[September 15] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.09.15

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on September 15 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Omens of Hadum

■ The Rift Between Two Realms
“Elion, the god of light and order. Hadum, the goddess of darkness and chaos. Two deities whose simple, contrasting epithets belie their complex relationship. They are the ones who, together, bring balance to the world.
But signs of imbalance have begun to appear at an unprecedented rate.
A sun that doesn't rise during the day, mysterious totems scattered across several regions…
There is no doubt that Hadum's powers gave rise to the darkness that is encroaching upon our realm. We must cleanse the lands of this foul influence and prepare ourselves against the approaching threat.
Head to Velia and speak with Alustin. He may have information about the darkness that can help us.'

■ Preparations For Battle
“There is no time to waste. The situation is critical. We must ready ourselves for the coming darkness.
The Secret Guards are in the midst of gathering adventurers from all corners of the land to prepare for what results from this imbalance.'
“You may have to venture into the realm of Hadum, the goddess of darkness. A battle in a realm of chaos will be fraught with danger. Here, use this totem. It will give you the strength to fight back against this new threat.'

■ Hadum's Realm
“A rift appeared that linked the parallel realms of Elion and Hadum together.
The peacefulness of Elion's Realm was shattered as the darkness from Hadum's Realm bled through the rift and began tainting the lands.
The darkness spread and strengthened as time passed.
But to counter the encroaching darkness, Lightstones and Crystals haved gained a new power.'
The power of light has morphed to help those willing to fight Hadum and restore the balance between the realms. Lightstones and Crystals have gained the following functions:
1. The light within [An], [Ti], [Tae], and [Ki] Lightstones can be extracted and used to enter Hadum's Realm.
2. Items with new powers can be crafted using Abyssal Crystals.
Get stronger and prepare to fight against the coming darkness!

[A Sun That Doesn't Rise During the Day]

- The sun will not rise during the day, leaving the world in darkness. It is said that this is one of the omens of Hadum.
[Orwen's Shop]
- Boss Gear Fragments can now be purchased from Orwen to help you prepare for your battles in Hadum's Realm.

- Boss Gear Fragments can be bought with silver.
ㆍKzaka, Dandelion, Nouver Gear Fragments: 23,000,000 silver
ㆍRed Nose Gear Fragment: 34,000,000 silver
ㆍGiath Gear Fragment: 30,000,000 silver
ㆍBheg, Muskan Gear Fragment: 26,000,000 silver

- The number of Boss Gear Fragments available for purchase is limited.
ㆍKzaka, Dandelion, Nouver Gear Fragments: 1 per day (refreshes every day at 00:00)
ㆍRed Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan Gear Fragments: 1 per week (refreshes every Monday at 00:00)

[New Equipment Added: Totems]

- Totems can now be equipped to your characters. An equipment slot for Totems has been added.
- Totems can be obtained through Spoils of Battle (dropped from monsters) or purchased at the Pearl Store if your character is Lv 50 or higher.
- Totems can be enchanted using Magical Essence.

- Totems can be enhanced using other Totems of the same type or by using [Crystallized Totems].
· Totem Enhancements can fail after reaching an Enhancement Level of 1.  (Revised due to the possibility of confusion, Updated on 9/15)
· Failing a Totem Enhancement will result in the Totem automatically dropping 1 Enhancement Level. A failed Totem Enhancement cannot be restored; Restoration Scrolls cannot be used.
· A Totem with an Enhancement Level of +4 or higher will increase all Accessory Enhancement Levels by 1.

※ Second Wind is a passive skill granted by Totems that is available in the Normal Field (excluding Arena/Ramoness/Path of Glory).
※ [Second Wind] is a passive skill that revives your character immediately when they die. This skill will become available with the Rift Stone Update in the future. More details will be announced at a later date.

■ Savage Giant Ogre

The Savage Giant Ogre, the leader of the ogres in Southwest Calpheon, was large and powerful enough to rival his brother Muraka, the King of Ogres.

