2021 Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship Season 1 (Updated)

Greetings, Adventurers! 


Registrations are open for this year’s first season of 

Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship (BRC)! 


Please read below for all the details. 


Updated 3/16, 19:15 (GMT-8)


America (GMT-8) 

Europe (GMT+1) 

Asia (GMT+8) 

Registration deadline 

March 7, 17:00 

March 8, 02:00 

March 8, 09:00 

Participant list announced 

March 12, 00:00 

March 12, 09:00 

March 12, 16:00 

Round of 32 (Bo3) 

March 19, 19:00 

March 18, 16:00 

March 18, 17:00 

Round of 16 (Bo3) 

March 23, 19:00 

March 25, 16:00 

March 25, 17:00 

Quarterfinals (Bo5) 

March 30, 19:00 

April 1, 16:00 

April 1, 17:00 

Semifinals (Bo5)* 

April 6, 19:00 

April 8, 16:00 

April 8, 17:00 

3rd Place Match (Bo5)* 

Finals (Bo7)* 

* Final Day: Semifinals, 3rd Place Match, and Finals will take place on the same day and will be broadcasted LIVE on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook 


Final Standing 


1st Place 

Pearl x50,000 
Ramoness Champion” title 

Gold Ramoness Crown x1 

Black-Caped Puppy (Tier 6) x1 

Ramoness Black Spirit Trophy: Legend x1 

2nd Place 

Pearl x25,000 
Ramoness Finalist” title 

Silver Ramoness Crown x1 

Black-Caped Puppy (Tier 6) x1 

Ramoness Black Spirit Trophy: Emperor x1 

3rd Place 

Pearl x10,000 
Ramoness Semifinalist” title 

Bronze Ramoness Crown x1 

Black-Caped Puppy (Tier 6) x1 

Ramoness Black Spirit Trophy: Monarch x1 

4th Place 

Pearl x5,000 
Ramoness Semifinalist” title 

Black-Caped Puppy (Tier 6) x1 


Ramoness Quarterfinalist” title 

Other participants 

Ramoness Participant” title 


Pearl x1,000 


Pearl x2,000 

Round win bonus 

Black Pearl x100 (per round) 

※ All tournament prizes listed above are “per participant” basis 
* MVP: Top performer based on points per game and votes by commentators and the event committee (1 participant per region)
** Dominator: The participant with the highest points per game on the Final Day (1 participant across all regions)


1) All matches will be played on [Ramoness Arena] > [Spectator Mode] 
- In this modeevery participant will be applied with the same exact stats for balance purposes 
2) When the event operator notifies a match call on Discord, all participants for that match will have 5 minutes to accept the Ramoness invite and press ready 
- Failure to do so may lead to the disqualification of the team 
Please be online in-game and on Discord before your team’s scheduled match time 
To accept the Ramoness invite, go to [Settings] > [Game] > [Ramoness Invite] and set to [Allow All] 
3) From Round of 16, teams will be allowed to use one [Time out] for each round 
- Upon using [Time out], both teams will have 5 minutes to switch to different classes and/or discuss strategies 
If a participant does not accept the Ramoness invite and press ready after 5 minutes have ended, the team may be disqualified 
4) If a participant becomes restricted from the game due to a violation of our [Operational Policy], the participant’s team will not be able to play the next scheduled match and be disqualified 


1) Complete the quest “Defeat [Elite] Muskan” to access Ramoness Arena 
2) Go to [Forum] > [Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship]
3) Click [Write]
4) Create a post titled, “BRC Registration"  
5) In the post, include the following information:  
- Team Name  
- Region, Server, Family Name, Discord Tag (ex. Name#0000) 

6) Click [Post]
7) Prompt your two teammates to click [Post Opinion] with the following information:  
- Region, Server, Family Name, and Discord Tag (ex: Name#0000)  
- Confirmation: “I wish to participate in BRC with [Teammate] and [Teammate]." 


1) Registration will not be accepted if: 
- The registration is not in the correct format. See our [Example Post] 
- Team name or Family name includes inappropriate language as deemed by the event committee 
The registered account has a previous record of restriction due to a violation of our [Operational Policy] 
2) Participants will be selected based on the team’s combined [Ramoness Score] obtained from March 1 to March 9 
3) For communication purposes, all participants are required to join our [Discord Server] 
- To create an account, please visit
4) Upon registering, the participant agrees to his/her live and recorded play footage being used at the consent of Pearl Abyss on its official social media and streaming platforms for promotional purposes 

5) Participants who have received a "Ramoness" title from a previous tournament will not receive a duplicate title of the same name


Thank you.