[September 1] Patch Notes (Updated)
UPDATES 2020.09.01

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Greetings, Adventurers!

The Patch Notes for the update on September 1 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ New Class: Hashashin

- The Hashashin, blessed with the powers of Aal, wields the Shamshir and commands the elements of the desert to penetrate enemy lines and assassinate targets.
- As Aal's Chosen, the powers of the desert are at the Hashashin's command. He can summon and manipulate the elements of the desert, utilizing sand and heat into his attacks to make him all the more deadly.
- His attacks persist after the initial strike, throwing surrounding enemies into disarray and giving him time to make his escape. Many have met their end by hesitating or underestimating this class, so be wary!
・ Combat Style: Melee
・ Weapons: Shamshir (Main), Haladie (Sub)
- The Hashashin is an Ascended Class, and thus will automatically be ascended once created.
- To acquire skills as a Hashashin, complete the Story Quest [The Boss, Red Nose] and then accept the quest [Remembering Power: Hashashin].
- At Lv 1, the Hashashin will have 4 skills upon creation. After Lv 10, special missions can be accepted to acquire new skills.

■ Abyssal Gear Crafting Changes

- The ingredients needed to create Abyssal Gear has been changed.
ㆍAbyssal-grade ingredients (ex. Kzarka's Fang) will no longer be required to craft Abyssal Gear.
ㆍDue to this change, these Abyssal-grade items will no longer be a possible reward for defeating World Bosses.

■ Alchemy Stone Awakening Update

- Alchemy Stone Awakening has been added.
- Abyssal Stones that are Abyssal grade or higher can be strengthened even further through Awakening.
・ 30,000 Caphras Dust is required to awaken Alchemy Stones. Awakening an Alchemy Stone will greatly amplify its powers.
・ Awakened Alchemy Stones can only be equipped on Awakened/Ascended characters.
・ Awakened Alchemy Stones can be strengthened further by undergoing Enhancement.

■ Blazing Black Crystal's Light Added

- [Blazing Black Crystal's Light], a powerful Enhancement item, has been added.
・This item can be used by going to [Black Spirit's Influence > Enhance/Force Enhance], just like Black Crystals and Refined Black Crystals
・Using [Blazing Black Crystal's Light] will guarantee an enhancement level on your gear of choice. It can be used on any gear with an Enhancement level between +20 - +39 that is Epic-grade or above.
・[Blazing Black Crystal's Light] can be obtained through certain Bounty Missions.
※ This item expires in 24 hours from the time it is acquired. Make sure it use it before then!

■ Path of Glory: New Rifts Added

- Rifts 6 and 7 have been added to Path of Glory.
・New Achievements and Titles related to the new rifts have been added.
・Better rewards will also be available in the new rifts.

■ Ramoness: Custom Event Mode

- Ramoness: Custom Mode Event is now live.
・ Event Period: After the maintenance on September 1 - Until the scheduled maintenance between September 28 and October 2
・ Try out Custom Mode, a new mode for the Ramoness Arena, during the event period.
- What is Ramoness: Custom Mode?
・ This new mode has a CP cap for paticipants.
ex) If a participant's CP is over 9000, for example, this will cap their CP at 9,000.
・ News about matches will also be announced here: [LINK]

■ Outlaw Zone Event

- Outlaw Zone is now available until the scheduled maintenance on September 15. Enabling this will allow Adventurers to freely engage in combat with each other (except fellow guild members).
- A +50% Combat Buff and a -5% Spoils Drop Cooldown Buff will be applied in Outlaw Zone.
ㆍ Outlaw Zone cannot be activated in Nightmare, Field of Valor, and the Hidden Banquet Hall.
- To enable Outlaw Zone, tap on the Outlaw Zone icon beside the minimap.
ㆍ Outlaw Zone can be accessed with a character that is Lv 40 or higher. During this event, the existing Outlaw Mode will be disabled.
※ Mega Growth Boost Effects will be disabled once you enter the Outlaw Zone. To activate the Mega Growth Boost again, you must manually reactivate the boost.
※ To exit the Outlaw Zone, disable the zone by tapping [OFF] in the zone's settings window.

■ New Guild Mileage Quests Added

- New Guild Mileage Quests have been added.
- Previous Guild Mileage Quests can no longer be purchased.
※ Previous Guild Mileage Quests that were purchased before this update will still be available (unless they expired).

■ Changes to Ramoness Arena Tier Rewards

- Tier Rewards in Ramoness Arena have been changed to monthly rewards.
・ Rewards will now reset on the 1st day of every month.
- The quality of the Ramoness Arena Tier Rewards have been improved.
Points Rewards
1041 Points Golden Dagger x2, Boss Stamp x50
1122 Points Golden Dagger x3, Ancient Tablet x80
1243 Points Good Weapon Black Stone x50, Boss Stamp x100
1446 Points Good Armor Black Stone x100, Ancient Tablet x160
1770 Points Grand Weapon Black Stone x20, Boss Stamp x200
2337 Points Grand Armor Black Stone x40, Ancient Tablet x320
3228 Points Black Crystal: Weapon x20, Magical Residue x5000
4524 Points Black Crystal: Armor x40, Magical Essence x5000
6306 Points Refined Black Crystal: Weapon x20, Caphras Dust x5000
9100 Points Refined Black Crystal: Armor x40, [Abyssal] Alchemy Stone Chest x2

- Changed Watch Mode so that the Adventurer that created the room now has the option to select the map of their choice.
- Improved the UI of Watch Mode.

- Fixed an issue on devices running Android OS 11 Beta where the game crashed upon launch.