He coveted the artifacts within the Chamber of the Ancients and entrusted many with this mission. However, none who set out on this mission were ever successful.

Already angered by so many failures, he became consumed with rage when he received word that one of the men he sent out on the mission to the Chamber of the Ancients was captured, now a prisoner at the Western Guard Camp.

Enraged and unwilling to let such transgressions go, the Savage Giant Ogre decided to complete this mission himself.
Word of his decision spread rapidly throughout Southwest Calpheon and threw the region into a state of tension.
Adventurer, put a stop to the Savage Giant Ogre and restore peace to Southwest Calpheon!

- The Savage Giant Ogre is a Field Boss. He does not have a separate dungeon-like World Bosses and Boss Rushes.
- Once defeated, the Savage Giant Ogre will not spawn again until his next spawn time occurs.
- The Event UI for the Savage Giant Ogre will appear 10 minutes before the Field Boss spawns. You can Auto-Path to the boss' location through the Event UI.

- Location: Longleaf Tree Forest, Southwest Calpheon

※ Spawn Schedule:

·September 16 (Wed.), September 19 (Sat.), September 20 (Sun.) | 18:30
·September 23 (Wed.), September 26 (Sat.), September 27 (Sun.) | 18:30

■ Tier 8 Horse

Tier 8 Hoses have been added. These horses can be acquired by breeding 2 Tier 7 Horses and boast a superior lineage and a special ability to teleport itself and its rider across vast distances.
These horses can teleport to a saved location set by the Adventurer. This will make your adventures and travels that much easier and safer!

- Tier 8 Horses can now be obtained by breeding two Lv 10, Tier 7 horses, along with using [Rainbow Jewel Fruit].
· [Rainbow Jewel Fruit] can be purchased from the Livestock Vendor for 100,000,000 silver.
· The chances of successfully breeding a Tier 8 Horse is low. If the attempt fails, one of the Tier 7 Horses you used will disappear.
· Tier 8 Horse Bonding Effects (1 of the following effects will be randomly assigned):
✓ Strength: AP +42 / DP +25
✓ Armor : AP +25 / DP +42
✓ Balance : AP +33 / DP +33
✓ Crit Chance : +6%
✓ Max HP : +800
✓ Max MP: +40 (Magic Regen: +4%)
· The ability to pursue hostile players can be used freely. If you pursue a target with a Tier 8 Horse, the 5-minute cooldown will not be applied.
· Quantum Jump (Cooldown: 60 minutes) can be used. Using this skill will summon your Tier 8 Horse to you, and it will teleport you to a saved location.

■ Merchantry: Mediah

- Merchantry is now available in Mediah. Trade can now be conducted at cities in South and North Mediah.
・A total of 5 trade locations have been added: Altinova, Tarif, Abun, Kusha, and the Ruins Excavation Site.
・Boss Missions and Combat Events are available in Mediah.
- [Sealed Treasure Chests] obtained through Merchantry Events can be opened by Trade Vendors and Trade Merchants in any region.
- In Mediah, you can increase Amity with Jamo Hasa and Devisha in the Ruins Excavation Site.

■ [Mystical] Crow Merchants' Elixir

- The following buffs will apply upon use:
ㆍ Increased Wagon movement speed
ㆍ Instant completion of events
ㆍ Auto-Start nearby events
※ While the [Mystical] Crow Merchants' Elixir is in effect, you can immediately teleport to the Wandering merchant when he shows up in the region that you are in.

■ Increased Weight Limit for All Wagons

- The weight limit for each wagon has been increased:
ㆍ Freight Wagon: 1000 > 2500
ㆍ White Freight Wagon: 1500 > 2500
ㆍ Farm Wagon: 2000 > 3000

■ New Wagon Added: Trade Wagon

- Trade Wagons, which are top-tier wagons, are now available through crafting.
ㆍFood Capacity: 45,500
ㆍSlots: 30
ㆍWeight: 6,000
※ You must have a Tier 8 Town Hall in order to build a Trade Wagon.

