[July 27] Patch Notes
UPDATES 2021.07.27

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Greetings, Adventurers!
The Patch Notes for the update on July 27 (Tuesday) are here!


In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.

■ Boss Rush

- The following Special Boss Rush has been added:
· Qoobe
· Uraka
· Hexe Marie


- Improvements have been made so that you can immediately challenge up to +5 levels of difficulty conquered in Elion Boss Rush after Lv 10.
- If you set the maximum difficulty to level +5, you can reach level 99 after 20 rushes.
- Challenge yourself and fight a higher level to automatically complete prior levels, receiving all relevant difficulty clear rewards!
- Adjusted the maximum entry multiplier that can be set for each knowledge level in Boss Rush and Hadum Boss Rush.
· Increases the maximum entry multiplier by 1 for each level below


Boss Rush

Multiplier Original Knowledge Level New Knowledge Level
1  1 - 9  1 - 6
2  10 - 19  7 - 13
3 20 - 29 14 - 20
4 30 - 39  21 - 27

Hadum Boss Rush

Multiplier Original Knowledge Level New Knowledge Level
1 1 - 19 1 - 13
2 20 - 39 14 - 27
3 40 - 59 28 - 41
4 60 - 79 42 - 55


■ Constellation

- Adjusted the maximum entry multiplier that can be set for each knowledge level in the constellation.
· Increases the maximum entry multiplier by 1 for each level below

Multiplier Original Knowledge Level New Knowledge Level
1 1 - 4 1 - 3
2 5 - 9 4 - 7
3 10 - 14 8 - 11
4 15 - 19 12 - 15


■ Phantasma

Developer's Comments:


Most of Phantasma's attacks only have a frontal range, so she was weak to enemies behind her. When surrounded by a large number of enemies, it was difficult to quickly defeat them, forcing a lot of potion use. To improve the combat efficiency of Phantasma, we first thought about how to expand her attack range.

The passive skill 'Scattering Darkness' is activated when her magical power is filled. Every time you use a skill for 20 seconds, it automatically fires a specter sword at nearby enemies. This allows all skills to have a 360-degree range, which will be a great help in content where you have to deal with a lot of enemies. In addition, we have prepared a way to compensate for Phantasma's lack of survivability. The forward guard effect was applied to "Vediant Shockwave" and a "cannot be grabbed" effect has been applied to "Phantom Dash".

When using Umbral Pillars, a night shroud is created and the effects of stealth and damage received from adventurers is reduced within the veil. In PvP, you will be able to adopt a survival strategy depending on the situation. In addition, instead of deleting the Super Armor Effect in Twin Slash, we added Super Armor and Knockback effects to Pneumatic Burst. This increases the stability of battles in large-scale battlefields, boss fights, and field hunt.

- Changed the magic recovery effect upon successful hit of all skills to magic recovery when just using the skills.
- The magic recovery when using all skills has been increased from 2 to 5.


- Scattering Darkness
When magic is at 100, the Scattering Darkness state is applied for 20 seconds when using skills.
· When using a skill, summon a specter sword to attack nearby targets
· Hit Damage 200% Applied
· PvP Damage 150% Applied
· Consumes 10 magic every 1 sec for 20 sec.


- Pneumatic Burst
· Super Armor (not applied within the arena) effect has been added when using skills.
· Added 'Knockback on successful hit' effect.
· Changed the enhancement effect, 'Increase the maximum number of uses' to 'Additional Magical Recovery' effect. (Recovers a total of 8 magic when using skills)


- Supernova
· The super armor effect of the skill has been changed to be applied in the arena.


- Twin Slash
· The Super Armor effect has been moved to the 'Pneumatic Burst' technique when using the skill.
· It has been improved to attack after moving the maximum distance when using the skill.
· It has been improved so that it connects more naturally into a running motion after using the skill.


- Umbral Pillars
- "Enhancement: Attack Range" increase effect has been applied by default and has been replaced with the "Enhancement: Night Shroud" effect.
· [Enhancement: Night Shroud]
· Recover 10 magic every 0.5 sec for 1.5 sec within the range of the Night Shroud.
· Stealth applied for 3 seconds
· Reduced adventurer damage by 30% for 3 seconds applied


- Phantom Dash
· Added 'Cannot be grabbed' effect while using the skill.
· Skill cooldown reduced by 1 second.
· Increased the movement distance of skills.
· Improvements have been made so that other skills can be used immediately while using the skill.


- Phase Blade
· Increased attack range.


- Dark Cleave
· Flow: Descending Darkness skill has been added.
· [Flow: Descending Darkness]
· Additional attack while holding the skill button
· Dark Cleave Skill Damage 70% applied
· Super Armor while using skill (not applied when entering arena)
· Knockdown on successful hit
· A skill combo has been added so that you can quickly use the "Supernova" skill after using the "Flow: Descending Darkness" skill.