[Tower of Trials]
- Added an option to allow Adventurers to send their characters to the Tower directly.

[World Boss]
- Increased the cap of [Extra Damage to World Bosses] buff from 50% to 100%.

- Added a Black Spirit mini-guide about the buff list.


- Added information about the 'Auto-Feed Pets' function to the [Life Plus] item description.

- Adjusted weight to 0 or 0.01 LT for some items that added unnecessary weight to inventory. (Updated on 9/3)

・Items that had weight adjusted to 0 LT: Seeds and some items that could be sold to an NPC such as Golden Sculptures.
   ※ It was not applied to loot from monsters.
・Items that had weight adjusted to 0.01 LT: Skillbooks


- Changed the UI of the Puzzle Event so that the confirmation screen about using puzzle pieces will appear only once.


- Adjusted [Ranked Arena] so that characters that are [Master] and above will not receive bonus points. (Updated on Sept. 7)


- Fixed an issue where the [Send Worker Again] button was not working as intended.

[Buss Rush/Special Boss Rush]
- Fixed an issue where cutscene sometimes would not end in [Black Mane]'s Boss Rush and Special Boss Rush.
- Fixed an issue where teleports in certain Boss Rush stages, including [Kelcas] and [Saunil Siege Captain], would sometimes fail.

- Fixed an issue where the results screen would not appear after failing a Relic Enhancement.
- Fixed an issue where if the loot list screen was not closed after disabling Sleep Mode, the loot list screen would not refresh.
- Fixed an issue where an abnormal message would sometimes appear after restoring an Enhancement.


■ Archmage
Frigid Fog
- Changed the name and icon of the enhanced skill's effects.
ㆍChanged the name of “Intensify: Reduce Move Speed” to 'Ultimate: Reduce Move Speed' and added the relevant skill icon.

Ultimate: Reduce Move Speed Reduced By
Lv 1 -10%
Lv 2 -20%
Lv 3 -30%
Lv 4 -40%
Lv 5 -50%
* Duration changed to 4 seconds.

■ Huntress

- Added a description regarding the 'Damage' of [Spinning Shot] to the skill's description.

■ Berserker
- Changed [Off-Kilter] so that Super Armor will not be applied (in accordance with the description) on the first hit when using the skill in the Arena.


- A summer theme will be applied to the Black Spirit minigame on the in-app download screen starting from this update.
ㆍChill out in the summer vibes with the adorable Black Spirit!

[Official Website]
- In order to improve the forum's integrated search function, this function will be disabled.
ㆍThe improvements will be applied as quickly as possible, and the timeline to complete this will be announced through the Patch Notes.
ㆍWe apologize for any inconvenience this may cause when accessing the forum. We will continue to work hard to ensure better services to our Adventurers!


■ New Events
- Hashashin Level Up Event
ㆍAfter the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) - September 28 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)
- Celebrating the Hashashin Launch! Hammer of Fortune Event
ㆍAfter the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) - September 14 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)
- Hashashin Launch Login Event
ㆍAfter the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) - September 28 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)
- Special Gift: Abyssal Accessory Event
ㆍAfter the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) - September 28 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)
- Hashashin Launch Selection Chest Event
ㆍThe item will be sent to your in-game mailbox after the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) and can be claimed until September 30 (Wednesday), 23:59.
- Elle Belucci's Exchange Shop: Season 3
ㆍAfter the maintenance on September 1 (Tuesday) - November 2 (Monday), 23:59 (Server Time)

■ Ending Events
- Hashashin Pre-Create Event
- Hashashin Pre-Registration Log-In Event
- Ordeal of the Fallen
- Take Down All World Bosses!
- BDM X Cursed Collaboration Event
ㆍ The Netflix's Cursed X BDM Collaboration Event, which was extended by 1 week, has ended.
- Pet Bingo Event
※ Exchange Period: Until the scheduled maintenance on September 15.


■ This Week's New Products
[New Outfits]
- [Hashashin] Shudad
- [Hashashin] Karlstein
- [Hashashin] Treant
- [Hashashin] Karakum
- [Hashashin] Shudad Weapon
- [Hashashin] Karlstein Weapon
- [Hashashin] Treant Weapon
- [Hashashin] Karakum Weapon
- [Warrior] Crowned Eagle
- [Ranger] Crowned Eagle
- [Witch] Crowned Eagle
- [Giant] Crowned Eagle
- [Valkyrie] Crowned Eagle
- [Sorceress] Crowned Eagle
- [Dark Knight] Crowned Eagle
- [Striker] Crowned Eagle
- [Warrior] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Ranger] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Witch] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Giant] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Valkyrie] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Sorceress] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Dark Knight] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Striker] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Berserker] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Windwalker] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Invoker] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Destroyer] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Lancer] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Reaper] Crowned Eagle Weapon
- [Phantasma] Crowned Eagle Weapon

[New Products]

- Class Change Package
- Awakening/Ascension Change Package
- Hashashin Level Up
- Hashashin All-Inclusive Chest
- Hashashin Limited Accessory Package
- Pearls + Enhanced Alchemy Stone
- Alchemy Stone Enhancement Package
- Weekly Restoration Scroll Package
- Armor Outfit Chest x5 Bundle
- Weapon Outfit Chest x5 Bundle

■ Sales Ending Next Week

- Ancient Gold Coin Nesting Dolls
- Boss Stamp Nesting Dolls
- Ancient Tablet Nesting Dolls
- Major Gold Coin Nesting Dolls
- Major Boss Stamp Nesting Dolls
- Major Ancient Tablet Nesting Dolls