2021 Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Heidel Ball LIVE QUIZ SHOW (Updated)
EVENTS 2021.06.18


Greetings, Adventurers.

This is the Black Desert Mobile Team.


We would like to inform you regarding our 2021 Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Heidel Ball LIVE QUIZ SHOW.


📣 Event Details

Take the LIVE quizzes given in 2021 Black Desert Mobile Heidel Ball with Adventurers worldwide!

If certain proportion of participants select the correct answer of each quiz, rewards will be guaranteed for all Adventurers!


📣 Event Period

During the LIVE ‘Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console: Heidel Ball 2021’ on June 19 (Sat)


📣 How to participate

① You can click the Black Spirit button below to enter the 'LIVE QUIZ SHOW' website during the Heidel Ball live stream on June 19.

② The button will be activated at June 18, 23:00 (GMT-8) / June 19, 08:00 (GMT+1) / June 19, 15:00 (GMT+8). (An hour before Heidel Ball begins)

③ Choose a platform you play on and a preferred language to move on after entering the ‘LIVE QUIZ SHOW’ website.

④ You can participate in ‘LIVE QUIZ SHOW’ after clicking the ‘Enter’ button.


* The button has been activated (June 18, 23:00 (GMT-8))

(* The functions on the website will work after the LIVE Quiz Show session begins)


※ Note

- Event rewards can be changed to other items that are equal in value depending on company’s situations.

- Event contents and period can be changed or canceled depending on company’s situations. Any adjustments will be shared through the event website and there will be no additional announcements.

- Rewards will not be available to Adventurers who were involved in any suspension for not following Black Desert Mobile Terms of Service. Rewards for suspended users can be canceled or withdrawn.

- Subjects that are not included in this page will be under [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].


Thank you.