[November 24] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.11.24


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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on November 24 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.
※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.


■ Dimensional Crystal

- Added Dimensional Crystal.
・Dimensional Crystals can contain power for the Aal, Labreve, Serrett, and Ahib branches.
・Dimensional Crystal extraction is only possible for gear lower than Primal grade, and cannot be done otherwise.
- Added a separate category on the craft menu for crafting Dimensional Crystals.
・You can craft Dimensional Crystals in the Alchemy Lab or Craft menu, under the Crystal category.
- Added new items that are required to craft Dimensional Crystals.
・Obtain Dimensional Fragments from feeding Abyssal-grade items to the Black Spirit and from Field of Valor.
※ Dimensional Fragments cannot be obtained by feeding the Delphad Main Weapon and Sub-Weapon event rewards to the Black Spirit.
・Use Dark Coins to purchase Empty Crystals from Gervaise's Shop.


■ Price Adjustments for Items at the Market

- Adjusted the price for items to better match the current state of the economy and service.
・Adjusted the price for [Magic] - [Epic] grade Accessories registered on the Market.
・Adjusted the sale price of [Magic] - [Abyssal] grade accessories in the pearl shop.


■ Field of Valor

- Field of Valor event returns!
・After the maintenance on November 24 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on December 8 (Tuesday)
- Obtain Dimensional Fragments, Abyssal Crystals, and Cron Stones from the Field of Valor event.
- Tokens of Valor, which are required to enter Field of Valor, can be obtained through login rewards.
・See [Event Notices] to find more details about this event.


■ Lightstone

- Effects from the first Lightstone slate will now affect the family.
ㆍThe Lightstones that were equipped on the first slate will be sent to your mail.
※ Total CP may be at a lower value after the update since the Lightstones on the first page will have been unequipped.
※ Family CP rank and CP rank are calculated from the family Lightstone Slate.
ㆍAdditional details will be added through future updates, which can all be verified in-game.

- You must purchase additional Lightstone slates for the second and third pages to become available.
ㆍGo to [Misc.] > [Etc.] and use Silver or Black Pearls to purchase more Lightstone slates.
ㆍThe second and third Lightstone slates will only be for that active character.
ㆍYou can choose which Lightstone slate to receive effects from on the Lightstone UI screen.


■ Balance Changes to Family Prestige
- Decreased the required Family CP by 3,000 for each Family Prestige effect.
ㆍAdjusted the required CP for Family Prestige to match the decrease in average CP now that the first Lightstone slate is family based.
- Added 3 more tiers to Family Prestige.




- Reduced weight to 0 for the following items.
・Black Stone, Black Crystal, Lightstone Fragment, Alchemy Stone Fragment, Relic Fragment, Magical Residue, Magical Essence, Caphras Dust, and Holy Vial of Light

- Changed the item type for the following items:
・Golden Egg
※ This item can now be sold at the shop as loot.

- Added [Eternal Alchemy Stone] as an obtainable item from the Grail of Gloom.
- Changed item description for Inscribed Glyph to include loot location.
- Increased number of Cron Stones you can obtain through crafting from 1 to 5.


- Fixed an issue where Phantasma could immediately move at the start of a match.
- Fixed an issue where [Raven] could not obtain or use Shards of Darkness.
- Fixed an issue where the match board UI displayed abnormally if an ally character and enemy character consecutively.
- Fixed an issue where [Monument of Battle] appeared again after its initial appearance in Temple Raiders.


[World Boss]
- Changed the attack pattern of Kzarka.


- Changed the amount of required items to complete certain Collections:
・[Strong Gust of Wind - Rise and Fall - Calpheon Noble Restraint]: Golden Ring x3 > x1.
・[Strong Gust of Wind - Rise and Fall - Fall of a Family]: Golden Seal x5 > x1
・[Strong Gust of Wind - Rise and Fall - Blond Stranger]: Golden Wool x2 > x1


- Removed the following Camp quest for clearing Ancient Ruins:
・Camp Tier 7 - 'The Respected Blacksmith', 'Hidden Clue in the Ruins'.

