[8/4] Patch Note
UPDATES 2020.08.04

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Greetings, Adventurers!


The Patch Notes for the update on August 4 (Tuesday) are here! In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See below for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Path of Glory


- Path of Glory has been added.
 · Path of Glory is a new mode where the objective is to defend the gates of a castle against waves of enemies. Call on your Family to successfully fend off the waves and secure the location!
 · 2 to 6 Characters from the same Family and server can be summoned to Path of Glory.
 · You can enter Path of Glory once a day by going to [Main Menu > Path of Glory].
 · Each Rift (Difficulty) will also have an entry restriction based on the total combined CP of the characters participating in the mode.

 ※ If there are any network connection issues or changes while Path of Glory is in progress, the mode will automatically end and your attempt will be registered as a forfeit. You will not be able to collect any rewards from that attempt.

 ※ Entry into Path of Glory is only registered once you collect the rewards, so the number of available entries into Path of Glory will not decrease if you forfeit or otherwise end the mode without collecting the rewards.



■ Field of Valor
- A new zone has been added to this update's Field of Valor Event.
- You can obtain a large amount of Ancient Gold Coins, Black Stones, and Silver through the new Field of Valor event.
ㆍ This Field of Valor Event will be running for 2 weeks.
ㆍ The following zones will be available in Field of Valor: Field of Valor (Difficulty 1 - 6) and Field of Valor: Highlands (Difficulty 1 - 2). (※ The required CP to enter Difficulty 1 is set at 1,600.)
ㆍField of Valor can be accessed when you have a Camp. Use Tokens of Valor to enter the mode.
ㆍ The number of Tokens of Valor required to enter each zone is as follows:
1) Field of Valor (Difficulty 1 - 6): Token of Valor x1
2) Field of Valor: Highlands (Difficulty 1 - 2): Token of Valor x2
ㆍ 2 Tokens of Valor can be obtained every day through the Event Tab.
ㆍ If you invite a friend/Guild Member with an active Combat Plus into your party, the friend/Guild Member will be able to enter the Field of valor with you regardless of their CP.
ㆍ All [Token of Valor] will be deleted once the Field of Valor Event ends.
■ New Gear Resonance Added
- Gear Resonance for gear at enhancement levels III-VII has been added.
■ New Bonus Effect Added
- The following Bonus Effect tier has been added: Base CP 6000 and up.
※ You must log in with a character that meets the requirements for the new tier to take effect.
※ If you have a character that already met the new tier's requirements before this update, you must log in with the character after this update to activate the new tier's Bonus Effects.
■ Auto-Enhance Update
- The Auto-Enhance function has been added. (Refer to the screenshots for more details.)
ㆍ In the Auto-Enhance window, select the materials, target enhancement level, the percentage to attempt an enhancement, and the restoration settings before beginning Auto-Enhancement.
■ Combined Creation System
- A new system has been added that combines all crafting functions (except crafting done by workers in the Camp) and is available through the Camp.
ㆍThis system can also be accessed by going to [Tab Menu > Craft].


- Adjusted the Matching System in Ranked Arena so that Guild Members will no longer be matched.

- Added icons to the waiting screen in Ramoness that display the character classes of those who are participating in the match (not applied to observers).

- Changed the name of the settings button in the party widget for Ramoness to [Settings].

ㆍTapping on [Settings] will open the Ramoness Arena's party screen.

- Fixed an issue in the rewards confirmation screen where the number of Black Pearls was not being displayed after obtaining the season rewards for Ramoness Arena.

- Adjusted the Matching System for Ramoness Arena so that the party cannot join the battlefield if there is an abnormal difference between the CP of party members.

[Alchemy Stone]

- The Alchemy Stone Synthesis & Fusion Rate UP Event has ended.

ㆍThe increased rates will remain even though the event has ended.

[Tower of Trials]

- The Tower of Trials EXP+ Event has ended.

ㆍThe increased EXP rates set by this event will be returned to their normal rates.

- A message will now appear if there are no viable characters that can enter the Tower of Trials.


- Adjusted the Main Menu so that the text appearing on the buttons for [Tower of Trials], [Field of Valor], and [Path of Glory] will be more visible in some languages.

- Messages that appear after completing Awakening/Ascension challenges have been reworded for some languages.

- Fixed an issue with some menu screens where the menu UI will remain even after pressing the [Home] button to exit the menu

- Fixed an issue where UI effects would appear abnormally in certain situations.

[Node War/Siege War]

- Adjusted the Battle Contribution Rankings so that rankings for Hwachas, Cannons and Elephants will be displayed in the results screen.

ㆍ   These rankings will not appear if Hwachas, Cannons, and Elephants were not used.


- Added an option to the Camp's Storage where you can exclude Pet Food from being placed into the Storage automatically when using the [Auto-Place] function.

- Adjusted the Auto-Disassembling restrictions placed on Epic Accessories in the Extractor.

ㆍ Epic Accessories can now be disassembled automatically regardless of Black Spirit Level (only the Camp Tier requirement will remain).

[Blood Kin]

- Changed the Blood Kin menu so that the rewards for Blood Kin Missions can now be viewed through the menu.

- Changed the Blood Kin chat history settings so that up to 50 messages will be saved and viewable even after logging out.

[Golden Vault]

 - Added information to the [Golden Vault Entry Pass] item description that states that silver is obtainable in this mode.


- Adjusted the process of adding skills to Quick Slot in the Skills menu so that duplicate skills will not be registered when adding a skill that has already been added to Quick Slot.

- Improved the animation of [Grab] so it appears more naturally.

[Guild War]

- Adjusted the Guild War Voting System so that if a guild is dissolved during the voting period, the vote will end immediately.



- Fixed an issue where the text on the Ramoness results screen was incorrectly labeled as 'Arena'.

