[April 13] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.04.13

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The Patch Notes for the update on April 13 (Tuesday) are here!

In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game.
See below for more details about this update.


※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ World Boss Improvement

Developer's comment
A new season of battle begins against the World Bosses terrorizing the world of Black Desert Mobile. Rewards have been adjusted for these ferocious monsters this season. Here are some details about the changes we hope you find useful.

- Changed the rewards obtainable when defeating World Bosses.
ㆍ[Holy Vial of Light] can be obtained when defeating Kzarka, Karanda, and Nouver.
ㆍ[Ancient Tablet] can be obtained when defeating Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Giath, Enraged Bheg, and Enraged Muskan.
ㆍ[Boss Stamp] can be obtained when defeating Hadum Kzarka and Hadum Enraged Red Nose.
ㆍImproved the World Boss Fragments that can be obtained when defeating Kzarka, Karanda, Nouver, Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Giath, Enraged Bheg, and Enraged Muskan.
ㆍHighly improved [Chaos Crystal], [Dark Coin], and [Magical Essence] that can be obtained when defeating Hadum Kzarka and Hadum Enraged Red Nose.
※ Replaced Black Stones and some other items with better rewards.

- Improved World Boss Content to reflect the Adventurer's CP. Some World Bosses' CP and HP will adjust according to the Adventurers' CP.
ㆍKzarka, Karanda, Nouver, Enraged Red Nose, Enraged Giath, Enraged Bheg, Enraged Muskan, Hadum Kzarka, and Hadum Enraged Red Nose.


■ Great Desert Boss Improvement

Developer's comment
Due to the general increase in the players' CP, Layten can now be defeated very quickly. Many Adventurers departing upon receiving a notification only to see Layten defeated before they even make it to the boss battle. To rectify this we have made dynamic adjustments to Layten's HP based on the Adventurers' CP to allow more Adventurers to enjoy the content.

- Modified Kutum and Layten's CP to be adjusted based on the Adventurers' CP.
※ Kutum and Layten will now become stronger as the Adventurers do.


■ Hadum Nightmare

Nightmare is filled with strong monsters who drop great rewards. The power of darkness has reached Nightmare and even more vicious enemies now roam the place.


Hadum Nightmare is a place where the hand of the dark lord wreaks havoc, and will gnaw at your sanity!

- Hadum Nightmare has opened in Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base.


▷ Entering Hadum Nightmare

- Hadum Nightmare is available through the Elion Gahaz Bandits' Secret base.
- You can gain more EXP and rewards in Hadum Nightmare.


▷ Important Notes
※ Hadum Nightmare monsters will become stronger to match the Adventurers' CP.
※ The suggested CP for Gahaz Bandit's Secret base will change based on the Adventurers' CP. (Updated on April 13)
※ You cannot enter Hadum Nightmare during Black Sun hours.
※ After the Hadum Nightmare update, the Omar Lava Cave Nightmare will no longer be available.

■ Siege War / Node War (Updated on April 16)
- Modified HP of all levels of Holy Artifact, Barricade, Elephant, Canon, Ogre, Defense Tower, Fortress Gate, Fire Shot Supply Unit to adjust according to the adventurers' CP.
- Modified DP of all levels of Holy Artifact, Barricade, Defense Tower, and Gate to adjust according to the adventurers' CP.

■ Path of Glory, Rift 13

After a short period of stability between the realms, a new Path of Glory Rift has opened and more monsters are pouring in. This is a call to arms for the most venerable families who can protect the gates!
Defeat wave after wave of monsters while basking in the excitement of battle!

- Added Path of Glory, Rift 13.
· The required CP to enter Path of Glory, Rift 13 is 70,000.


Developer's comment
At the end of BRC S1 it's time to re-balance the classes. With today's update, we are re-balancing Paladin. We are planning to rebalance every class for PVE/PVP content in future updates to create a more level playing field for all classes. We are hoping that these changes will allow Adventurers to enjoy their favorite class without fear of losing efficiency. We will be doing our best to decrease the gap between classes.


■ Paladin

Developers comment on class re-balancing
Today's Paladin re-balancing has been carried out with the following plan in mind:

1. Improving the class to suit the Paladin concept better
2. Enhancing skills to improve closing the distance to enemies and dealing continuous damage
3. Improving hunting capabilities


Paladin had less mobility and limited damage capability when compared to other classes. The current update improves the Paladin's damage potential when facing a large number of enemies, improves entering and exiting battle, and adds the ability to accumulate Sacred Power and use it to deal a great burst of damage.

- Changed Mana (MP) to Sacred Power.
- Skills that required Mana will no longer require it.
- Sacred Power can be regained through using basic attack and skills.


