[2021 BRC Season 1] Black Desert Mobile Ramoness: Final Day

Greetings, Adventurers!


After 3 weeks of fierce competition, we now head into the Final Day of BRC!

4 teams from each region will play one more day of Ramoness to decide

which teams will receive various prices such as "Ramoness Champion" title and 50,000 Pearls!


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■ Stream Schedule 

All Final Day matches will be broadcasted LIVE via YouTubeTwitch, and Facebook

Please check for your specific time zone in the schedule below. 

Time Zone 

America Final Day 

Asia Final Day 

Europe Final Day 

America (GMT-8) 

4/6, 19:00 

4/8, 01:00 

4/8, 07:00 

Europe (GMT+1) 

4/7, 04:00 

4/8, 10:00 

4/8, 16:00 

Asia (GMT+8) 

4/7, 11:00 

4/8, 17:00 

4/8, 23:00 


■ Final Day Match Schedule

Check out which teams made it to the Final Day for their respective region!


AMERICA FINAL DAY 4/6, 19:00 (GMT-8)
majah89 Sia Pancada EmperorPengu LordPepé biggai
Too Easy vs FLOW
Butta Shaxuru Valendir Juxtps graywerewolf RedMonarch


ASIA FINAL DAY 4/8, 17:00 (GMT+8)
B.B.B vs eLgnöum
Pl2oject MuuJoE 놀îI3ädSöนIî러 FinaLLe Enmu Pyöng
Bee Sports Gaming vs It's Time
Bee㐅ihzi Bee㐅Maki Bee㐅Zeps Juggerboy Aquar1an Kid9N



EUROPE FINAL DAY - 4/8, 16:00 (GMT+1)
AION vs PP-bois
Dremesís Hoardér Moogway Temps ChamRai Tagliaferri
Fight Club vs BroCalypSe
鐵匠Smithy Grimmjоu Rel0cate LaQuiica Nemilosul Plâyêr1


Thank you.