[ System]
- Fixed an issue where using a Google Account to login caused the login screen to close on some Android devices.
- Fixed an issue where you could not log in with a Facebook account if the Facebook authentication session expired.


- Fixed an issue where the application icon displayed abnormally on some devices.
- Fixed an issue where alert notifications continuously appeared even after completing a Bounty Mission requirement to progress content.
- Patrigio appearance timer will now refresh upon entering town.


■ Character Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where Doom Vortex could not be used in auto-play even if there were more than 3 Shards of Darkness.
- Fixed an issue where Void Zone skill damage did not match the damage value shown in its skill description.


- Fixed an issue where the On/Off UI did not display for 'Flow: Super Armor'.


- Fixed an issue where damage was not properly applied when using [Branch: Labreve].
- Fixed an issue when [Branch: Labreve] is active and if [Flow: JIN Energy Blast] had not been used, Hell Sweep could not strike twice.


- Fixed an issue where Razor Wind damage sometimes did not apply if you were close to an enemy character.


- Fixed an issue where the dismount button did not display when using the Beast Rider skill for certain Arena content.


■ Balance Patch for Melee Classes
- Melee Classes Enhancement: Greatly increased HP recovery effects.

Class Applied Skill Max HP Recovery Value
(Per target)
Total Number of Hit(s)
Gladiator Ground Smash Per Hit 250 -> 350  2
Berserker Crushing Falcon Per Hit 86 -> 114  7
Windwalker Ethereal Blast Per Hit 100 -> 150  4
Titan Raging Thunder Per Hit 55 -> 81  9
Destroyer Slugfest Per Hit 100 -> 125  8
Paladin Sword of Judgment Per Hit 200 -> 300  2
Lancer Divine Guard Per Hit 300 -> 400  2
Reaper Soul Reaver Per Hit 600 -> 800  1
Blade Master Rising Storm Per Hit 150 -> 200  4
Warlord Upper Hand Per Hit 105 -> 135  7
Lupa Beck and Call Per Hit 200 -> 265  3
Spiritwalker Dance of the Red Phoenix Per Hit 150 -> 190  6
Void Knight Fury of Kamasylvia Per Hit 200 -> 265  3 (4 with Magic Activiation) 
Grandmaster Hell Sweep Per Hit 100 -> 200  4
Lotus Blooming Divide Per Hit 110 -> 160  5
Primrose Absolute Zero Per Hit 200 -> 265  3
Hashashin Eye of the Storm Per Hit 150 -> 200  4

- Added 15% PvP damage reduction effect when using charge skills for melee classes.


Class Applied Skill
Gladiator Shield Charge
Berserker Havoc Thrust
Windwalker Wind Knife
Titan Falling Rock
Destroyer Hellraiser
Paladin Shield Chase
Lancer Radiant Burst
Reaper Shadow Slash
Blade Master Quick-Draw
Warlord Backdraft
Lupa Dark Spire
Spiritwalker Dragon Fang
Void Knight Nightfall
Grandmaster Knee Hammer
Lotus Crescendo
Primrose Frigid Burst
Hashashin Sandstorm Slash


■ Archmage
[Frigid Fog]
- Changed the name of freezing area to [Subzero] and removed the freeze effect from it.
-Changed the effect from 'Ultimate: Reduce Move Speed' to 'Reduce Move Speed'.


■ Raven
[Shard of Darkness]
- Adjusted skill descriptions to match the shard creation time.
・Before: Create a Shard of Darkness every 10 seconds.
・After: Create a Shard of Darkness every 5 seconds.

- Increased the total number of Shards of Darkness that can be created from 3 to 5.
・Added an effect that creates 5 Shards of Darkness upon use of a skill.
※ The following change also applies to Sorceress and Reaper.

