Black Desert Mobile has Soft Launched!

Greetings, Adventurers!


Welcome to the Black Desert Mobile Soft Launch! We are extremely pleased to meet all of you and are looking forward to a great adventure together!


Our objectives were to release the game as fast as possible since we are aware that everyone has been waiting for Black Desert Mobile for a long time. However, due to the hype and anticipation from our fans, we have decided to first soft launch in select countries on Android devices. We are doing our best to bring Black Desert Mobile to the rest of the playerbase as soon as possible.


Please refer to the information below, and we hope we’ll be able to prepare for the great journey together!


Q. I am an iOS player. When can I play?
I can’t find Black Desert Mobile in my Google Play Store.
A. Unfortunately, the soft launch is for select countries on Android OS only.

Accessible Countries
Australia, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey

Q. Will my progress during the soft launch be wiped when the grand launch happens?
A. All the progress made during the soft launch will be RETAINED when Black Desert Mobile is released in all designated countries and platforms.


Q. Which languages does Black Desert Mobile support?
A. During the soft launch, English will be the only supported language. However, we will be able to support more languages after the grand launch.


Q. What is the minimum device requirements?
■ Minimum Device Requirements

Android Galaxy S5 LTE - A or higher
iOS iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2 or higher

■ Recommended Devices for Maximum Graphic Settings
- Pixel 2 ,Galaxy 9 or higher, Galaxy Note 9, LG V50, G8
※ Please note that although you may still download the App from the device under the minimum requirement, it is not guaranteed for the best gaming experience.

Q. How many servers will be available?

A. Black Desert Mobile will have 3 exclusive regions: America, Europe, and Asia. You may choose the region that is nearest to your current location in regards to the network speed. (*Once you create an account in a specific region, the account information cannot be transferred to another region.)

Please note that there will be a singular standard timezone per region. All in-game contents and events will follow their designated timezone so please make sure to check the server's timezone on the bottom left side of your game screen. This timezone may be different from your local time, if you are in  a different timezone.

Region America Europe Asia
Server Name Heidel Balenos Calpheon
Timezone PST (UTC-8) UTC +1 UTC +8

Q. Can I link the game to my Social Media Accounts?

After installing Black Desert Mobile, you will be able to choose between 4 options in order to sign in and start playing the game.


If you choose the Guest Account option, game data will be saved on the installation file of the device you are using. In order to save your progress and restore or to switch the device in the future, you must link your account to social media channels.
※If you uninstall the game or switch the device without linking, all your data will be erased.
Please note that we are unable to recover the data lost on Guest Accounts.


Stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming updates.
Once again, we appreciate all of your support and love.

Discover your potential!