[12/17] Adieu 2019! Year-end Login Event
EVENTS 2019.12.17


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Greetings, Adventurers! 


Are you enjoying your adventures in Black Desert Mobile?

As we reach the end of 2019, we invite everyone to come and join us to receive awesome rewards!


Please check below for more details.

■ Event Period

- December 17, 2019 - Second week of January maintenance.

■ Event Details

- Log in to Black Desert Mobile every day during the event period and receive rewards!


※ Please Read

- [Check In] must be pressed in the event tab to receive the daily rewards.

- Each day refreshes at 00:00 (Server Time).

- Claimed daily rewards can be found in the [Inventory] of the character used to claim the reward and will be [Spiritbound] to the character.

- Daily rewards may be redeemed only once.

- Regardless of the date of login, all rewards are claimed in order: e.g. Even if you claim [Day 1] reward on day 2 of the event, you must wait until the following day to claim the [Day 3] event. This requirement applies to up to [Day 14] reward.

- Daily login rewards will be applied independently for each server. Even if a reward was already redeemed on one server, the same reward can be redeemed on a different server.

- The event period is subject to change.

- This event follows our [Event Policy] and [Black Desert Mobile Operational Policy].