[December 8] Black Spirit's All-in-One Growth Guide - Event Tip
EVENTS 2020.12.08


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Hello, Adventurers!

We've prepared the Black Spirit's All-in-One Growth Guide event to celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary.

In addition to the Adventure Logs and character growth content, we hope you enjoy the guide and rewards that have been prepared.


We hope this will help new and returning Adventurers grow their characters and help current Adventurers grow their family even further.


Thank you.


Mission Rewards Event Tip
Defeat Enemy x50 Poor Weapon Black Stone x100
Silver 1,000,000
Combat, Life Plus (7 Days) Chest
Chicken Soup x2
Special Chicken Soup x2
It's the beginning of your adventure! Defeat any 50 enemies you see as you play.
Equip +5 or higher Main and Sub-Weapon High-Grade Resource Chest x5
[Rare] Condensed Dark Energy Chest x20
Use the [Poor Weapon Black Stone] you received from completing [Defeat Enemy x50] to enhance your weapon.
- You'll be guaranteed a successful enhancement once the rate is set to 100%.
Upgrade Town Hall to Tier 2 Boss Stamp x100
Ancient Tablet x150
Poor Armor Black Stone x200
Golden Vault Entry Pass x1
Camp will become available after you complete [Family: This Land is My Land].
- Go to [Upgrade → Level Up] to see the [Upgrade Requirement].
- Use the resources from [High-Grade Resource Chest] to complete the mission.
Clear Boss Rush x5 Fair Weapon Black Stone x100
Fair Armor Black Stone x200
[Unique] Mohrig Gear Set Chest
Go to [Open Requirement] and check to see if you meet the requirement to access [Boss Rush].
- Use the [Boss Stamp] you've obtained from the last mission.
- Enhance your [Magic] gear to +5 using the [Poor Armor Black Stone] which will help you clear the Boss Rush.
- Use the [Golden Vault Entry Pass] if you need more silver to enhance your gear.
Achieve Black Spirit 3rd Awakening Good Weapon Black Stone x60
Good Armor Black Stone x120
Lightstone Fragment x5000
You can complete [Achieve Black Spirit 3rd Awakening] while progressing through the [Serendia Adventure Log].
- Transfer the enhancement from previous gear to the new gear you've obtained from [Unique] Mohrig Gear Set Chest.
- Use more [Fair Black Stone] and try enhancing your [Unique] gear to +10.
Use 3000 Lightstone Fragments High-Grade Resource Chest x5
Guanaco Milk x10
Go to [Pearl Shop → Add-ons → Lightstone] and use the [Lightstone Fragment] you received as a reward.
Build a Ranch Golden Vault Entry Pass x20
Writ: Kaia Goose x2
Good Weapon Black Stone x200
Good Armor Black Stone x400
Defeat [Orgoh] in Calpheon Neutral Border Zone which will allow you to build a [Ranch].
- Use [High-Grade Resource Chest] to obtain resources and use [Guanaco Milk] if you require more food.
Achieve Black Spirit 5th Awakening [Epic] Condensed Dark Energy x10
[Mystical] Condensed Dark Energy x10
Alchemy Stone Fragment x10,000
[Mystical] Lightstone Chest: Aan, Ti, Ki, Tae
Complete the adventure log [North Calpheon - Chapter 3].
- Use [Good Black Stone] to enhance your equipped [Unique] gear to +20, which will make things easier as you progress.
- Use [Writ: Kaia Goose] at the Ranch if you need more silver. You'll be able to sell [Gold Egg] the next day.
Craft 80 Alchemy Stones [Mystical] JIN Gear Set Chest
[Mystical] Accessory Set
Boss Stamp x200
Ancient Tablet x300
Build an [Alchemy Lab] in the [Camp] and use the [Alchemy Stone Fragment] you received to craft Alchemy Stones.
Complete Ancient Ruins at Difficulty 3 or higher 3 Times Grand Weapon Black Stone x200
Grand Armor Black Stone x400
Magical Residue x10,000
Magical Essence x15,000
Set the appropriate difficulty level and multiplier before you enter the [Ancient Ruins].
- Use the [Mystical] JIN Gear Set Chest and [Mystical] Accessory Set to easily complete the Ancient Ruins.
- Transfer the enhancement experience from your [Unique] gear to your new [Mystical] gear.
Equip +30 or higher Armor, Helmet, Gloves, and Shoes [Mystical] Max Stats Relic Selection Chest x2
[Abyssal] Condensed Dark Energy Chest x1
Writ: Kaia Goose x2
High-Grade Resource Chest x5
Guanaco Milk x15
Use the [Grand Black Stones] you've received as rewards to enhance your [Mystical] JIN gear to +30.
Build an Ancient Relic Altar Totem Chest x1
High-Grade Resource Chest x5
[Mystical] Crystal Chest x20
Relic Fragment x10,000

- Defeat the Witch Hexe Marie and then build an Ancient Relic Altar in your Camp.

※ Use [Mystical] Max Stats Relic Selection Chest and [Magical Residue] and [Magical Essence] to enchant your gear to easily fight against Hexe Marie.

※ Use [High-Grade Resource Chest] to gather resources to build an Ancient Relic Altar.

Defeat World Boss 1 Time Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest x1
Caphras Dust x16,000
Grand Weapon Black Stone x860
Grand Armor Black Stone x1720
Go to the World Boss Status Board and look for the bosses to defeat that appear between 12:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 20:00.
- Go to [Camp] > [Alchemy Lab] and then use [Caphras Dust] to amplify [Enhanced Alchemy Stone] to +30.
Equip +40 or higher Main and Sub-Weapon Horse Emblem: Tier 7 Chest x1
Tier 3 to Tier 4 Pet Chest x1
Holy Vial of Light x100
Use the [Grand Black Stone] you received to enhance your equipped gear to +40.
- If you need more silver, you can obtain more through camp related content such as [Merchantry] and [Node Manager].
Complete Black Spirit Hadum Quest 1 Time Boss Stamp x1,000
Ancient Tablet x1,500
Complete all the adventure logs in Calpheon and then enter Hadum's Realm, a world that is devoid of any light, unlike Elion's Realm.
- Progress through [Hadum's Realm] story to enter the realm.
- You'll need [Holy Vial of Light] or [Holy Vial of Splendor], which both give Blessings of Light, in order to remain in Hadum's Realm.
- You can use [Lightstones] to craft [Holy Vials of Light]. You must complete a Bounty Mission in order to obtain Holy Vial of Splendor.
Reach Lv 60 with a character Golden Vault Entry Pass x20
Awakening/Ascension Skillbook (12 Type) Chest x1
In Hadum, you can set the [Blessings of Light] tier to a maximum of 500% additional EXP.
- You'll be able to accept an Ascension or Awakening quest depending on the class when you achieve level 60.
Awaken all equipped Armor, Helmet, Gloves, and Shoes Ancient Gold Coin x100,000
Magical Residue x30,000
Magical Essence x24,000
Go to [Camp] → [Blacksmith] to start [Gear Awakening Quest].
- Awakened gear will have increased stats and [Awakened Enchantment] will be available.
- Unlike normal [Enchantment], the [Awakened Enchantment] will only increase AP and DP, which is very useful in increasing overall CP.
Achieve Lv 70 with a character Nouver Sub-Weapon Chest x1
Tier 5 Pet Chest x1
[Epic] Weapon Outfit Chest x1
[Epic] Armor Outfit Chest x1
- Use the [EXP Scroll] obtained from [Spoils of Hadum] to gain additional EXP.