- Vediant Shockwave
· "Enhancement: Forward Guard" effect added.
· Enhancement: Forward Guard
· Forward Guard applied instead of Super Armor


- Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb
· Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb's Magic use has been reduced from 20 to 10 per level.
· Removed Black Spirit's Rage: Absorb's 50% Magic Recovery Effect.


- Black Spirit's Rage
· Black Spirit's Rage skill has been reduced from 100 to 50 Magic.


■ Berserker

Developer's Comments:

Berserker's skill damage was excessively amplified by the synergy from "Flow: Catharsis" of the skill "Reckoning", and the "Unleash" passive skill,
This made it difficult for other classes to play against Berserkers, and even in an advantageous situation, a single mistake could easily turn the tide in favor of Berserkers.
Accordingly, we have adjusted the excessive performance in PvP by reducing the damage inflicted to adventurers from the passive skill "Unleash" and reducing the PvP damage when maximizing use of the "Flow: Catharsis" skill.

- Reckoning
· Adjusted the PVP damage dealt by "Flow: Catharsis" of the skill "Reckoning".
· When collected to the maximum, the skill PVP damage is applied from 200% -> 170%


- Unleash
· Reduced the effect of increased damage to adventurers from 15% to 11%.


■ Corsair

Developer's Comments:


Corsair was able to maintain her Super Armor for an extensive amount of time by using the skill "Pirate Tricks" skill twice in a row, giving her a significant advantage in arena.

Accordingly, we have moved the Arena Super Armor of the "Pirate Tricks" skill to the "Descending Tide" skill, Making Pirate Tricks more risky to use in the arena, and adjusted the Super Armor retention.

Also, in large-scale battlefields, to compensate for the lack of damage that Corsair inflicts on adventurers, the PvP damage of Corsair's main skills "Ferocious Wave" and "Judgment of the Sea" skills have been increased.

- The Arena Super Armor Effect of the "Pirate Tricks" skill has been moved to the "Descending Tide" skill.


- Ferocious Wave
· Ferocious Wave PvP Damage has increased.
Lv 1: Before change (304% x2) > After change (342% x2)
Lv 10: Before change (395.2% x2) > After change (444.6% x2)


- Judgment of the Sea
· Judgement of the Sea PvP Damage has increased.
Lv 1: Before change (266% x2) > After change (315.4% x2)
Lv 10: Before change (345.8% x2) > After change (410.02% x2)


■ Karkea Arena

Developer's Comments:

Thank you for your interest in balance between classes in the recent Hero of Karkea Event.
As adventurers give a lot of feedback on class performance, we take our balance patches very seriously.

We also give higher priority to adjustments related to extreme performance in some way. We will do our best to ensure that you see balancing done to lower performing classes at all times.
We are continuing to check performance indicators and opinions for classes that have undergone the passive skill balance patch, and while it may take some time for these changes to be reflected, we are also working on supplementary areas that need to be balanced in the meantime.
We can't achieve perfect balance in a single patch, but we will continue to work to close the gap between classes.
Thank you.


■ Blood Kin Quest
- Blood Kin quest types and awards that you can get through Blood Kin Affirm Pact have been changed.
※ Your unfinished Blood Kin quests will be deleted in this update. You can continue with the new quests after the update.


■ Scout Hadum
- If the knowledge of Scout Hadum is 100%, the Scout Hadum alarm has been changed so that it will no longer show.


■ Titles
- As awakening and ascension can be selected at the character creation stage, the conditions for obtaining titles that could only be obtained through awakening/ascension have been changed to completing class story quests.
- Titles subject to change are: Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, Valkyrie, Sorcereress, Musa, Maehwa, Tamer, Dark Knight, and Striker's awakening and ascension titles.


■ Family Character
- Improved the currency widget so that a notification is displayed when you can acquire silver if the highest level of your family's characters is below level 13.


■ Guild
- Fixed guild titles that appeared as ready to equip even if they were unobtainable due to certain conditions.


■ Pearl Shop
- Fixed an issue where the + and - buttons of the quantity were occasionally disabled in the Pearl Shop product purchase pop-up.


■ Siege War
- Fixed an issue where the elephant fell outside the map in some areas of the Siege War Main Stage.


■ End of Path of Glory Season 4 Pre-Notice
- With the update scheduled for August 3, Season 4 of Path of Glory will end and a new season will begin.
・Through this update, unused [Path of Glory Season 4 Extra Entry Pass] and the number of additional entries for this season will be deleted, and the remaining number of entries will also reset.


■ Path to Power
- Within Hadum Path to Power, the rewards for crafting Holy Vial of Light 1-3 will be changed as follows after the update scheduled for August 3:
· Before: Fortune Scroll x1
· Changed: Holy Vial of Light x100
※ Adventurers who have already completed the quests for crafting Holy Vial of Light 1-3 will receive the changed rewards by mail in the update scheduled for August 3.


