[Community Event] Show Us Your Strategy! (Updated)
EVENTS 2022.07.12

Greetings, Adventurers!

Twilight Hunt, the second event of July, has just begun!

Many of you enjoy hunting through our various PvE content and farming in Elion & Hadum maps!

For this event, we would like to encourage all of you to share your favorite hunting/farming tips with fellow Adventurers so they can also maximize their hunting strategy and become more efficient in playing Black Desert Mobile!

📢 Event Period
Until July 18, 23:59 (server time)

📢 How to Participate

1. Visit [Forum > Tips and Tricks].

2. Click [Write]

3. Write your post titled, “Twilight Hunt: Hunting Strategy”

4. In your post, share your very own strategy for hunting monsters, bosses, etc.
❗ Please include your Family Name and server!

Ex. 1) Strategy on how to farm effectively.

Ex. 2) Tips on what class is most effective in farming/hunting

🎁 Rewards (1 Winner from each: Europe, America, Asia | 3 Winners Total)

"Bookworm" In-Game Title
Black Pearl x 2,000
All-Inclusive Plus Chest (28 Days) x 1

* Winners will be evaluated and selected internally by Pearl Abyss staff

📢 Additional Notes:

• A maximum of one entry is allowed per account.

• In the case of multiple entries, the most recent will be reviewed.

• If we suspect any form of plagiarism, the entry will be disqualified.

• Banned accounts or any violations of Operations Policy during the event period will deem the entry invalid.

• We strongly recommend Family Names to remain the same until after the event for the purpose of reward delivery.

• Deleting or moving the post may count as a withdrawal.

• Event duration and contents are subject to change.

• Consent will be considered given to Pearl Abyss, upon submission of entry, by participants of the event to use any images, media, and/or any form of content on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.