- Added a mechanic that denotes the number of Shards of Darkness created for each skill.


Condition Applied Skill
Create 1 Shard of Darkness upon use of a skill Miasma
Phantom Crash
Dark Pulse
Dark Shift
Wrath of Chaos
Shadow Eruption
Create 1 Shard of Darkness if there is an unused or no Shard of Darkness Implosion
Soul Siphon
Doom Vortex

- Increased attack speed and range, and activates faster when used as a combo with [Wrath of Chaos].
- Changed the effect of [Implosion: Shard] from increase attack range to increase distance.
・Uses 1 Shard of Darkness.


[Phantom Crash]

- Added [Phantom Crash: Shard] enhanced skill effect.
・Uses 2 Shards of Darkness.
・Skill can be used again (Super Armor or Invincibility effect not applied in Arena).
・Increases travel distance slightly when using the skill.


[Dark Shift]
- Increased distance of the skill and activates faster when used as a combo with [Doom Vortex].
- Added [Dark Shift: Shard] enhanced skill effect.
・Uses 2 Shards of Darkness.
・Skill can be used again (Super Armor or Invincibility effect not applied upon entering Arena)


[Doom Vortex]
- Increased attack range effect is now applied by default and changed Intensify: Increase Attack Range effect to [Doom Vortex: Shard] effect.
・Uses 3 Shards of Darkness.
・Applied extra damage by 30% for Doom Vortex.


Enjoy Field of Valor with Login Rewards!
- All you have to do is log in to claim materials required to craft Dimensional Crystals! Don't miss out on this special chance!


■ Starting Events
- Field of Valor Log-in Rewards
・After the maintenance on November 24 (Tuesday) - Until December 7 (Monday), 23:59
- December Letters from Shakatu
・After the maintenance on November 24 (Tuesday) - Until December 7 (Monday), 23:59
- Black Friday Mission Pass
・After the maintenance on November 24 (Tuesday) - Until November 30 (Monday), 23:59
- Ethan's Daily Camp Mission
・ After the maintenance on November 24 (Tuesday) - Until December 7 (Monday), 23:59
- Late Fall GM Surprise Mission
・November 25 (Wednesday), 00:10 - Until November 30 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Celebrating the Musa/Maehwa Update! Musa Fiesta Event
- Bingo Event


※ A separate announcement will be made for products and their sale periods.


■ Black Friday Shop (November 24, 2020 - December 7, 2020, 23:59)
- Clearance! Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest
- Clearance! Boss Rush Chest
- Clearance! Tablet Chest
- Clearance! [Mystical] Accessory Chest
- Clearance! Abyssal Accessory Chest
- Clearance! Holy Vial of Light Chest
- Clearance! Relic Fragment Chest
- Clearance! Totem Chest I
- Clearance! Totem Chest II
- Clearance! Gold Coin Chest I
- Clearance! Gold Coin Chest II
- Clearance! Path of Glory Chest
- Clearance! Glyph Chest
- Clearance! Pearls + Dimensional Crystal
- Clearance! Outfit Chest
- Clearance! Cron Stone Chest


■ New Products (November 24, 2020 - Until Further Notice)
- Pearls + Dimensional Crystal I
- Major Cron Stone Chest I
- Major Cron Stone Chest II
- Lucky Fragments Chest
- Lightstone Slate (Black Pearl)
- Lightstone Slate (Silver)
- Wardrobe +5 Slot Expansion Coupon


■ Ending Sales
- Pearls + Leader's Blessing
- Pearls + Growth Boosters
- Major Abyssal Crystal Package
- Abyssal Relic Challenge Chest
- Lucky Abyssal Chest
- Premium Accessory Package
- Weekly Abyssal Accessory Package
- Hashashin Limited Accessory Package
- Hashashin All-Inclusive Chest
- Tamer All-Inclusive Chest


■ Sales Ending Next Week