[November 10] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.11.10

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on November 10 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears on the live server.


■ Maehwa/Musa

- Maehwa and Musa have been added.
・Maehwa and Musa utilize their expertise in swordsmanship to strike down their enemies and use a horn bow for ranged attack.
・ Attack Type: Melee
・ Weapons: Blade (Main Weapon), Horn Bow (Sub-Weapon)


■ Relic Awakening and Glyph Imbuement

- Added the Relic Awakening and Glyph Imbuement features.
・ After you complete the preceding quest for Relic Awakening, you'll be able to awaken Mystical or Abyssal grade Relics from the Ancient Relic Altar.
・ The awakened relic will have increased stats and Glyph slots will be available for imbuement.
・ Mystical Relics will have 2 slots for Glyphs, while Abyssal relics will have 3 slots.


- You can obtain [Inscribed Gylph] from the Black Sun and Valencia (Hadum's Realm).
・ Inscribed Glyphs can be appraised by Lafi Bedmountain in each village.
・ Obtain Unique to Primal Unknown Glyphs upon appraising [Inscribed Glyph].


■ Pila Fe Story

- Added the new zones [Crimson Mine, Pila Fe]. There is also a questline to follow for those zones.
・ The recommended CP for these zones in Elion's Realm is 10,500, and 15,500 in Hadum's Realm.
・ You can obtain various rewards from the new zone such as Rakshan Gloves and Hero's Legacy.


■ Genoveva's Shop

- Genoveva opens her shop filled with rare and valuable goods in Hadum's Realm Heidel.
・Use Hadum's Token to view the items in the shop and Silver to purchase an item.
・Genoveva's Shop will open at an unspecified time. An alert notification will be sent and a Genoveva's Shop icon will appear next to the mini-map.
・There is no entry limit for the shop.
・Genoveva's Shop will no longer be available after the last reward is obtained or the time expires.
・You can be kicked out of Genoveva's Shop if you are inactive for more than a minute.
・You cannot refresh goods if Genoveva's Shop closes within 10 minutes.


■ Black Sun Rank Rewards

- Added rank rewards and individual rank rewards in Black Sun.
・Black Sun rank rewards will be sent out after all points through the week are tallied on Monday at midnight.
・Rank reward information will reset after points are tallied on Monday at midnight.
・Alchemy Stones will be added as a potential drop from the Grail of Gloom, which is acquired from points accrued in Black Sun.


[Individual Rank]

Individual Rank Reward
Personal Rank Chaos Crystal Grail of Misery
Rank 1 120 20
Rank 2-5 100 18
Rank 6-10 90 16
Rank 11-100 80 14
Top 30% 70 12
Top 50% 60 10

- You can obtain a reward for a given rank even if multiple people share that rank.
・For Example, if 2 users are both 5th place in their individual ranks, they'll each receive a rank 5 reward. The next user in line will then receive a rank 7 reward.


[Guild Rank]

Guild Rank Reward
Guild Rank Dark Coin Grail of Destruction
Rank 1 10000 20
Rank 2-3 8000 17
Rank 4-5 7000 15
Rank 6-10 6000 12
Top 30% 4000 10
Top 50% 3000 7
Top 100% 2000 5

- Guild Rank rewards are sent out individually to guild members. It can be collected by accessing the Black Sun menu.
- Upon joining a guild, the Black Sun points earned will be tallied and counted and the reward available for collection the following week.
- Guild Rank rewards will not be available for collection if you leave the guild.


[Assist System]

Condition Points Acquired
No Assist Steal 30% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Assist from 1 Adventurer Steal 28% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Assist from 2 Adventurers Steal 26% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Assist from 3 Adventurers Steal 24% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Assist from 4 Adventurers Steal 22% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Assist from 5 Adventurers Steal 20% of Black Sun points from the defeated Adventurer
Adventurer who gets an Assist Steal 2% of Black Sun points stolen from defeated Adventurer

- Added assist system for adventurers who enjoy the Black Sun in a party.
・Assist points will be awarded to the most recent 5 adventurers that hit an adventurer before they were defeated.
・Assist points are awarded up to a total of 5 adventurers.
・Adventurers that received an assist will steal 2% of the defeated Adventurer's Black Sun points.


■ Ranked Arena Reward Changes (Updated 12/1)

Tier Points Reward Total Reward
Challenger 4000 700 Black Pearls 3,100 Black Pearls
Master 3500 600 Black Pearls 2,400 Black Pearls
Diamond 3000 500 Black Pearls 1,800 Black Pearls
Platinum 2500 400 Black Pearls 1,300 Black Pearls
Gold 2000 300 Black Pearls 900 Black Pearls
Silver 1500 250 Black Pearls 600 Black Pearls
Bronze 1000 200 Black Pearls 350 Black Pearls
Copper 0 150 Black Pearls 150 Black Pearls

- Obtain double the Silver reward from the Season Reward.
- Added a challenge for achieving a monthly ranked arena tier promotion.
・Removed a Black Pearl reward available as the previous Season Reward.
・Black Pearls can be immediately collected upon completing the challenge for achieving a monthly ranked arena tier promotion.
・Tier promotion reward records will reset on the first day of each month. However, rewards for each month may be received starting on the second day of the month.
・The criteria for tier promotion in Ranked Arena remains the same. The Black Pearl reward can be collected together with previous tier rewards.


