[October 19] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.10.19

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on October 19 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Juur Sea Added

- We have opened Juur Sea of Great Ocean.
· In Juur Sea, you will find Port Ratt, Eventide Island, and the Cursed Phantom Ship located in the northernmost part of the Great Ocean.
· If you have acquired the knowledge of Port Ratt in Juur Sea, you can leave port from Port Ratt.
· An Epheria Caravel (Level 5) ship is required to enter Juur Sea.
· "Merciless Juur I and II" monsters and pirate ships appear in Juur Sea, and you can obtain loot after defeating them.
· On the eastern side of Juur Sea, there is the Outlaw Waters, where you can fight other ships.


- Epheria Caravel (Ship Level 5)
· You can upgrade a Refined Epheria Guard Ship into an Epheria Caravel by using enhancement materials.
· Enhancement Material: [Blueprint: Epheria Caravel] x1, Top Quality Ship Parts x300, Pale Softwood x100,000
· Obtain [Blueprint: Epheria Caravel] through the newly added ""The End of the Ocean, Juur Sea""
· [Top Quality Ship Parts] can be obtained defeating Rough Margoria I and II monsters in Margoria Sea, Wanted Missions, and Weekly Quests.
· Epheria Caravel can be equipped with Mystical Cannons and Iron Bow Frames. Obtain them by defeating Khan as a reward or from Shakatu's Oquilla Coin Shop after receiving the Epheria Caravel.


- Eventide Island / Glowing Eventide Island
· You can fish Coelacanth, Rock Bream, Oval Fish and other rare fish in Glowing Eventide Island, located in Juur Sea.


· Obtain [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook], [Padix Pirate Island Invitation], and [Tear of the Goddess] by deliver the rare fish you have caught.
· Enter Glowing Eventide Island through Serio, Eventide Island's Owner.
· At least one note from the Eventide Island Owner is required to enter, and you can stay in Glowing Eventide Island for 5 minutes per note used.
· Eventide Island Owner's note can be obtained when defeating monsters in Juur Sea of the Great Ocean.


- Cursed Phantom Ship
· At the northern end of Juur Sea, a Cursed Phantom Ship led by Madman John has appeared.
· Obtain Knowledge EXP of Madman John when you defeat the Cursed Phantom Ship.
· AP can be increased when Boss Knowledge Level of Madman John increases.
· To enter the Cursed Phantom Ship, [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] x10 are required.
· [Phantom Ship Grappling Hook] can be obtained from Juur Sea Coral Chests, Phantom Ship Weekly Tasks and Fish Delivery.
· Upon entering, combat the crew on board, and obtain a large amount of [Oquilla Coin] and [Goddess' Tears].


- Juur Sea: Phantom Ship
· Pirates who have turned into ghosts appear everywhere on a Phantom Ship in Juur Sea.
· If you deal damage to a Phantom Ship that appears in Juur Sea, you can acquire a [Phantom Fragment] and [Deepsea Safe].
· If you own the Epheria Caravel Ship, you can accept the "[Weekly] Juur Phantom Ship" task.
· The "[Weekly] Juur Phantom Ship" task can be started from the day after enhancing the Epheria Caravel Ship.

- Juur Sea Outlaw Waters
·  2 Coral Chests will appear by defeating a certain number of monsters from the Gold Nineshark Habitat in the Juur Outlaw Waters.

■ FSR (Screen Optimization)

- "FSR (Screen Optimization)" has been added to Settings > Graphics tab.


■ Halloween Theme

- After today's maintenance, you can see the Halloween-themed background until November 8, 23:59 (Server time).


■ Gladiator

Developer's Comments:
Gladiators are masters of close combat, with a long sword in one hand and a shield in the other, and are proficient in both attack and defense. Though he boasted a high DP with a shield, he wasn't skilled at handling them. In order to properly make use out of this characteristic of a Gladiator, we focused on a proper defense while using a shield.

The passive skill [Strong Principle] will give you a stronger sense of defending with stronger benefits when Gladiator blocks the enemy's attacks. A successful shield block weakens the attacking enemy and allows you to use his main skills faster. Also, using skills 2 times will refresh the number of times he can perform a shield block, allowing shield blocking to be maintained for a longer period of time.

We have improved [Shield Charge] effects to make the shield more useful, while also increasing [Spinning Slash] skill damage so that it can deal more powerful damage when the opportunity arises. We expect this to allow for meaningful counterattacks against the enemy while maintaining a stable defensive posture. As a melee character, when approaching the enemy or jumping into the enemy camp, the place where the Gladiator stands with a strong shield will be the forefront of the battlefield.

- Sword Mastery
· Shield block effect has been added.
· Recover 10 MP
· Enemies in front deal 10% less damage to Adventurer for 15 sec
· Apply [Strong Principle] state for 15 sec when using [Shield Charge] and shield block.


