[Jun 21 Patch Notes]
UPDATES 2022.06.21

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on Jun 21 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Hashashin
Hashashin's playstyle is focused on doing burst damage before disengaging.

However, he is currently likely to take more damage than is dealt during the skirmish.
This has resulted in much higher death counts than kills for Hashashin.

In this update, we added a "PvP damage taken reduction" effect to the passive skill "Aal's Power," and increased overall skill damage.

Along with these buffs to his offensive capabilities, we have slightly increased the cooldown of "Mirage" to encourage calculated risks.

▷ Aal's Power

- Added "PvP damage taken -10%.

▷ Breath of Aal
- Decreased the number of whirlwinds by 1 during "Aal's Power."
- Adjusted PvE and PvP damage.
Lv 1: 630%, Max 3 hits → 787.5%, Max 3 hits
Lv 10: 819%, Max 3 hits → 1023.7%, Max 3 hits

Lv 1: 336%, Max 3 hits → 420%, Max 3 hits
Lv 10: 436.8%, Max 3 hits → 546%, Max 3 hits

▷ Solar Strike
- Improved whirlwinds to track the enemy during "Aal's Power."

▷ Sand Saber
- Increased the damage of the first hit by 200% during "Aal's Power" .

▷ Mirage
- Increased the cooldown by 1 second (8 sec to 9 sec).

▷ Unforgiven
- Added "Super Armor (Not applied in Arena)." 
- Added "Super Armor (Not applied in Arena)" to "Flow: Aal's Revelation."

■ Phantasma

Phantasma is suffering from a low win rate in overall PvP content, and has more average deaths than kills.

Phantasma attacks with a barrage of powerful mid-range and long-range skills while maintaining distance from the enemy. But due to her lack of mobility, it was difficult for her to maintain that distance. Her damage was also unrewarding, considering the particular conditions on her passive skill.

In this update, we have increased Phantasma's overall damage and her ability to maintain distance from the enemy.

- Increased Magic recovery on skill use by 3 (5 to 8).

▷ Vediant Shockwave
- Improved the skill to be cast after moving if the skill is used with a directional input.
- Changed the first hit to be able to lock-on to the enemy.
- Increased the attack speed of the second hit.

▷ Twin Slash
- Added "Super Armor during the skill."
- Changed "Stun on hit" to "Daze on hit."
- Added the skill enhancement "Flow: Specter Slash."

[Flow: Specter Slash]
150% damage of Twin Slash
Hold the skill button for an additional attack
Super Armor during the skill
Knockdown on hit
Invincible while jumping

▷ Supernova
- Changed "Super Armor during the skill" to be not applied in Arena, and changed it to apply to "Twin Slash."

▷ Scattering Darkness
- Added "PvP damage dealt +5% for 20 sec."
- Adjusted the damage in PvP.
 Damage per hit 150% → 200%

■ Lancer

Lancer has a low win rate in both large-scale and small-scale PvP, excluding a certain range of higher CP levels in large-scale PvP.

Lancer blocks enemy attacks and deals powerful damage, although it may be somewhat slow. Slow attack speed may be something that coincides with dealing significant damage, but it also makes it easier for enemies to apply a variety of debuffs in between moves in PvP.

We made improvements so that Lancer attacks more quickly and is able to resist against debuffs in this update, as her speed was enough of a weakness that it hurt her ability to attack. Due to this improvement, Lancer will now be able to consistently deal decent damage.

▷ Divine Guard
- Changed to now innately apply the effects of "Flow: Enslar's Shield."
- Removed the combos into "Rejection" and "Divine Judgment," due to the above change.
- Changed "Flow: Enslar's Shield" to "Forward Guard."
- Decreased the cooldown by 1 sec (7 sec to 6 sec).
- Adjusted the stats for "Recover HP" to be proper for the number of hits.
- Changed "Daze on hit" to "Knockback on hit."
- Improved other skills to be activated more quickly after the skill.
- Increased PvE and PvP damage.
Lv 1: 712.14% x 2 → 712.14% x 4  
Lv 10: 925.78% x 2 → 925.78% x 4  

Lv 1: 495.04% x 2 → 495.04% x 4  
Lv 10: 646.88% x 2 → 646.88% x 4

▷ Holy Thrust
- Increased attack speed.
- Improved the skill so that it can be used continuously.

