[September 28] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.09.28

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 Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on September 28 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Hadum's Realm

[Hadum's Realm, a Realm of Darkness and Oblivion, Now Accessible]
“As the dominion of the Goddess of Darkness, Hadum's Realm mirrors Elion's Realm and is a place where chaos and darkness reign.
One must be in possession of Blessings of Light to ward back the darkness and chaos inherent to Hadum's Realm. Without it, you will be expelled outright.
Adventurers! Use the Blessings of Light to protect yourselves and defeat the monsters enraptured by Hadum's rule.
These monsters have been consumed by darkness, warping them into something more destructive and cruel. They hide in the shadows of the realm and target Adventurers relentlessly. Don't let your guard down!
May the God of Light be with you, Adventurers.”
[Hadum's Realm Entry Requirement and Missions]
- The Hadum Family Mission [Harbinger of Darkness] can be accepted after completing the Main Mission [The Rightful King] in Mediah.
・Finishing the Hadum Family Questline with ([Battling in Hadum]) will unlock the [Hadum's Realm]  Story Questline in the Story Menu.
・The Story Questline [Hadum's Realm] takes place in Hadum: Heidel and Hadum: Glish. Hadum: Glish will be accessible only after completing the Story Quest [A Mysterious Sighting].
[Atmosphere Changes: Elion's Realm]
- With Hadum's Realm becoming accessible, the sun will rise and set as normal, and atmospheric effects in Elion's Realm will return to normal.
[Blessings of Light]
- Only Adventurers that have Blessings of Light can enter and stay in Hadum's Realm.
- Blessings of Light can be obtained by using the following items:
・Holy Vial of Light
・Holy Vial of Splendor

[Holy Vial of Light]

- Use Holy Vials of Light to obtain the Blessings of Light. This blessing is needed to enter and stay in Hadum's Realm.
・ Holy Vials of Light can be crafted using Lightstones.

[Holy Vial of Splendor]

- Holy Vials of Splendor have been added. This item can also be used to obtain Blessings of Light.
・Holy Vials of Splendor will be available as a reward for completing Bounty Missions.
・Holy Vials of Splendor are much more powerful than Holy Vials of Light. Using this item will grant an excess amount of Blessings of Light.
・When there is an excess amount of Blessings of Light, the gauge will change to depict the following:
※ [Holy Vials of Splendor] and [Holy Vials of Light] cannot be used once there is an excess amount of Blessings of Light.
※ The Blessings of Light that rest within the Holy Vials of Splendor fade once a certain amount of time passes, making them unusable. Make sure to use them before they expire!

[Rift Stone]  
- [Rift Stone] can be obtained through the missions in Hadum's Realm.
-  [Rift Stone] can be enhanced using [Chaos Crystals], which are obtained by defeating monsters in Hadum's Realm.
※ Only 1 [Rift Stone] can be obtained per Family, and its effects will be applied to all characters within the Family.
[EXP Scroll]
- EXP Scrolls can be obtained as a Spoil of Hadum when defeating monsters in Hadum's Realm.
・EXP Scrolls can be used by characters that are Lv 60 or higher. Using it will grant a large amount of EXP to the character that uses it.
[Black Spirit Quest: Hadum]
- Black Spirit Hadum Quests are now available and can be accepted by going to [Black Spirit's Influence] > [Black Spirit Quest].
・Unlike Black Spirit Quests, Black Spirit Hadum Quests can only be accepted once a day.
[Hadum Ecology Knowledge]
- In Hadum's Realm, exclusive knowledge about monsters can be obtained.
・Each monster offers multiple levels of knowledge. Knowledge levels for each monster can be increased by defeating them in battle.
・Obtaining Hadum Knowledge levels will grant additional AP, DP, and HP.
- Total Hadum Knowledge levels can be checked in the World Map after completing the quest [Necessary Supplies]. The menu will appear on the lower right-hand corner of the World Map.

■ World Boss: Season 3

- World Bosses have returned for a new season, now more powerful than ever!
- The following changes have been made to the World Boss rewards:
・ Added Primal-grade gear.
・ Increased the amount of Gear Fragments obtained through World Boss Drops by x1.5.
・ Added Crystal Chests that have a chance of containing Abyssal-grade Crystals.
・ Increased the drop rates of Accessories that are Epic or higher.
・ Doubled the probability of World Boss Raid Scrolls appearing in Talish's Shop.
- Added a multiplier system that allows for multiple World Boss passes to be used at once.

