[September 2020] Known Issues (Updated)

Greetings, Adventurers.


We would like to inform you about the issues that were found during this month. 
Our team is working hard and will fix these issues as soon as possible.


This notice will be constantly updated throughout the month.


※ Last Updated: 9/17 (GMT-8)

Common Issues

■ Merchantry

- An issue where [Merchantry] cannot be ended when attempting to exit Merchantry whilst possessing 50 or less food

- An issue where [Auto Move] stops after two or more Events close together are completed while [Auto Event] is active
■ Arena / Ramoness

- An issue where the [Watch Mode] spectators' summon appears in the middle of the battlefield(map)

・Appeared summon doesn't affect the match participants

- An issue where the placement result record display in the [Ranked Arena] are all shown as defeat under certain circumstances

• This is merely UI issue, thus, the record will be applied normally

- An issue where the progress results are not displayed on the result window of [Ranked Arena] occasionally

• This is merely a UI issue and progress results are being applied normally. Please move to the game lobby or relaunch the game (App) if this occurs

- An issue where the [Exit] button in [Ranked Arena] does not work properly

■ Guild War

-An issue where [Guild War] doesn't end occasionally under certain conditions

■ World

- An issue where the character will occasionally not move to the destination when Knowledge for Mediah is selected from the town Velia

- An issue where some notifications in Node War will not appear
■ Camp
- An issue where the Worker in [Camp] occasionally repeats the previous task when [Send Worker Again] function is disabled
・This issue can be resolved temporarily by touching [Send Worker Again] button repeatedly

■ Pearl Shop

- An issue where certain tabs in [Pearl Shop] is not displayed correctly when the [UI Size] has been adjusted

■ Market

- An issue where the price of [Accesory] values the price by the name of the item regardless the enhancement when registering on the market

• The issue happens only when the register window hasn't been closed

• The item cannot be registered if the price is not in range of proper market price. Thus, to register the item, you can adjust the price to be in range of proper market value

■ System 

- An issue where the app restarts when using split screen/the app forcely closed when restore full size from split screen on certain devices with split screen function

- An issue where the UI is not displayed correctly when taking a screenshot with an emulator

■ UI 

- An issue where [Wisdom of Battle] effect is not displayed in [Bonus Effects]
· As this is a UI issue, the actual effect is active as intended

- An issue where the screen is not displayed properly when closing the [Restore Enhancement] page after reconnecting to the game after an [Alchemy Stone Enhancement] fails

· To resolve this issue, press any icon to move to another screen or restart the app

- An issue where the amount of [Silver] is displayed as not refunded when trying to withdraw the enhancement in [Emblem Enhancement]

※ This is merely a UI issue, and the refund is funtioning properly

- An issue where the amount of [Crow Merchants' Elixir] displays as ''0'' occasionally in Merchantry

•This is merely a UI issue which can be resolved once you use the item

-An issue where [Guild Rush Expedition] UI displays wrong number of participants occasionally

- An issue where some UI texts are appearing way too fast

- An issue where the trade button image located at the bottom right appears when entering a village in [Merchantry]

- An issue where the reward screen does not show any items when completed in [Power Saving Mode]

- An issue where the difficulty level of Ancient Ruins is displayed incorrectly

- An issue where the Group Pass Exchange UI in Boss Rush will appear to be stuck when the game is forced to the phone menu and returned to the game again

- An issue where the levels of party members are not displayed for certain languages in [Field of Valor]


[Week of Sept. 1st. 2020]
- An issue where certain skills can be used before the countdown reaches zero in [Arena]
- An issue where the elbows are not visible when equipping certain outfits
- An issue where the teleport occasionally does not work while finding Kelcas Boss through [Special Boss Rush]
- An issue where [Wolrd Boss Status Board] displays [Abyssal-grade Relic] on Kzarka's [Available Rewards] which is not obtainable
- An issue where [Shakatu's Gear Shop > Auto-Buy] stops functioning after purchasing a gear of a grade that has not been unlocked in [Open Requirement]
- An issue where the level requirements for [World Boss Fights] and [Field Combat - Outlaw] are not displayed correctly in [Open Requirement]
- An issue where [Isobelle Encarotia] is not visible on the NPC list in Heidel
- An issue where event icons are not displayed while playing [Merchantry]
- An issue where [Attack Speed] and [Move Speed] in [Ramoness > Custom Event Mode] is lowered to 0% if the character's CP is over 9,000

[Week of Sept. 15th. 2020]

-An issue where [Noir's Shoes] and [Noir's Gloves] are not displayed on [Craft] menu
-An issue where [Critical Hit Damage] stat is not correctly applied
-An issue where some Adventurers cannot participate in the event 'Best Missions for New and Returning Adventurers
-An issue where a false 'Task Complete' Notification pops up after crafting using [Alchemy Stones] or completing [Tower of Trials]


Thank you.