Celebrating 10 Years of Adventures!

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On September 10, 2010, we began our journey to develop the best MMO in the world.
For ten years, we've worked relentlessly to achieve this goal, and today, we would like to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you!

We want to sincerely thank everyone across all platforms and in over 150 countries for their love and support for our titles: Black Desert, Black Desert Mobile, Black Desert Console, and Shadow Arena.

We would also like to express our gratitude to those patiently waiting for our future titles: Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8.

None of what we've achieved in the last 10 years would have been possible without you.
We will strive to deliver more amazing experiences, and we're excited to join you in creating many more adventures!

Join us in celebrating Pearl Abyss’ 10th anniversary! 

Pearl Abyss’ 10th Anniversary Coupon Code 


※ Use the coupon to obtain the following items: 

Combat Plus (28 Days) x1 

Life Plus (28 Days) x1 

Black Spirit Plus (28 Days) x1 
Black-Caped Cat (Tier 1) - This item will be sent out a later time. 

※ Notice Regarding the Black-Caped Cat (Tier 1): 

 - The Black-Caped Cat is currently not availableThis item will be sent out between October 5 - October 9 to users who have redeemed the coupon. 

We would like to sincerely thank all our Adventurers for their continued love and support! 

※ Notice: 

This coupon will be valid until 23:59 on WednesdaySeptember 30, 2020 (Game Server Time). 

Once the coupon is redeemedthe coupon rewards must be collected through your in-game mail within 7 days. 

This coupon can be redeemed only once per Family. 

AndroidRedeem the coupon by going to the in-game Menu > Settings > Redeem Coupon. 
Android & iOS: Redeem the coupon through the official website: [Redeem Coupon].