■ Primal Gear Crafting

- Primal-grade Gear has been added.
ㆍCraft powerful Primal Gear by gathering the necessary materials, which include World Boss Gear Fragments, Abyssal Gear, and Hero's Legacy, among others.

■ Shakatu Special Shop
- Shakatu's Special Shop, filled with rare and precious goods, is now open!
- Shakatu's Special Shop requires 30 times more Ancient Gold Coins than the Shakatu Shop, but shoppers are guaranteed higher-quality items.
(※ [10/03] Corrected the misguided content "10 times → 30 times".)
※ Shakatu's Special Shop can be activated by going to Shakatu's Gear Shop and tapping the [ON] button located on top left-side of the screen.
■ 11th Skill

- An 11th Skill has been added.
- The new skill can be found in the [Skill Training List].
· [Skill Training List] can be viewed by tapping on ① in the [Skills] menu.
· By tapping on ② and completing the required quest, ③ will appear. Tap on this button to acquire the skill.

■ Auto-Awakening Enhancement

- The [Auto-Awakening Enhancement] function has been added.

■ Alchemy Stones Auto-Enhancement

- The [Auto-Enhancement] function for Alchemy Stones has been added.

■ Totem Auto-Enhancement

- The [Auto-Enhancement] function for Totems has been added.

■ Save Location: Max Number Increased

- The maximum number of locations that can be saved has been increased to 5.

-Changed AI battles in the Arena so that the AI's skill level increases depending on the Adventurer's CP.


- Adjusted the max price of Black Pearl Chests in the Market.


- Changed the title [Serendia Explorer] so that it is earned after completing the quest [Frenzied Muskan] rather than instead of the quest [Stoneback Crab Problem].


- Improved the atmospheric effects so that the changes in climate are more visible and pronounced.
- Changed the [Skill Extraction] function so that it can be used when there is a character in the Family that is Lv 13 or higher.


- Added a pop-up in the [Black Spirit's Influence > Enhance/Force Enhance] menu that will open the [Awakened Enhancement] menu if gear that has already been fully enhanced is selected.
- Changed the item tooltips for the following items so that tapping on the [Craft] button will open the integrated [Craft] UI.
・Golden Fragment
・Alchemy Stone Fragment
・Kzarka Gear Fragment
・Dandelion Gear Fragment
・Nouver Gear Fragment
・Red Nose Gear Fragment
・Giath Gear Fragment
・Bheg Gear Fragment
・Muskan Gear Fragment
・Kzarka's Fang
・Karanda's Claw
・Nouver's Scale
・Red Nose's Giant Sword
・Giath's Mask
・Bheg's Chain
・Muskan's Token
・Hero's Legacy

- Fixed an issue in Ramoness where force-closing the game after registering a party for Watch Mode would cause the party withdrawal to be improperly handled.

- Fixed an issue where the skill [Smack Down] was not working correctly.

- Revised the description of the item [Fortune Scroll].
- Revised the description of the item [Hero's Legacy].
- Increased the stats of gear that is Abyssal-grade or higher by the following amount:

Gear Type CP
Main Weapon AP: 160 -
Sub-Weapon AP: 80 DP: 30
Armor DP: 80 -
Helmet DP: 50 -
Gloves DP: 40 -
Shoes DP: 40 -

- Fixed an issue in the [Download Update] pop-up window where going to the previous screen and tapping [Download] again would cause the text in the pop-up window to be pushed towards the bottom.
- The following items have been deleted and can no longer be obtained through fishing: [Notch Jaw], [Mudskipper], [Jellyfish], and [Seahorse]. (Added on October 7)
ㆍAs a result, the type of fish needed to deliver to the fish vendor or are required to complete a collection have been replaced with [Mudfish], [Saurel], [Amberjack], and [Flying Fish].

■ Grandmaster

Knee Hammer

- Increased the distance travelled when using this skill by a small amount.

- Decreased the cooldown of the skill by 1 second (6 seconds > 5 seconds).

- Added the skill [Flow: Ravenous].