■ Black Rock Shrine
- In this update scheduled for August 3, the World Boss Fragment Chest obtained from the Black Rock Shrine will be replaced with [Alyaelli Fragment].


■ Starting Event
- For Siani!
・Event Period: after maintenance on July 27 (Tuesday) - until August 10 (Tuesday) before maintenance
- Freharau's Academy For Future Scholars
・Event period: after maintenance on July 27 (Tuesday) - until August 9 (Monday), 23:59
- Shakatu's Secret Chest
・Event period: after maintenance on July 27 (Tuesday) - until August 2 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Event
- Season 4 Begins! Path of Glory Missions
- Guild Call activated!
- Chaos Survival Bingo!
- Illezra's Minion Attacks
- Dark Matter Grows Stronger!


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
- Special Package
· Limited Outfit Buyer's Pack
· Pearls + Pets
· All-in-One Rush & Tablets


- Limited Outfit (Sold until August 31, 23:59)
· Noel (Armor) - Warrior
· Noel (Armor) - Ranger
· Noel (Armor) - Witch
· Noel (Armor) - Giant
· Noel (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Noel (Armor) - Musa
· Noel (Armor) - Tamer
· Noel (Armor) - Sorceress
· Noel (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Noel (Armor) - Striker
· Noel (Armor) - Maehwa
· Noel (Armor) - Hashashin
· Noel (Armor) - Nova
· Noel II (Armor) - Shai
· Noel (Armor) - Archer
· Noel (Armor) - Sura
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Warrior
· Ram Horn Witch (Armor) - Ranger
· Ghost Bride (Armor) - Witch
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Giant
· Ram Horn Witch (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Ram Horn Witch (Armor) - Sorceress
· Ram Horn Witch (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Striker
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Hashashin
· Fairy Jackie (Armor) - Tamer
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Musa
· Gravekeeper (Armor) - Archer
· Ram Horn Witch (Armor) - Maehwa
· Fairy Jackie (Armor) - Shai
· Crayodel (Armor) - Warrior
· Crayodel (Armor) - Ranger
· Crayodel (Armor) - Giant
· Crayodel (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Crayodel (Armor) - Witch
· Crayodel (Armor) - Musa
· Crayodel (Armor) - Tamer
· Crayodel (Armor) - Sorceress
· Crayodel (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Crayodel (Armor) - Striker
· Crayodel (Armor) - Maehwa
· Crayodel (Armor) - Hashashin
· Crayodel (Armor) - Nova
· Crayodel (Armor) - Shai
· Crayodel (Armor) - Archer
· Crayodel (Armor) - Sura
· Blazing Inferno (Armor) - Warrior
· Fallen Garzar (Armor) - Ranger
· Narusawa (Armor) - Giant
· Banha (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Sylvia (Armor) - Witch
· Luanwulf (Armor) - Musa
· Florchestra (Armor) - Tamer
· Garnet Marniera (Armor) - Sorceress
· Enslar (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Grotevant (Armor) - Striker
· Labreve (Armor) - Maehwa
· Tantu (Armor) - Shai
· Goyen (Armor) - Archer
· Bloodfiend (Armor) - Hashashin
· Venslar (Armor) - Nova
· Bloody Suit (Armor) - Warrior
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Ranger
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Witch
· Bloody Suit (Armor) - Giant
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Sorceress
· Bloody Suit (Armor) - Musa
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Tamer
· Bloody Suit (Armor) - Striker
· Bloody Dress (Armor) - Maehwa
· Hanbok (Armor) - Warrior
· Hanbok (Armor) - Ranger
· Hanbok (Armor) - Giant
· Hanbok (Armor) - Valkyrie
· Hanbok (Armor) - Witch
· Hanbok (Armor) - Musa
· Hanbok (Armor) - Tamer
· Hanbok (Armor) - Sorceress
· Hanbok (Armor) - Dark Knight
· Hanbok (Armor) - Striker
· Hanbok (Armor) - Maehwa
· Hanbok (Armor) - Hashashin
· Hanbok (Armor) - Nova
· Hanbok (Armor) - Archer
· Hanbok (Armor) - Sura
· Hanbok (Armor) - Shai


- New Town Outfit
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Warrior
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Ranger
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Giant
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Valkyrie
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Witch
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Musa
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Tamer
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Sorceress
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Dark Knight
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Striker
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Maehwa
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Shai
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Archer
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Hashashin
· Martillo Swimsuit (Town Outfit) - Sura
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Nova
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Kunoichi
· Summer Azure (Town Outfit) - Corsair


- New Armor Outfit
· Binari (Armor) - Tamer
· Domtur (Armor) - Hashashin
· Yurei (Armor) - Sura
· Leonidas (Armor) - Warrior
· Ivies (Armor) - Witch
· Blue Gaia (Armor) - Striker
· Twinkle Star (Armor) - Shai
· Bethel (Armor) - Giant
· Wolfsbane (Armor) - Kunoichi