■ Abyssal Gear Crafting Changes

Abyssal Gear Before After
Rakshan Helmet 80 22
 Guy Seric Helmet 80 22
Shultz Helmet 80 22
Shultz's Armor 80 22
Noir's Armor 80 22
Noir's Glove 80 22
Guy Seric Gloves 80 22
Rakshan Gloves 80 22
Noir's Shoes 80 22
Rakshan Shoes 80 22
Guy Seric Shoes 80 22

- Changed the number of Hero's Legacy required to craft Abyssal gear.
・Adventurers who crafted this gear prior to the update will receive 58 Hero's Legacy in their mailbox.


- Added Hadum: Path to Power.
・Progress through the Path to Power quests to gain knowledge about the content and receive rewards.


- Ramoness Custom Mode has started again.
・Activate this mode through Ramoness UI.
・Rules from Custom Event Mode will be applied to all aspects except for skill level.
・Matches from this mode will not count toward your points.
※ This content is not available when Black Sun is in progress.


- Changed the Blood Kin effect. Please refer to the detailed changes below:
・ 10% Subtle Bond (2 or more Blood Kin): Extra Damage to World Bosses 10%, Extra Damage to Bosses 10%, Damage against Monsters 10%
・ 15% Close Bond (3 or more Blood Kin): Extra Damage to World Bosses 15%, Extra Damage to Bosses 15%, Damage against Monsters 15%
- Changed the Blood Kin bond system.
・Changed the number of days required to wait before removing a Blood Kin from a bond from 7 days to 3 days.

- Adjusted the value of Black Pearl Chests registered on the market.

- Changed to stop certain Mystical gear from appearing in the alert notification when they are registered on the market.
・ JIN Liverto Gear, Ultimate Liverto Gear


[Quests and Knowledge]
- Changed the item required to complete the selective quests [Otters Love Notch Jaw] and [Catch a Goby].
・ [Otters Love Notch Jaw] -> Sweetfish
・ [Catch a Goby] -> Filefish


- Fixed an issue where the Black Swan outfit appeared abnormally when the graphic setting was set to [Low].


[Musa/Maehwa Level Up Event has started!]
- A level up event has been prepared to celebrate the Musa/Maehwa dual class launch update.
・You can obtain a Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon when you reach level 60.
・Character Generator Coupon and Level Up Chests will be deleted after the event ends. Please see the event notice for more details!


[World Theme Reverted]
- The previously applied "Halloween" world theme has been reverted back to normal
・The theme will be reverted after November 10, 23:59 (Server Time) ending the Halloween festival.


■ Starting Events
- Maehwa's Advice! Musa/Maehwa Level Up Event
・After the maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday) - Until November 30 (Monday), 23:59
- Musa Fiesta Event
・After the maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday) - Until November 23 (Monday), 23:59
- Bingo Event!
・Event Period: After the maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday) - Until November 23 (Monday), 23:59
・Exchange Period: After the maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday) - Until December 7 (Monday), 23:59


■ Ending Events
- Elle Belucci Exchange Shop Season 3
- Halloween Login Event
- Halloween Art Puzzle
- Happy Halloween! Talish's Daily Quest
- World Boss Gear Fragment Rewards x2 Event
- Musa/Maehwa Pre-registration
- Defeat the Asula Bandits
- Daily Missions Boss Edition



■ New Products

- Maehwa All-Inclusive Chest
- Musa All-Inclusive Chest
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment I
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment II
- Pearls + Relic Enchantment III
- Relic Enchantment Pack
- Rapid Growth Support Pack
- Acher Guard Outfit (Weapon/Armor)
- Cozy Wool Hat
- Owl Horn-Rimmed Glasses
- Rektar Piercing
- Lollipop Glasses


- Shudad (Armor)
- Karlstein (Armor)
- Treant Camouflage (Armor)
- Lahr Arcien W (Armor)
- Blood Moon (Armor)
- Order of Apricot (Armor)

- [Maehwa/Primrose] Shudad (Wepon)
- Karlstein (Weapon)
- [Maehwa/Primrose] Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
- Lahr Arcien W (Weapon)
- Blood Moon (Weapon)
- [Maehwa/Primrose] Order of Apricot (Weapon)


- Shudad (Armor)
- Karlstein (Armor)
- Treant Camouflage (Armor)
- Wind Waker (Armor)
- Wilderness (Armor)

- [Musa/Warolord] Shudad (Weapon)
- Karlstein (Weapon)
- [Musa/Warolord] Treant Camouflage (Weapon)
- [Musa/Warolord] Wind Waker (Weapon)
- Wilderness (Weapon)

※ A separate announcement will be made for products and their sale periods.


■ Ending Sales
- Pearls + Crystal Chest I
- Pearls + Crystal Chest II
- Pearls + Abyssal Alchemy Stone
- Mystical Crystal Package I
- Mystical Crystal Package II
- Pearls + Totem Chest I
- Pearls + Totem Chest II
- Totem Growth Package I
- Totem Growth Package II
- Totem Chest x40 Bundle
- Major World Boss Pass Chest I
- Major World Boss Pass Chest II
- Major Totem Chest


■ Sales Ending Next Week