Security Campaign


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Greetings from the Black Desert Mobile Service Team.


The following announcement is to promote the importance of keeping your account secured and safe at all times as you journey through the exciting world of Black Desert.


Read below the find out more information.


📢 1. Make sure to update your password regularly.
- A great way to keep your account safe is by updating your password regularly to prevent your account from being hacked or stolen, as well as to safeguard personal information.


📢 2. Set up a 2nd password.
- Adventurers can add a 2nd password through a security feature offered in Black Desert Mobile to further protect personal information on their account.

💡What is a 2nd Password?

A second password is a security feature offered in-game that adds an extra authentication step in order for a user to access the game. This feature is separate from the password for the linked account.


<How to Set or Change Second Password>
- Setup/Change: Game ▶ Settings ▶ Account ▶ Set 2nd Password
※ You must use a registered email address in order to set or change a 2nd password.


📢 5 Tips on Setting a Strong Password
① Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and include at least 10 characters to improve password strength.
② Avoid using birthdays or other personal information that can be identifiable and compromise the strength of your password.
③ Do not share your password or write it down in a location easily viewable by others.
④ Be very careful when entering your password from a public location.
⑤ Use a password that is different from the one used to access the website.


📢 Stay safe by using the sync account feature!
- As data is directly stored on the device for guest account users, the game can become unplayable if there is a data issue on the device or the game application gets removed. Use the sync account feature to prevent game data loss and play in a secured enviornment.
<How to Sync Account>
① New: Sync your Google, Facebook, Line, or Apple ID from the account creation screen.
② Guest Users: Game ▶ Settings ▶ Account ▶Sync Account
Thank you.