Heidel Ball Viewer Participation Event
EVENTS 2021.06.16

Greetings Adventurers,
this is Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


A festival of Black Desert covering all platforms and all regions,

<Black Desert Mobile PC X Mobile X Console Heidel Ball> will take place on June 19 (Sat) 00:00 (GMT-8)!



We are also waiting with high hopes to meet you via online.

We have prepared a surprise event to make this event more pleasant and memorable.


Special gifts will be rewarded to the viewers who upload a picture of yourself watching the <Black Desert Mobile PC X Mobile X Console Heidel Ball>


📣 Event Period

June 19, 2021 (SAT) Event start time ~ June 20, 2021 (SUN) 23:59 (Server Time)


📣 Event Details

1) Watch <Heidel Ball>on (YouTube / Facebook / Twitch) and take a picture of yourself that can prove you’re watching the <Heidel Ball>.

2) If you are unable to watch the Live Broadcast, you may participate in this event by watching the video replay.

3) Upload your picture on your personal social media website (Facebook and Instagram) using #HeidelBall2021 hashtag.

4) We will choose 30 Adventurers and provide special rewards.


📣 Upload Rules

1) Please upload your screenshot or picture on Facebook or Instagram only, and the post must be set to ‘public’.

2) Don’t forget to write down your ‘Region, Server and Family Name’ on the post.

3) You must include the following hashtag in your post: #HeidelBall2021


📣 Event Rewards

- Heidel Ball Edition Black Desert Gaming Headset x1 , Deck of Black Desert Playing Cards x1


Heidel Ball Edition Black Desert Gaming Headset x1 , Deck of Black Desert Playing Cards x1 


📣 Winner Announcement

- After June 23 (WED)


❗ Event Notices

- Participation is limited to only 1 per individual for this event. If you submit multiple entries, the last entry will be counted.

- Any inappropriate submissions will be excluded from the event.

- Event winners and prize shipment will be announced through a separate notice.

- You will be disqualified from the event If you violate our Operations Policy at the time you are selected or from any other restrictions in place.

- Prizes may be changed to another reward of equal value without prior notice depending on the situation.

- The event period and conditions are subject to change.

- This event is compliant with [Black Desert Mobile Operations Policy].


Thank you.