▷ A new passive skill [Strong Principle] has been added.
· PvP Damage Received -20%
· Reduce cooldown of [Shield Charge] and [Spinning Slash] by 0.2 sec, and [Charging Thrust] by 0.5 sec when blocking.
· Recover shield upon using skill 2 times

· Shield block can be done up to 8 times and number count refreshes upon recovery.
· Damage against monsters +10%

▷ Shield block effect has been added.
· Normal Field: White (5 hits), Orange (2 hits), Red (1 hit)
· Arena: White (1 hit), Orange (1 hit), Red (1 hit)


- Shield Charge
· Removed MP requirement for using [Shield Charge].
· [Reduce MP Cost] has been changed to [Increase Range]
· [Flow: Double Shield Charge] is applied as a default and [Flow: Defensive Stance] has been added.
· As [Flow: Double Shield Charge] is applied by default, effects have been changed to "Stun on first hit", "Daze on last hit".


▷ [Flow: Defensive Stance]
· Maintain Defensive Stance after using Shield Charge
· [MP Recovery] effect has been added.


▷ [MP Recovery]
· Recover 20 MP upon hit


- Spinning Slash
· An effect that consumes 80 MP to increase the damage of [Spinning Slash] by 35% has been added.


- Battle Cry
· [Strong Principle] status applicaton and duration reset function upon skill use have been added.


■ Archmage

Developer's Comments:
As one who has attained a realization of the source of the elements, Archmage is a ranged mage class that can freely use the power of fire and ice. However, it took a lot of time to express the elements of nature into skills, and her power was not satisfactory in the end.

Archmage doubled down on her studies of the power of the elements, looking for ways to gain eve more power. Through this, she can now use the passive skill [Elemental Power].

Archmage has discovered the existence of ""Runes"" that can handle two elements. When you use the same elemental skill multiple times, these powers are gathered to create a rune, and when you use a different elemental skill, you unleash the power of both elements. By using runes, you can achieve the same effect as using two skills with a single cast, saving time and maximizing damage.

Archmage not only burns and freezes enemies with the Elemental Power, but also learns how to strengthen herself.
With fire, she magnifies her skills with a fervent passion. With ice, she protects herself as if she were a solid crystal of ice.

Using the power of the elements as a weapon, Archmage can burn and freeze her enemies with ease.
Now you can see for yourself how this powerful mage rules the battlefield.

- Staff Mastery
· Passive skill [Elemental Power] has been newly added to Staff Mastery.


▷ [Elemental Power]
· When using a Fire skill, 10% increase in skill damage is applied for 30 sec
· When using an Ice skill, 10% decrease in received PvP Damage for 30 sec

· When using a Fire skill 3 times, "Rune of Fire" effect is applied for 30 sec
· When using an Ice skill while "Rune of Fire" is applied, an additional random Fire skill will be activated (Branch/enhancement effects not applied)


· Fire skills: Fireball, Firestorm, Ignite, Meteor Shower, Combustion

· When using an Ice skills 3 times, "Rune of Ice" effect is applied for 30 sec
· When using a Fire skill while "Rune of Ice" is applied, an additional random Ice skill will be activated (Branch/enhancement effects not applied)
· Ice skills: Blizzard, Frost Pillars, Frigid Fog, Arcane Burst, Tornado


■ Paladin

- Smite
· Recovers 20% of HP every minute you receive damage when HP is less than 20%.


- Sword of Judgment
· When [Flow: Divine Sword] is activated, become invincible while casting and gain Super Armor effect during attack (Not applied when entering Arena).
· PvE skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Lv 1 : 909.5% x2 → 935% x2
· Lv 10 : 1182.35% x2 → 1215.5% x2


- Celestial Spear
· When [Flow: Divine Spear] is activated, become invincible while casting and gain Super Armor effect during attack (Not applied when entering Arena).


- Divine Wrath
▷[Additional Attack] has been added.
· 150% of [Divine Wrath] skill damage has been applied.
· Super Armor while using skill (Not applied when entering Arena)
· Knock-up on hit


- Radiant Charge
· PvE, PVP skill damage has increased.
· PvE
· Lv 1 : 369.15% → 379.5%
· Lv 10 : 479.89% → 512.32%
· PvP
· Lv 1 : 258.4% → 265.65%
· Lv 10 : 335.92% → 358.62%


- Shield Throw
· [Shield Throw] cooldown time reduced by 2 sec (3 sec cooldown)
· [Shield Throw] range has been increased.


■ Other

· Fixed the effect for [Power Surge] that did not actually apply as stated in its skill description for Invoker.
· Invoker, Archer, Lahn, Hashashin, Windwalker, Lancer classes passive skill icon and description have been added.
· Improvements have been made so that Mystic, Paladin, Gladiator, and Windwalker classes that use the grab skill become invincible during the grab.
· Changed the name of Invoker's [Overcurrent] effect buff icon to [Lightning Speed].
· Changed the visual effect of Archmage's [Tornado].
· Changed the color of Paladin's sacred power to match the visual effect used by Paladin.


■ Siege War
- Improved the position of the elephant that changes slightly when getting on and off the elephant.
- Slightly changed the terrain of the side road so that elephants cannot pass through the side road next to the bridge in Calpheon Siege War.


■ Story
- A button to read the dialog one more time has been added at the top of the story detail list.


■ Tower of Trials
- The level limit of characters that can be dispatched to the Elion/Hadum Tower of Trials is removed.
※ As the top level limit for training is removed, even Lv 1 characters will be able to send dispatches, so we will support you in helping your Family grow!

