[BDM X ROG] BRC: Top 4 Team Prediction Event

Greetings, Adventurers! 


As we get ready for [BDM X ROG] Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship, 

we have prepared an event where you can predict which team from your region will advance as one of the Top 4 teams! 


📢 Event Period 

Until November 24, 05:00 (GMT-8) 


📢 How to Participate

1. Visit [here] to select a team that you predict will become a Top 4 team in BRC

2. If your selected team advances to the Semifinalsyou will receive the rewards 

- Winners will be announced on December 11 


🎁 Rewards 

Combat Plus (3 Daysx1 

- Life Plus (3 Daysx1 

- Black Spirit Plus (3 Daysx1 


📢 Please Note 

Only one submission is allowed per Family Name (Additional submissions will be considered ineligible) 

- Please write your Family Name as it appears in-game. You will not be able to receive your rewards if the Family Name is not written correctly 

- Event period and content are subject to change 


Thank you.