Genoveva's Shop Re-opens!
EVENTS 2020.12.23

Greetings, Adventurers! 

Genoveva's Shop will open its doors once again this Saturday!
Don't miss this chance to obtain precious goods!


📢 Event Period

December 26 (Saturday) 18:00 – 19:00 (Server Time)


📢 List of Main Rewards

Location Reward List Required Resources
Hadum: Heidel / Genoveva Premium World Boss Fragments Chest Silver, Hadum's Token
World Boss Weapon Fragment x150 Selection Chest
World Boss Armor Fragment x40 Selection Chest
Genoveva's Large Fragments Chest
Skillbook Chest
Hadum's Mist
Black Spirit's Energy
Genoveva's Small Chest
Genoveva's Pouch

[Premium World Boss Fragments Chest]
- Obtain up to a total of 300 weapon fragments and 80 armor fragments from 2 sets of 2 chests. Within each chest you can choose which sets of fragments to collect.


Q1. What's Genoveva's Shop?
- Genoveva's Shop is an event where Genoveva will open her shop in Hadum: Heidel at an unspecified time to offer various valuable goods.

Q2. How do use the shop?
- Go to Genoveva's Shop at Hadum: Heidel to access the shop.
· Adventurers will be notified through an in-game alert notification and a shop icon will appear next to the mini-map when Genoveva's Shop opens.
- Genoveva's Shop is available for 60 minutes.
· Use Hadum's Token to view goods and use Silver to purchase goods from Genoveva's Shop.
· The shop can no longer be used once time expires or if the best rewards were already obtained.
· Adventurers inactive for more than a minute will be removed from the shop.
· The item list at the shop cannot be refreshed when it is within ten minutes of closing.

※ After refreshing an item, it may take some time for the next item to become purchasable. Please ensure that the sale of the item you have purchased has ended successfully before requesting the next item.

Q3. Where do I obtain Hadum's Token?
- Hadum's Token can be obtained from certain regions in Hadum's Realm and defeating Hadum: World Bosses. They are used to refresh the item list in Genoveva's Shop.


※ Please Note
- The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you.