▷ Righteous Torment
- Increased cooldown by 2 sec (7 sec to 9 sec).
- Added "Remaining cooldown of Righteous Torment -2 sec on hit" to "Flow: Sacred Light."

▷ Divine Judgment

- Changed to apply full damage of "Divine Judgment" when used in a combo with "Fallen Angel."

▷ Blessing of Enslar

- Increased the "All skill damage +10% for 10 sec" effect of "Fallen Angel" by 5% (10% to 15%).

We worked on the overall class balance in small-scale PvP. In small-scale PvP, damage and sustainability contribute greatly to higher win rates and preferences.

Improvements were made to damage and CP to decrease the gap between excessively powerful classes and classes less preferred with low winning rates.

We hope that this will provide the chance for a wider variety of classes to appear and perform actively in small-scale PvP.

■ Gladiator

▷ Take Down

- Increased cooldown by 1 sec (15 sec to 16 sec).

■ Berserker

▷ Berserker's Charge
- Decreased cooldown by 1 sec (11 sec to 10 sec).

■ Invoker

▷ Fissure

- Added "Flow: Multi-Fissure."

[Flow: Multi-Fissure]

50% damage of Fissure

Hold the skill button for an additional attack

Super Armor during the skill

Knock-up on hit

■ Archmage

▷ Frigid Fog
- Decreased cooldown by 1 sec (11 sec to 10 sec).

▷ Fireball
- Improved to be able to attack after moving.
- Increased attack speed.
- Improved the skill to combo more smoothly into "Combustion."

▷ Ignite
- Increased move distance and move speed.

■ Titan

▷ Piledriver
- Decreased cooldown by 2 sec (15 sec to 13 sec).

■ Solaris

▷ Thermal Rush
- Changed "Stun on last hit" to "Stun on hit."

■ Lotus

▷ Wind Slicer
- Improved to be able to use the skill in a different direction when holding the skill button for additional attacks after the 1st hit of "Wind Slicer."

■ Yacha

▷ Hell Smash
- Increased cooldown by 1 sec (15 sec to 16 sec).

▷ Lights Out
- Decreased the skill damage increase applied during Unshackled by 20% (150% to 130%).

▷ Eagle Drop
- Decreased the skill damage increase applied during Unshackled by 20% (150% to 130%).

▷ Unshackled
- Increased duration of the "Unshackled" effect by 2 sec (5 sec to 7 sec).

■ Blade Master

▷ Resonant Blade
- Decreased the Critical Hit Damage decrease effect by 10% (20% to 10%).


▷ Volley of Reckoning
- Added "Remaining cooldown of Deadshot -1 sec on hit."

▷ Deadshot
- Added "Use Jackpot after this skill to consume 50 MP to deal max damage."

▷ Light Beam
- Added "Use Jackpot after this skill to consume 50 MP to deal max damage."

▷ Piercing Darkness
- Added "PvP damage dealt +5% for 20 sec."

■ Lahn

▷ Dance of Death
- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 288.36%, Max 8 hits → 340.2%, Max 8 hits
Lv 10: 374.87%, Max 8 hits → 442.3%, Max 8 hits

▷ Twirling Strike

- Increased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 305.53% x 3 → 534.6% x 3 
Lv 10: 397.19% x 3 → 695.09% x 3 

■ Huntress

▷ Blessing of the Wind
- Decreased PvP damage dealt increase by 5% (10% to 5%).

■ Legatus

▷ Lightning Crash
- Decreased attack speed.
- Decreased PvP damage.
Lv 1: 752.3%, Max 2 hits → 682.3%, Max 2 hits
Lv 10: 980%, Max 2 hits → 860%, Max 2 hits

[Flow: Lightning Flash]
- Decreased move speed.

