[April 2021] Known Issues (Updated)

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: April 16 (GMT-8)


Common Issues

■ Title
- An issue where [Title] names for Path of Glory 12,13 are not identical with Path of Glory 1~11 (Added on April 16)
· Example: [Conqueror of the Twelfth Chamber] ▷ [Conqueror of Rift 12]
· This issue is expected to be resolved on April 20 update


■ Ramoness

- There is an issue where Skill Enhancement of Nova's skill [Quoratum Charge] and [Glacial Burst] is not working in Ramoness Spectator Mode. (Updated on April 8)


■ Market

- An issue where purchased items via [Market] > [Collect Order] are not occasionally sent to the [Inventory]
Items can be obtained normally by restarting the app


■ System 

- An issue where [Fishing] does not work on certain regions (Updated on April 14)
ㆍRegions affected: Heidel, Calpheon, Valencia

- An issue where the CP ranking is not updated in some regions after 3/30 maintenance. (Updated on April 5)
- An issue where the app restarts when using split-screen/the app forcibly closed when restoring full size from split-screen on certain devices with split-screen function

- An issue where the UI is not displayed correctly when taking a screenshot with an emulator


■ Item

- An issue where only the equipped main weapon is exchanged when pressing [Exchange] using [Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon]
· You can exchange the sub-weapon by using [Blacksmith] > [Gear Awakening] in the Camp

- An issue where Normal/Advanced Combat Buff items from [Inventory] cannot be used in [Field of Valor] under certain circumstances
· This issue can be resolved by using the items in [Buff Information]

■ UI 

- An issue where default appearance for [Class] is displayed in [Preview Gear] instead of set-up customization on certain circumstances (Updated on April 13)
· This is a UI issue for [Preview Gear] only and is expected to be resolved on 4/27 maintenance

- An issue where a locked [Relic] selected for Relic [Enhance/Force Enhance] results in an irregular display (Updated on 4/7)
· This issue can be resolved by reconnecting to the game

- An issue where Shai class equipped with ornament cannot be seen when using a Palette via [Dye] > [Ornament] (Updated on 4/7)
· This issue can be resolved by swiping up the screen

- An issue where 'determine' is displayed as 'detemine' on [Tower of Trials] tutorial 

- An issue where [Declare Guild War] button is displayed on [Chat] > [Player Info] of guild members

- An issue where the name of 'Inscribed Glyph' is not displayed correctly on the map information of [Gahaz Bandits' Secret Base] > [Hadum's Realm]

- An issue where [Achievement] > [Endless Pile of Silver] occasionally cannot be completed under certain circumstances

- An issue where items obtained from [Hadum] are displayed in [Hidden Banquet Hall] acquired items list
· Please note obtained items from [Hadum] are not actually acquired from [Hidden Banquet Hall]
· The issue is expected to be resolved after 3/16 maintenance

- An issue where [Valencian Mountain Goat] is not visible in [North Valencia] > [Kunid's Shelter]

- An issue where the Black Sun UI occasionally overlaps with other icons

- An issue where the [Black Sun Score] displays "0 Point" under certain circumstances· This is merely a UI issue that the actual score and the rewards are normally provided

· The score will be displayed normally when losing/gaining points.
- An issue where the screen is not displayed properly when closing the [Restore Enhancement] page after reconnecting to the game after an [Alchemy Stone Enhancement] fails
· To resolve this issue, press any icon to move to another screen or restart the app
- An issue where the amount of [Silver] is displayed as not refunded when trying to withdraw the enhancement in [Emblem Enhancement]
· This is merely a UI issue, and the refund is functioning properly
-An issue where [Guild Rush Expedition] UI displays the wrong number of participants occasionally
- An issue where some UI texts are appearing way too fast
- An issue where the Group Pass Exchange UI in Boss Rush will appear to be stuck when the game is forced to the phone menu and returned to the game again
- An issue where the levels of party members are not displayed for certain languages in [Field of Valor]


[Week of April 6]

- An issue where only the equipped main weapon is exchanged when pressing [Exchange] using [Character Awakening/Ascension Coupon]


[Week of April 13]

- An issue where [Titles] achievement condition for World Boss conquests is not correct


Thank you