■ Tier 8 Town Hall

- The following buildings will be renovated to have a new look: Town Hall, Storage, Lodgings, Food Storage, Refinery, Trading Post, Trade Workshop, Deco Workshop, Dye Workshop, and Alchemy Lab.
- The following buildings can now be upgraded: Town Hall, Storage, Food Storage, Ranch, Refinery, Trading Post, Stable, Trade Workshop, and Alchemy Lab
- Upon upgrading the Trade Workshop or Alchemy Lab, the number of times a worker can repeat their tasks will increase.
- Trade Wagons can be built when you have upgraded your Trading Post to Lv 2 and have a Merchantry Lv of 25 or higher.

■ Added Special Trade Goods Crafting

- Added a way to craft Special Trade Goods using Mystical-grade Lightstones and Crystals.
ㆍSpecial Trade Goods can be sold to the Wandering Merchant in Merchantry at a high price.

[Ancient Ruins]
- Increased the drop rate of [Baby Kabua Chest].

- Adjusted Custom Event Mode so that if a participant's CP exceeds the 9000 CP cap, their max HP will be increased from 10,000 HP to 13,000 HP.

- Added Noir's Glove and Noir's Shoes to the list of craftable gear (requires Hero's Legacy x80 to craft).

- Fixed an issue where Crit Damage (13.5% at Lv 1) for some Pet Skills was too low.

[Screenshot Mode]
- Fixed an issue in Screenshot Mode where standing beside one of the following Camp decorations as a Hashashin would cause graphical issues when performing certain motions.
ㆍLion Fountain Fence
ㆍSmall Garden
ㆍSquare Flower Bed
ㆍFan-Shaped Flower Bed


■ Archmage
- Fixed an issue where equipping Arcane Burst and then activating Auto-Combat would cause your character to run in the same spot.


[Daily Tasks]
Two types of Daily Tasks have been added for the following functions:
1) Crafting Alchemy Stone
2) Completing the Tower of Trials

[Official Website]
- The forum's integrated search function, which was disabled previously for improvements, will be available for use after this maintenance.
ㆍWe apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and we will strive to provide you with a more stable service.

[Weekly Collection]
- [Weekly Collection] will no longer be available after the scheduled maintenance on September 28.
· The value of the rewards that could be obtained through [Weekly Collection] will be put towards the rewards for future events.
· Thank you for your love and support for [Weekly Collection]!


[Outlaw Zone]
- The Outlaw Zone Event has ended.

■ Starting Events
- Mysterious Totems of Hadum
· Event Period: After the maintenance on September 15 (Tues.) - Until the scheduled maintenance on September 27 (Sun.), 23:59 (Server Time)
· Exchange Period: After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until October 12 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)

- Ancient Ruins: Season 3 Special Missions
· After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until September 27 (Sunday), 23:59 (Server Time)

- Merchantry Missions Event
· After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until September 27 (Sunday), 23:59 (Server Time)

- Savage Giant Ogre
· After the maintenance on September 15 (Tuesday) - Until September 27 (Sunday), 23:59 (Server Time)

■ Ending Events
- Celebrating the Hashashin Launch! Hammer of Fortune Event
- Pet Bingo Event
- Amazon Prime Event: Season 3


■ New Products
- Abyssal Relic Challenge Chest
- Weekly Abyssal Accessory Package
- Pearls + Totem Chest I
- Pearls + Totem Chest II
- Totem Growth Package I
- Totem Growth Package II
- Major Grand Black Stone Package I
- Major Grand Black Stone Package II
- All-Inclusive Alchemy Stone Package
- Totem Chest x40 Bundle

[Deals for the Soul]
- Value Boss Rush Chest
- Value Tablet Chest
- Value Exchange Certificate Chest
- Value Gold Coin Chest
- Value Totem Chest
- Value World Boss Chest

■ Sales Ending This Week
- Special Black Stone Chest
- Gear Enhancement Pack

■ Sales Ending Next Week
- Lucky Chest