- If there is a Tower of Trials that has not been progressed after completing training in Tower of Trials, it has been improved so that it can be moved to the corresponding tower.


■ UI
- Changed the 'Face Decoration' to 'Ornaments' in My Character Info, Wardrobe, and Preview Gear.
- Improvements where made so that unnecessary event icons are not displayed.
- Improved the icons next to mini map so that the Hot Deals and Hot Time icons are displayed without pressing the + button.
- Improved Treant Camouflage item description to include information that the stamina effects do not apply in the Black Spirit Mode.


■ Guild
- Improved Guild Rush titles so they can be obtained easier.


■ System
- Added 'Hide' to the 'Display Rank' pop-up.
※ New families are atuomatically set to hide.


■ Appraisal
- During Appraisal, if 1 item is being appraised the results page has been improved to display details such as stats or description.


■ Pets
- Improved so that when you do not have enough feed, a pop displays about how to obtain more feed.


■ Inventory
- Improved My Inventory so if the weight exceeds 10,000 units, it does not appear below the decimal point.


■ Coupon
- Improved coupon so that it applies to the users who have finished the quest to change the family and applied for a name change as well.


■ QuickSlot
- In Normal Mode B, modified the position of normal attack to make using evasion easier.

■ Appearance
- Fixed an issue where, when Giant is wearing Peek-a-Boo Black Spirit Cube Earrings, the right earring was in an unnatural position.
- Fixed an issue with Lancer and Valkyrie's Marine Romance Armor Outfit displaying abnormally.


- Fixed an issue where the tutorial for joining a Guild would erroneously stop.


■ Totem
- Fixed an issue when auto-crafting Totems last screen in the crafting UI appeared frozen.


■ Life Plus
- Improved the description of Life Plus items.


■ Suggested CP
- Fixed an issue in "Mission: Battle in Muiquun" where suggested CP was displayed low.


■ Quest
- Fixed an issue where player's stamina was displayed to be 100 times higher in the Quest List.
- Fixed an issue after achieving "Complete Ranked Arena 10 times!" where the reward button did not work properly.


■ Path of Glory
- Fixed an issue where Titan's [Therianthropy] in Path of Glory would increase Max HP as well as recover HP.


■ Camp
- Fixed an issue where, while having a Camp Manager, harvesting crops would display a message indicating that crops were already planted.


■ Halloween Special World Boss Announcement
- To celebrate a haunting Halloween, after the maintenance on October 26, Forest Spooky and Desert Spooky will appear instead of Muraka and Tukar Laytenn!
※ If you have a helmet filled with Muraka's soul and Tukar Laytenn's Core in your inventory before the maintenance, the following actions will be taken.

▷ If you own [Muraka's Specter Helmet], it will be deleted and you will receive [Chaos Muraka Reward I] and [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Chaos Muraka].
▷ If you own [Tukar Laytenn's Core] it will be deleted and you will receive [Tukar Laytenn Reward I] and [Scroll of Knowledge EXP: Tukar Laytenn].

▷Chaos Muraka and Tukar Laytenn's Spoils you possess will be deleted soon, make sure you use them before the update.


■ Upcoming "Halloween Concept" Patrigio's Shop
- After the scheduled maintenance on October 26, Patrigio will change to a Halloween concept to greet adventurers.
※ Adventurers, please refer to the following information before next week's maintenance and check out the changed Patrigio's shop!
▷ Reservation list before maintenance will refresh automatically.
▷ Item information will refresh after maintenance.

■ New Events
- [Guaranteed] Defeat Chaos!
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 19 (Tue) - until October 25 (Mon), 23:59
- Bava's Gear Enhancement Support!
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 19 (Tue) - until October 31 (Sun), 23:59

- Hero of Karkea
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 19 (Tue) - until maintenance on October 26 (Tue)

▷ Reminder
- When Karkea Arena begins, a button will be displayed which can retrieve the saved Skills' information.
ㆍ If you do not use this button, all the Flows will be turned on, pressing the button will apply your saved preferences regarding Flow On/Off state.

- Black Spirit Mission Pass
・Event Period: After maintenance on October 19 (Tue) - until maintenance on December 14 (Tue)
・ Black Spirit Mission Pass purchase period: After maintenance on October 19 (Tue) - November 15 (Mon), 23:59


■ Ended Events
- Black Spirit Mission Pass
- 2021 Maple Festival
- [Guaranteed] Mysterious Rune Fragment Daily Exchange Event
- [Guaranteed] Edan's Daily Missions
- Totem Bonus Event

※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Items

- Double Daily Box of Wonders
· Double Daily Restoration (14 Days)
· Double Daily Box of Wonders (14 Days)

- Black Spirit Premium Mission Pass


- Special Package
· Pearls + Conquer Totem
· Goddess' Treasure Chest
· Khan's Treasure Chest

· First Totem + Lightstone Pack


- Lucky Shop Pack
· Weekly Sorcery Chest


■ Sales Ended
- Primal Lightstone Crafter's Pack
- Mystic All-Inclusive Chest