2021 Spooky Halloween! Ghost Doll Shop
EVENTS 2021.10.26

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Greetings, Adventurer!

Another exciting 2021 Spooky Halloween event!


Defeat enemies nearby and obtain Ghost Dolls.
Exchange Ghost Dolls to get Halloween themed Camp Decorations, Barding and other items!



📢 Event Period
After maintenance on October 26 (Tue) - until November 8 (Mon), 23:59


📢 Exchange Period
After maintenance on October 26 (Tue) until November 14 (Sun), 23:59


📢 Event Details
1) Gather [Ghost Doll].
・Obtain [Ghost Doll] by defeating monsters in Elion, Hadum, Chaos, Great Desert, Hidden Banquet Hall, Black Sun, Nightmare, Field of Valor and Great Ocean.
2) Tap on the gift box icon on the right side of the minimap.
3) Exchange them for the item you want by tapping on the "Ghost Doll Shop" event tab.


📢 Another way to obtain Ghost Dolls
1) Participate in the [Attack on Spooky] event and obtain Ghost Dolls as a reward. [Link]
2) Obtain [Ghost Doll] as a reward from the Special Login event. [Link]
3) Obtain [Ghost Doll] x10 everyday in your mail after maintenance on October 26 (Tue) until November 8 (Mon).

📢 Event Tab Open Requirement
- None


※ Please Note
- [Ghost Doll] will be deleted on maintenance scheduled on November 16.
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

Thank you.