[September 15] Developer's Insight

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Greetings, Adventurers!

Did you hear that GM Joel recently met with BDM's Lead Developer, Ryan?
GM Joel discussed with Ryan about the recent updates and the direction they're heading with future updates.
They also touched on various topics that Adventurers are most curious about!
You can find more details about their chat on our official YouTube Channel: [LINK].


Ryan has also prepared a #Letter_of_Gratitude and #Enhanced_Alchemy_Stone_Chest to thank Adventurers for all of their love and support. Make sure to check your in-game mail!
※ Available until September 30, 2020


🎁 Rewards: Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest

Obtain a Critical Enhanced Alchemy Stone, a Restorative Enhanced Alchemy Stone, or a Destructive Enhanced Alchemy Stone at random upon use.


To ensure that our Adventurers are getting the best gaming experience,
we'll continue to deliver quality content in Black Desert Mobile.
Thank you!