[March 16] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2021.03.16

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on March 16 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.
If you find something in-game that's different from the Patch Notes, please feel free to contact the support center.


■ Pre-Creation: Shai

- Added Shai Pre-Creation in anticipation for Shai's release.
- Shai will be available for play after the maintenance on March 23.


■ World Boss: Kutum

- Added the terrorizing force of the Great Desert, World Boss Ancient Kutum.
- You can find Ancient Kutum in the Great Desert's Kutum's Grave area.
- Entering Kutum's Grave will cause a Sandstorm effect.
Spawn time: Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 (server time)
Knowledge reward: DP


■ Ancient Kutum Battle Requirements
1. Unlock Great Desert
- Complete the family quest [The Opening of the Desert] to unlock the Great Desert area.
2. Character Lv. 60 or above
3. Nesser's Blessing
- [Nesser's Blessing] protects the player from Sandstorm damage for 1 hour upon use and is necessary for facing Kutum. Entering Kutum's grave without Nesser's blessing is possible but the Sandstorm will cause continuous damage.


■ Ancient Kutum Rewards

1. Ancient Relic Remnant
- Material required for crafting [Primal Relic].
ㆍ You can gain [Ancient Relic Remnant] by defeating Ancient Kutum, using the [Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment] gained when defeating Kutum, and from the Relic tab in the Pearl Shop.
ㆍAbsorbing [Ancient Relic Remnant] as Dark Energy will yield Relic Fragments.
2. Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment
- Use [Ancient Relic Remnant Fragment] x30 to craft [Ancient Relic Remnant].
ㆍYou can craft [Ancient Relic Remnant] at your camp's Ancient Relic Altar.
3. Abyssal Relic
4. Collectibles, Appraisal Items, etc.


■ Ancient Kutum Knowledge
Added Ancient Kutum Boss Knowledge.
- You can gain Knowledge Exp. upon defeating Ancient Kutum and gain additional DP based on your Kutum Knowledge level.


■ Primal Relic

1. Primal Relics can be enhanced up to 10 levels.
2. You can imbue up to 5 Glyphs to a Primal Relic.
3. The addition of Primal Relics comes with a new Great Desert story 'From Ancient Times'.
- The story is available after you reach Ancient Kutum Boss Knowledge Lv. 2.


■ Crafting Primal Relic

1. Craft Primal Relics at the Ancient Relic Altar located in your camp.
- Required material: Ancient Relic Remnant x1, Awakened Abyssal Relic x1, Magical Essence x1000.
2. The Abyssal Relic used for crafting will determine the type of the Primal Relic.
- Using [Ancient Relic of Aal] will yield a [Primal Relic of Aal].
- The enhancement level and imbued Glyphs of the relic used will carry over.


■ Mystical Outfit Exchange

- Added a function that allows exchanging [Mystical Outfit] and [Shadow Chaser Outfit] to match the class you are using.

- Added [Mystical Outfit Exchange Coupon] to the Pearl Shop. [Shadow Chaser Outfit Exchange Coupon] can be purchased at the Medal of Honor Shop using silver.
- After purchasing the Outfit Exchange Coupon, go to Isobelle Encarotia or [Main Menu] > [Craft] > [Exchange] to exchange your outfit.


■ Great Temple Difficulty Increased

Added level VII to Great Temple of Serrett, Tukar, and Luinas.
- Great Temple becomes available after you complete a certain number of Great Desert Exploration Log Quests.
- Suggested CP for Great Temples' New Difficulty:
ㆍGreat Temple of Serrett VII: 20,300
ㆍGreat Temple of Tukar VII: 21,400
ㆍGreat Temple of Luinas VII: Family CP 85,900
※ Adventurers who have completed the Great Temples before the March 16 maintenance can try level 7 Great Temples starting in April.


■ Black Rock Shrine Reward Increase

To help extend the Black Rock Shrine's available time, rewards have been increased to 1.33 times their previous amount.


■ Equalize CP (Spectator Mode)

Changed [Ramoness Arena] > [Custom Event Mode] to "Equalize CP (Spectator Mode)" and applied the following changes:
1. All skills will uniformly be applied at Lv. 10 and default settings will be applied.

- If you wish to use different skill settings, create your preferred skill pre-set before joining battlefield. You can then select your favorite preset in the arena.
2. Outfit stats will no longer be applied.


■ Crafting Method Updated

- You can now craft Abyssal Crystal Fluid using Abyssal Magic Crystal x15.

- Abyssal Crystal Fluid is a material used for crafting [Dimensional Crystal], and the item itself cannot be equipped on gear in any way.
- The recipe to craft [Dimensional Crystal] with Abyssal Magic Crystal x15 has been removed.


