[October 27] Patch Note(Updated)
UPDATES 2020.10.27

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on October 27 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.
※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.



■ Path of Glory Season 2

- Path of Glory Season 2 has started.
・Rift 8, Season 2 Emblem, and Badge of Glory has been added.
- Season 1 Emblems and Badges of Glory can be transferred to Season 2 Emblems or used for enhancement.
・Emblems with +4 or higher enhancement can not be transferred.
・Season 2 Emblems will require a different amount of Season 1 and Season 2 Badges to enhance.
・Season 2 Badges cannot be used to enhance Season 1 Emblems.
- A special feature has been added which allows you to use Season 1 Path of Glory Extra Entry Passes for Season 2 Path of Glory.
※ Starting from Season 3, only extra entry passes for the given season can be used for each season's emblem.


■ Ancient Ruins Level 12

- Added Level 12 for Ancient Guardian.
・40 Ancient Tablets are required to enter Ancient Guardian Level 12.
- Max boss knowledge for Kabuamilles has been increased to level 200.
・Added rewards for additional knowledge levels to correspond with this increase.
・There is a chance of obtaining an [Eternal Armor] from Ancient Ruins Levels 10-12.


■ Cron Castle Royal Garden

- Added a new zone Cron Castle Royal Garden.
・Recommended CP is 10,500 CP in Elion's Realm and 15,500 CP in Hadum's Realm.
・May obtain Noir's Glove, Noir's Shoes, and other loot from the new zone.


■ Hadum World Boss: Kzarka(Updated on October 28)

‘Hadum: Kzarka has ascended in Hadum's Realm!

Similar to how Enslar received Elion's blessing,
rumors say that there are followers who received Hadum's dark power, similar to how the Valkyries drew their strength from Elion.
Team up with Adventurers and challenge the destructive Hadum Kzarka!


- Hadum: Kzarka will appear every Friday at 20:00 - 22:00 (server time)
・20 Holy Vials of Light are required to enter.
・In order to enter, the quest 'Necessary Supplies' must be completed and your character must be level 45 or higher.
- Added new boss knowledge levels for Hadum: Kzarka.
・You can obtain extra stats and rewards based on the acquired knowledge level.


※ Hadum's Token

 - Hadum's Token can be obtained from Hadum World Bosses and some areas in Hadum's Realm.

 - It can be used to view items available in Genoveva's Shop.

 - Genoveva's Shop will be added in the future.


■ Arena Preset

- Added a preset feature which can be used in Arena and Ramoness.
・You can modify Alchemy Stone, Skill, Pet, and Lightstone loadouts from the lobby.
・You can select which Alchemy Stone you want to use from your inventory.


■ Halloween in Black Desert Mobile

- Towns, camp and various other locations have been adorned with Halloween decorations.
- Indulge yourself in the many festive events and enjoy the spooky Halloween atmosphere!
・See the event notice for more details.


[Quality of Life Improvements]
- Added Auto-Offer option in the Open Chests feature.
- Added text that displays your progress when playing through a tutorial.
- Changed the button that displays when tapping on the Alchemy Stone fragment item from [Craft] to [Move to Alchemy Lab]
- Changed to show censored words in asterisks.
- Changed to allow story rewards to be viewable from the Story menu.
- Changed the crystal slots on [Eternal Armor] from 3 slots to 5 slots.


- Fixed an issue where a user's summons would spawn occassionally when spectating Ramoness through Watch Mode.
- Removed the system message that stated that Auto-Hunt will remain activated when moving from Hadum's Realm to Camp.
- Removed the system message that incorrectly stated 'This item has expired' when Holy Vial of Light was set to Auto-Use.
- Fixed an issue where the "move to nearby town" message that appeared when the user had insufficient inventory space was displaying incorrectly.
- In-game messages will no longer be modified to match the font size configured by Android devices.


■ Archmage
Frigid Fog
- Fixed an issue where actual number of hits was different from the skill description when no branches were applied.
Arcane Burst
- Fixed an issue where the teleport effect would not occur when using the skill again in Path of Glory.


■ Grandmaster
Knee Hammer
- Fixed an issue that caused the character to become unresponsive for a short time upon using Flow: Ravenous.


[Ranked Arena/Ramoness]
- Ranked Arena and Ramoness October season will end on November 1 at 00:00.
- Ranked Arena season rewards will be refreshed after the maintenance on the week of November 9.
・Additional details will be announced in the patch notes during that week's maintenance.


[Pearl Shop]
- Added a Lucky Shop to celebrate the Musa and Maehwa pre-registration event.
・The Musa and Maehwa character pre-registration event will start on the week of November 2.


[Elle Belucci Exchange Shop Season 3]
- The Elle Belucci Exchange Shop Season 3 event will be extended for 1 more week.
・Event Certificates can be collected from the new events that will start on October 27.
・The event will end on November 9, 23:59. Make sure to use all of your Event Certificates before the event ends!


■ New Events
- Halloween Login Event
・After the maintenance on October 27 (Tuesday) - November 12 (Thursday), 23:59
- Happy Halloween! Talish's Daily Quest
・After the maintenance on October 27 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday)
- Halloween Art Puzzle
・After the maintenance on October 27 (Tuesday) - Until November 9 (Monday)
- GM Spooky's Surprise Mission
・Special Mission Period: October 28 (Wednesday) 18:00 - 23:59, October 30 (Friday) 18:00 - 23:59, November 1 (Sunday) 18:00 - 23:59
・Period for Entering Spooky's Mansion: October 28 (Wednesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday)
- World Boss Gear Fragment Rewards x2
・After the maintenance on October 27 (Tuesday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on November 10 (Tuesday)
- Prime Gaming Season 4
・After the maintenance on October 27, 2020 (Tuesday) - Until January 19, 2021 (Tuesday), 15:59


■ Ending Events
- Pick the Lucky Rope!
- Hot Time Event


■ New Products

- Limited Halloween Trick-or-Treat Chest
- New Halloween Outfits
- New Pet: Neurotic Cabby
- New Pet: Cursed Looney
- Pearls + Path of Glory I
- Pearls + Path of Glory II
- Pearls + Path of Glory III
- Path of Glory Season 2 Extra Entry Pass
- Giant Ancient Tablet Chest
- Pearls + All-Inclusive Chest
- Battle Preparation Chest
- All-in-One Package
- Musa & Maehwa Lucky Shop
- Pearl x4,000 Bundle (Monthly Pearl Offers)
- Pearl x8,000 Bundle (Monthly Pearl Offers)
- Class Change Pack I
- Class Change Pack II


■ Ending Sales
- Alchemy Stone All-Inclusive Chest
- Pearls + Emblem Growth II
- Pearls + Emblem Growth III
- Pearls + Golden Vault I
- Pearls + Golden Vault II
- Pearls + Emblem Growth I
- Growth Essentials Package II
- Pearl x3,000 Bundle
- Pearl x6,000 Bundle
- All-Inclusive Pass Package
- Emblem Growth Package
- Lucky Chest II
- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass x20 Bundle
- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass
- Pearls + Class Change
- Class Change Package


■ Sales Ending Next Week