2021 Spooky Halloween Special Event
EVENTS 2021.10.26

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Greetings, Adventurer!

Spooky and Patrigio Special event has begun to celebrate 2021's Spooky Halloween!

You can purchase various Halloween items from Patrigio during the event, and Spooky will appear instead of the World Bosses Tukar Laytenn and Chaos Muraka!


More details can be found below.



📢 Event Period
After maintenance on October 26 (Tue) - until before maintenance on November 9 (Tue)


📢 Event #1: Attack on Spooky

Date Time
October 31 20:00 (Server Time)
November 1 20:00 (Server Time)
November 7 20:00 (Server Time)
November 8 20:00 (Server Time)

■ Details
- Spooky will appear instead of the World Bosses Tukar Laytenn and Chaos Muraka during the event.
- Defeat Spooky and obtain Spooky's Reward along with the rewards that you normally obtain defeating the existing world bosses.
※ Spooky will also appear when defeating boss specters that appear after the World Boss appearance time, and the same rewards can be obtained.
※ Spooky-related specter boss items that have not been used by November 9 maintenance will be deleted, and a Level 1 Reward Chest and Spooky's Reward will be mailed to you instead.

■ Spooky's Reward

Spooky's Reward
※ Obtain all items upon opening
Golden Rock, Paper, Scissors Chest x1
Ghost Doll x10
Halloween Candy x2
Halloween Treat x2

- Ghost Dolls can be exchanged for various rewards in the Ghost Doll Shop. [Link]
- Items obtained by using the Golden Rock, Paper, Scissors Chest can be used in the Rock, Paper, Scissors against the Black Spirit event. [Link]

📢 Event #2: Patrigio's Halloween Pumpkin
■ Details
- Obtain special items when you visit Patrgio during the event period by refreshing the products.

Obtained Items Contents
Halloween Pumpkin Pouch Ghost Doll
Blue Halloween Pumpkin Breath of Life
Breath of Creation
Purple Halloween Pumpkin Magical Residue
Magical Essence
Lightstone Fragment
Relic Fragment
Yellow Halloween Pumpkin Alchemy Stone Fragment
Caphras Dust
Alyaelli Fragment
Crow Merchants' Elixir (Epic)
Orange Halloween Pumpkin Shadow Knot
Crow Merchants' Elixir (Mystical)
Artisan's Skein
Red Halloween Pumpkin Advanced EXP Scroll
[Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest
Tier 6 Pet Chest Tier 6 Pet

📢 Event Tab Open Requirement
- None


※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.