■ Lancer
- Fixed an issue where the duration of the invincibility effect during evasion was different than intended.
- Fixed an issue where Radiant Burst activated when using Fallen Angel.


■ Fletcher
Strike of Opportunity Keep Away (Updated on March 16)
- Improved aim and projectile speed.


■ Nova
- Fixed an issue where holding the move button after evading backwards would cancel the evasion.


■ Quest
- The following missions can now be auto-played:
ㆍAll story mission bosses
ㆍTrina Fortress Defense
ㆍBattle with Belmorn
ㆍJordine's Revenge
ㆍLast Battle
ㆍMission: Betrayal and Lies


■ Item
- Reduced the weight of Epic-Mystical Crow Merchants' Elixir to 0.


■ Content
- Improvements have been made to Black Spirit mode:
ㆍWill now automatically use [Holy Vial of light] when the mode is run in Hadum's Realm.
ㆍThe mode can be activated even when the player does not have HP potions.
ㆍWhen using Black Spirit Mode, Spoils of Battle are now gathered without your pets' aid.
- Disabled attacking Guild Members in the Open Arena.


■ UI
- Improved the UI on the lower left of the Camp's Storage when the inventory limit is exceeded after Life Plus ends.
- It is now possible to save Skill Enhancement and active branches when creating Skill Presets.
ㆍPreset values will now be saved on the device.
ㆍThe Skill Enhancement and active branches can now be checked in the Equip Skill tab.


■ System
- Changes were made to prevent the deletion of a character who has been submitted for a name change request.


■ Content
- Fixed an issue where Merchantry would not work for a time.
- Fixed an issue where elephants could be placed in the obstacles in Node War.
- Updated Black Spirit Quests so that they can be completed after the quests reset (00:00 - 00:30).
- Fixed an issue causing skills not to trigger at times in Path of Glory.


■ UI
- Removed item descriptions in the list of items craftable by workers.
- Fixed an issue where the rewards obtained in Hadum were displayed in the Hidden Banquet Hall reward list.
- Removed the empty row in Settings > Alert > Notifications.
- Fixed an issue where, after opening the main menu in camp, returning to the main screen would cause an overlap in the UI on the left side of the screen.
- Fixed an issue with the Hot-time icon displayed on the right side of the mini-map.
- Fixed an issue where crafting [Mystical Outfit] from an equipped outfit did not work properly.
- Fixed an issue where Blacksmith > Exchange Weapon selected the wrong class at times.


■ Class
- Fixed an issue where, after failing to use a skill due to a debuff, the skill cooldown would occasionally still activate.

- Fixed an issue causing Heilang to move abnormally if the Spiritwalker uses a skill that moves it.


■ System
- Fixed an issue in the Battlefield of the Sun where the sound would break at times.
- Fixed an issue with Android 10 related to saving permissions.
- Made stability improvements to the game on Android devices.


■ Content
- The event where you could move Outfits from the Wardrobe to the Pearl Inventory for free has ended.
- The Guild event giving double points for the "Come together for a round of Guild Boss Rushes!" event has ended.


■ Notice Regarding Upcoming Updates
- The [Pearl Shop] > [Accessory Shop] will receive an update during the maintenance on March 23.
ㆍThe Accessory list, reset time, and records will be reset at the time of the update.


■ Starting Events
- Shai Pre-Creation Event
- Event Period: After the maintenance on March 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 22 (Monday), 23:59
- Defeat Ancient Kutum
- Event Period: After the maintenance on March 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 29 (Monday), 23:59
- Hadum vs Great Desert: What would you choose?
- Event Period: After the maintenance on March 16 (Tuesday) - Until March 22 (Monday) 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Archer/Fletcher Premium Login
- Come together for a round of Guild Boss Rushes!
- To Arms! March to the Battlefield of the Sun!
- Puzzle Event
- The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients


※ Products with a sales period marked [TBA] will be announced separately through future Patch Notes listed under the [Sales Ending] section.
※ For products with a set sales period, go to the Pearl Shop in-game and view the products.


■ New Products
- Primal Relic Crafter's Pack
- Relic Fragment Pack
- Relic Fragment Pack (Black Pearl)


■ Sales Ending
- Lightstone Fragment x500
- Lightstone Fragment x500 (Black Pearl)
- Alchemy Stone Fragment x100 Bundle
- Alchemy Stone Fragment x100 Bundle (Black Pearl)
- Relic Fragment x4000 Bundle
- Relic Fragment x4000 Bundle (Black Pearl)
- Giant Relic Fragment Chest