- Improved the skill so that other skills can be used sooner after using this skill.

- Increased the distance and time travelled after grabbing an enemy by a small amount.

- Increased the frequency of [Gale Force] and [Shoulder Thrust] being used during Auto-Combat, and decreased the frequency of [Full Force] being used during Auto-Combat.


Gale Force

- Increased the attack speed of the skill.

- Improved the skill so that activating the skill right after it has been used will enable a chain of consecutive attacks to be executed.

- Increased the speed in which the Grandmaster adjusts himself to face the target after using this skill.


Spiral Cannon

- Added the effect [Super Armor] to [Flow: Propel] (not available in the Arena).

- Adjusted the skill [Flow: Propel] so that the Grandmaster can transition into a run after using this skill.

- Fixed an issue where using this skill on elevated terrain would sometimes cause the Grandmaster to fall down to lower terrain.


Hell Sweep

- Increased the PvP damage of the skill to the following:

PvP Before After
Lv 1 281.25%
Max # of Targets: 4 
Max # of Targets: 4
Lv 10 318.75%
Max # of Targets: 4
Max # of Targets: 4


■ Hashashin
- Fixed an issue with [Evasion] where using this skill to dodge backwards during Auto-Combat would cause the Hashashin to be unresponsive for 1 second.

■ Archmage

Frigid Fog

- Adjusted the skill so that the [Freeze] effect in the Freeze Zone will not be applied in the Arena.

[Ramoness Custom Event Mode] (Updated October 8, 01:30 (GMT-8))

- The event period for the Ramoness Custom Event Mode in will be extended. It will end after the maintenance scheduled between October 26 - 30.

※ All specs except those related to skill levels will be the same for those participating in the Ramoness Custom Event mode.

[Hero's Legacy Drop Event]

-The Hero's Legacy Drop Event has ended.

・Although the event has ended, the drop rates will remain as they were during the event period.

■ New Events

- Tamer Pre-registration Event

・After the maintenance of September 28 (Monday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday)

- Hadum Log-in Premium Pass Event

・Premium Pass Availability: After the maintenance on September 28 (Monday) - Until October 13 (Tuesday), 23:59 (Server Time)
・Rewards Available for Collection: After the maintenance on September 28 (Monday) - Until October 26 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)

- Prepare for Hadum! Black Spirit's Adventure

・Event Period: After the maintenance on September 28 (Monday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday)
・Exchange Period: September 28 (Monday) - Until October 26 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)

- Fall Festival 2020! Gathering Event

・Event Period: After the maintenance on September 28 (Monday) - Until the scheduled maintenance on October 13 (Tuesday)
・Exchange Period: September 28 (Monday) - Until October 26 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)


■ Ending Events

[Ending on September 27 at 23:59 ]

- Qoobe's Camp Visit Event

- Mysterious Totems of Hadum

- Ancient Ruins: Season 3 Special Missions

- Savage Giant Ogre

- Merchantry Missions Event


[Ending on September 28 at 23:59 ]

- Prepare to enter Hadum! Mission Pass Event

- Hadum Special Log-in Event

- Hashashin Level Up Event (Certificate Event)

- Hashashin Fiesta Event

- Special Gift: Abyssal Accessory


■ New Products

- Major World Boss Pass Chest I

- Major World Boss Pass Chest II

- Pearls + Hadum's Realm I

- Pearls + Hadum's Realm II

- Holy Vial Crafting Package I

- Holy Vial Crafting Package II

- Holy Vial Crafting Package III

- Value Buff Chest

- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass x20 Bundle

- Holy Vial of Light x500 Bundle

- Lucky Shop

- Shakatu Special Shop Package

- Accessory Enchantment Package


■ Sales Ending This Week

- 7 Premium Abyssal Alchemy Stone Chest Bundle

- 5 Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass Bundle

- Enchantment Package


■ Sales Ending Next Week (Subject to Change)

- Valks' All-Inclusive Chest I

- Valks' All-Inclusive Chest II

- Valks' All-Inclusive Chest III

- Advice of Valks Package

- Major Black Crystal Weapon Chest

- Major Black Crystal Armor Chest

- All-Inclusive Black Stone Chest

- Pearls + Ancient Tablet I

- Pearls + Ancient Tablet II