▷ Shield Throw
- Improved the skill to continue inflicting damage where the shield has been thrown.
- Improved the attack speed of the skill.
- Increased the max number of hits by 2. (6 hits -> 8 hits)
- Enhancement: Extra Charge has been changed to reduce cooldown effect.
- Increased cooldown by 1 second. (6 seconds -> 7 seconds)
- Decreased max uses by 2. (3 times -> 1 time)


▷ Sword of Judgment
- Enhancement: Increase Range is now a basic effect, added [Flow: Divine Sword].


[Flow: Divine Sword]
- Uses all Sacred Power and adds 50% of the Sword of Judgement's damage.
- Superarmor while using the skill (does not apply in the Arena)
- Daze upon hit.


▷ Sharp Light
- Reduced the delay effect after hit.
- Increased skill's attack speed.


▷ Celestial Spear
- Added [Flow: Divine Spear].


[Flow: Divine Spear]
- Adds 2 hits upon using all Sacred Power.
- Applies 50% of Celestial Spear's damage.


▷ Shield Chase
- Improved the skill so it can be used with other skills.
- Improved the skill to allow attacking the enemy upon use even when you are not next to the enemy.
- Improved the skill to allow use of Radiant Charge when the skill is being used.


▷ Radiant Charge
- Increased skill casting speed and movement distance.
- Enabled changing movement direction when using the skill.
- Enabled ceasing the skill mid-use when another skill is used.
- Improved the transition from the skill to running.
- Increased maximum hits by 4. (4 hits -> 8 hits)
- Balanced PVE, PVP damage due to the increased number of hits.

Radiant Charge Lv Before After
PvE  1 491.7% up to 4 hits 345% up to 8 hits 
10 554.4% up to 4 hits 448.5% up to 8 hits
PvP  1 393.36% up to 4 hits 241.5% up to 8 hits
10 443.52% up to 4 hits  313.95% up to 8 hits


▷ Judgement of Light
- Changed skill movement.
- Changed 'Bound upon hit' to Daze upon first hit and Knockdown upon hit.

Judgement of Light Lv Before After
PvE  1 490% up to 4 hits  530% up to 4 hits
10 637% up to 4 hits 689% up to 4 hits
PvP  1 344.25% up to 4 hits  371% up to 4 hits
10 447.52% up to 4 hits 482.3% up to 4 hits


[Flow: Divine Retribution]
- Uses all Sacred Power to apply 150% damage of [Judgment of Light].
- Invincibility while using the skill, Superarmor during attack (does not apply in Arena)
- Daze upon first hit
- Knockdown upon hit


▷ Breath of Elion
- Restores 50 Sacred Power when the skill is used.


■ Nova
- Fixed an issue where [Frost Shield] sometimes pushed enemies or neutral targets into unusual spots.


■ Archer/Fletcher
- Improved customization so that the 2nd face's chin can be modified.


■ All
- Fixed an issue with some classes where Black Spirit's Rage cooldown was applied from the start in Ramoness Arena.


■ Family Characters

- Added a button to the character change popup window to allow reviewing a family character's gear before changing characters.


■ Ramoness
- Improved an issue where an adventurer would be visible in a bush when they applied DoT damage to the other party.


■ Inventory
- Improved the inventory to display expirable items first if the inventory order is set to grade.

■ Craft
- Improved Craft page to automatically allow checking and crafting Awakened items without regard to the items awakened state.


■ Camp
- Added a pop-up window to direct the player how to gain food if they are low on stored food.


■ Node War / Siege War
- Fixed an issue where the Hwacha sometimes seemed to face a different direction than its actual direction.


■ Holy Vial of Light
- Improved the Hadum entry popup causing the directions for obtaining Holy Vial of Light to display continuously after continuing to hold the Holy Vial of Light button, when the player did not possess any Holy Vial of Light.


■ Camp
- Added the Weapon on/off function to the gesture expressions when entering the camp from the field.


■ Adventurer Duration Effect
- Made improvements to unify duration effects, as when based on server and network connection the time for the Duration Effects could differ.


■ Log-in
- Improved stability to decrease crashes when re-entering the game.


■ Starting Events
- Black Spirit's 10-Level Special Mission!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on April 13 (Tue) - Until April 19 (Mon), 23:59
- Eileen's Woes
・Event Period: After the maintenance on April 13 (Tue) - Until the maintenance on April 20 (Tue)
※ Eileen's Woes event offers additional rewards for the first players to complete it. Please make sure to check the details.


■ Ending Events
- Primal Gem Exchange Shop
- Shai Level Up Event
- Cherry Blossom Festival!
- Challenge Accepted! Complete Shai's Missions!
- Lagos' Souvenir Shop
- 2021 BRC Season 1 Spectator Participation Event


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.

※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New
Pearl & Black Pearl ▶ Special Package
- Gold Accessory Pack (Until the maintenance on April 20)
- Worship Preparation Chest (Until the maintenance on April 20)


■ Sales Ending
Pearl & Black Pearl ▶ Special Package
- Premium Pet Pack