■ Class
- Changed Super Armor to be appliable when grabbed.

■ Fixes
- [Primrose] Fixed an issue where your character could be attacked because "Flow: Icy Illusion" would not activate properly when you don't have MP during "Glacial Wall."
- [Huntress] Fixed an issue where "Descending Current" inscribed with Ahib was dealing an excessive amount of damage during "Blessing of the Wind."
- [Invoker, Archmage] Fixed an issue where the top of your character's head would appear empty with certain hairstyles.

■ Siege War
- Decreased the durability of Holy Artifacts, Guard Towers, Outer Gates, and Gate Sentries.

■ Item

- Tripled the drop chance of [Blazing Chaos Crystal] in Hadum and Chaos.
· Adjusted the following Chaos Zones to now drop [Blazing Chaos Crystal].
※ Applies to: Titium Gorge, Titium Valley, Titium Marsh, Crescent Mountains, Crescent Shrine, Crescent Labyrinth, Crimson Crescent Altar, Cantusa Outlaw Zone, Cantusa Wasteland, Cantusa Desert, Cantusa Wilderness, Lunar Dunes, Roud Sulfur Mine Entrance, Roud Sulfur Mine Works, Roud Sulfur Mine Danger Zone, Roud Sulfur Mine Restricted Zone, Pila Ku Prison, Pila Ku Underground Prison, Pila Ku Laboring Grounds, Pila Ku Torture Chamber, Pila Ku Execution Room

■ Guild

- Changed the wait time between leaving and joining a guild from 24 hours to 3 hours.

■ Nightmare

- Chaos Nightmare will be removed with the expected update maintenance on June 28.
ㆍDue to the aforementioned adjustment, Nightmare will be excluded from loot drop events after maintenance on Jun 28.

■ UI 
- Improved to not display the X button when there's no selected color when dyeing with Merv's Palette.
- Improved to display a notification when in possession of relics that you can offer to the Ancient Relic Altar.
- Removed the Elion and Chaos tabs on the upper part of the Awakened Enhancement window and improved the window to automatically change depending on your gear type when selecting gear for Awakened Enhancement.
- Improved the Manage Weapons menu in Guild Fortress to display the enhanced stats of Judgment of Aal from failed sieges.

■ UI
- Fixed an issue where the Fire Cannon button would vanish when moving to the Great Ocean during Auto-Hunt in Hadum's Realm.

■ System

- Fixed an issue where you were able to enter Cursed Pirate Island via the item description window of "Cursed Pirate Island Pass" while proceeding with content in which you enter stages such as Boss Rush and Ancient Ruins.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove the selected gear with the - button from the Force Enhancement window.

■ Starting Events
Bingo Event
· Event Period: After Maintenance on Jun 21 (Tue) - Jun 27 (Mon), 23:59
June Login Event
· Event Period: After Maintenance on Jun 21 (Tue) - Jun 27 (Mon), 23:59
Boss Rush Missions
· Event Period: After Maintenance on Jun 21 (Tue) - Jun 27 (Mon), 23:59
Mysterious Acorn Daily Missions!
· Event Period: After Maintenance on Jun 21 (Tue) - Jun 27 (Mon), 23:59
Heidel Ball Surprise Calendar Giveaway!
· Event Period: After Maintenance on Jun 21 (Tue) - Jul 2 (Mon), 23:59

■ Ending Events

· Hit or Miss! Hammer of Fortune
· Bounty Missions Event
· Hammer of Fortune Login Event
· Lucky Roulette Event
· Prime Gaming Collaboration

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.
■ New Items
- Special Pack
· All-In-One Knowledge Pack
· All-In-One Power Up
· Pirates n' Sorceries Chest
· Heidel Ball Special Chest

- Lucky Shop Pack
· Kamasylvia Lucky Shop Pack III