Grace Community Event (Updated)
EVENTS 2022.07.19

Twilight Grace Community Event

Message of Appreciation

Greetings, Adventurers!

We hope you all are enjoying our Black Desert Mobile Twilight Events!

Twilight Grace, the third event of July, has begun!

For this event, we would like to encourage all of you to share thankful messages to fellow adventurers or guild members and tag them!

📢 Event Period
Deadline - July 25, 23:59 (Server Time)

📢 How to Participate

1. Visit the Official Black Desert Mobile Facebook page.

2. Find the ‘Twilight Grace’ Event Post.

3. Write your message under the comment section of the post and tag the adventurer! You may post more than once but it must be to a different person.

🎁 Rewards (10 Winners)

In-game Title "Bookworm" In-game Title (7/20 Updated)
In-game Reward Black Pearl x1,500

* Winners will be evaluated and selected internally by the Pearl Abyss staff.

📢 Additional Notes:

- Banned accounts or any violations of our Operations Policy during the event period will be disqualified.

- Repeated tagged players will not count as an entry.

- We strongly recommend Family Names to remain the same until after the event for the purpose of reward delivery.

- Event duration and contents are subject to change.

- Consent will be considered given to Pearl Abyss, upon submission of entry, by participants of the event to use any images, media, and/or any form of content on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Thank you.