Black Friday: Special Discount Up To 90%
EVENTS 2020.11.24

Greetings, Adventurers! 


The most awaited Black Friday event has begun! 🎉
To celebrate Black Friday, a new category will open in [Pearl Shop] which will offer special discounts!

Enjoy exclusive discount prices from our Clearance Chest items
And don’t miss out on special discounted appearance items for as high as 90% 

See below for more details. 



📢 Event Sales Period 

November 24 (Tuesday), after maintenance until December 7 (Monday) 23:59 (Server Time) 


📢 Black Friday Shop Product 

■ Pearl + Dimensional Cystal 
Clearance! Pearl + Dimensional Crystal 
Contains  Pearl x2,000 
Black Pearl x2,000 
[Abyssal] Crystal Chest x15p 
Cron Stone x1,000 
Dimensional Fragments x25 
Purchase Limit  6 per Family per week 
■ Accessory 
Chest Name  Clearance!   Clearance! 
Abyssal Accessory Chest  [Mystical] Accessory Chest 
Contains  [Abyssal] Accessory Chest  [Mystical] Accessory Chest 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week  3 Per Family per week 
■ Ancient Coin 
Chest Name  Clearance!  Clearance! 
Gold Coin Chest I  Gold Coin Chest II 
Contains  Ancient Gold Coin  Ancient Gold Coin 
Amount  100,000  2,000,000 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week  3 Per Family per week 
■ Boss Stamp / Ancient Tablet 
Chest Name  Clearance!  Clearance! 
Boss Stamp Chest  Tablet Chest 
Contains  Boss Stamp  Ancient Tablet 
Amount  30,000  40,000 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week  3 Per Family per week 
■ Totem 
Chest Name  Clearance!  Clearance! 
Totem Chest I  Totem Chest II 
Contains  Totem Chest  Totem Chest 
Amount  100  1,500 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week  3 Per Family per week 
■ Enhanced Alchemy Stone 
Clearance! Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest 
Contains  Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Relic Fragment
Clearance! Relic Fragment Chest 
Chest Name  Relic Fragment 
Amount  1,000,000 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Glyph 
Clearance! Glyph Chest 
Chest Name  Inscribed Glyph 
Amount  10 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Weapon & Armor 
Clearance! Outfit Chest 
Chest Name  Weapon and Armor outfit chest 
Amount  Weapon outfit chest x5 
Armor outfit chest x5p 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Holy Vial of Light 
Clearance! Holy Vial of Light Chest 
Chest Name  Holy Vial of Light 
Amount  3,000 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Path of Glory Entry Pass 
Clearance! Path of Glory Chest 
Chest Name  Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass 
Amount  40 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
■ Cron Stone 
Clearance! Cron Stone Chest 
Chest Name  Cron Stone 
Amount  1,000 
Purchase Limit  3 Per Family per week 
※ For more details, please check [Pearl Shop] – [Black Friday]. 
※ Refreshes every Monday, 00:00 (Server Time) 
📢 Appearance Clearance Shop Product Price (30% - 90% Discount) 
🎉 90% Discount Items 
Item Category  Barding  Outfit  Appearance Ticket  Horse  
Appearance Ticket 
Price  600 Pearl  400 Pearl  200 Pearl  120 Pearl 
→ 60 Pearl  → 40 Pearl  → 20 Pearl  → 12 Pearl 
Purchase Limit  Unlimited 
🎉 75% Discount Items 
Price  400 Pearl → 100 Pearl 
Purchase Limit  10 Per Family 
🎉 50% Discount Items 
Item Category  Armor  Weapon 
Price  960 Pearl → 480 Pearl  240 Pearl → 120 Pearl 
Purchase Limit  10 Per Family  10 Per Family 
※ For more details, please check [Pearl Shop] - [Appearance Clearance Shop]. 
📢 Please Notice 
※ There may be some price discrepancies for in-app products due to respective market policies, tax rates, and exchange rates for each country.
※ The event period and conditions are subject to change. 
Thank you.