- Fixed an issue where some of the rewards were displaying incorrectly for some ranks in the Ramoness Season Rewards results screen.

[Ancient Ruins]

- Fixed an issue where characters would enter the Ancient Ruins with their original appearance.


- Fixed an issue where the camera would move abnormally when implementing a skill with [Grab].


- Fixed an issue where hotkeys were not visible after connecting a gamepad.

* Go to [Settings > Gamepad] to hide hotkeys.


- Fixed an issue where the message 'Cannot make attempt yet.' appeared while gathering resources.

- Fixed an issue where the Auto-Gather UI button was disabled and Workers were sent out to Auto-Gather after they returned to the Camp.

[Sleep Mode]

- Fixed an issue where Sleep Mode could not be enabled after using pass items.

[Auto-Fuse Lightstones]

- Fixed an issue where starting Auto-Fusion after locking/unlocking Lightstones and Crystals would cause Auto-Fusion to stop.

[NPC Shops]

- Fixed an issue when using the [Sell All] function at shops where a message stating that items have been sold would appear even though none were sold.

[Shakatu's Shop]

- Fixed an issue in Shakatu's Shop where the results screen when Auto-Buying gear would display the gear's Crystal Slots incorrectly.

- Fixed an issue in Shakatu Exchange where tapping [Exchange] without selecting an item would cause a visual bug that would display only one item when tapping on one of the items on the right.

[Path to Power Quests]

- Fixed an issue where the Path to Power widget would display quests in progress first instead of completed quests.


- Fixed an issue in the Camp where buildings built within the Camp would display incorrect information regarding the next tier of the building.


- Fixed an issue in Merchantry where rewards would not open after ending Merchantry and would be placed in the Inventory.

- Fixed an issue where using an Elixir right when an event is automatically started would lock villages/towns so they cannot be entered.

[Auto-Craft/Auto-Synthesize Alchemy Stones]

- Fixed an issue where if Sleep Mode is turned on when Auto-Crafting/Auto-Synthesizing Alchemy Stones, exiting Sleep Mode would cause the UI to appear abnormally.


- Fixed an issue where creating a character and then tapping on the [Skip] button during a cutscene would cause text to appear abnormally.


- Fixed an issue in Nightmare where successfully using [Grab] on an enemy would result in the target being placed in an abnormal location.

[Hide Weapon]

- Fixed an issue where enabling the [Hide Weapon] option would cause the character's body to disappear.

[Black Spirit Mode]

- Fixed an issue where Black Spirit Mode for Boss Rushes could not be accessed if a character's CP was lower than the required CP to enter Boss Rush Difficulty Lv. 3.

- Fixed an issue in Ramoness where the score would display inaccurately in the UI when a team member exited the match.


- Fixed an issue where the message that appears in the Character Selection screen when pressing the button to return to the Server Selection screen was misleading.


 ■ Invoker

Lightning Storm

- Moved the following effect to the [Power Surge] skill: 'Grants Super Armor upon using this skill'.


- Changed the following effect so that it is now enabled in the Arena: 'Grants Super Armor upon using this skill'.

- Increased wait time between casts when chaining another skill after using this skill.

Voltaic Burst

-  Increased the skill's max number of charges from 1 to 2.

- Changed the effect “Intensify: Extra Charge” to “Intensify: Forward Guard”.

- Increased the attack speed of this skill.

Power Surge

-  Changed the skill's pathing and adjusted the skill's PVE and PVP damage.

-  Removed the “Daze upon hit” effect.

-  Decreased cooldown from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.

-  Increased the skill's max number of charges from 1 to 2.

- Added the following effect (disabled in the Arena): 'Grants Super Armor upon using this skill'.

- Changed the effect “Intensify: Decrease DP” to “Intensify: Increase DP”.

PVE  Before After
Lv 1  1045%  600% 
Lv 10  1375%  850% 
PVP  Before After
Lv 1  766.7%  270% 
Lv 10  1028%  382.5% 
■ Archmage
- Increased the attack speed of this skill.
Arcane Burst
- Changed the skill so that casting the skill will leave behind an imprint in the location where the skill was casted. Using this skill again will teleport you back to the imprint.
- Changed the effect “Intensify: Extra Charge” to “Intensify: Increase Skill Duration”.
Frost Pillars
- Changed the skill so that a charge attack will be triggered when the skill is used.
Frigid Fog
- Changed the animation and mechanics of the skill so that Frigid Fog can be used immediately while using another skill.
- Increased the cooldown from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
- Changed the skill's effect from 'Applies Super Armor while skill is in use' to 'Applies Invincibility while skill is in use and Super Armor while attacking.'
- Changed the effect from 'Intensify: Decrease Attack Speed' to 'Intensify: Reduce Move Speed'.
- Added the following effect: Freeze Zone.
- Adjusted the skill so that the time of Invincibility is slightly longer and the skill invalidates unit collision.
- Adjusted the skill so that [Intensify: Increase Range] is applied to the size of the tornado.
- Improved the hitbox of the skill and slightly increased the skill's range.
- Increased the explosion's area of effect on last hit.
- Increased the skill's range.
Meteor Shower
- Reduced skill cooldown by 1 second.
- Added the following effect: 'Increase damage by 30% after consuming 80 MP'.
([Flow: Lava Zone] Not applied.)
■ Dark Knight / Void Knight
- Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight's and Void Knight's arms appeared abnormally when previewing the Shudad Outfit in the Pearl Shop.
■ Phantasma
- Fixed an issue where Phantasma's Weapon Outfits could not be dyed.
- Weapons can now be toggled to be hidden.
ㆍThe [Hide Weapon] function can be applied by going to [Inventory > Option].

[Shakatu's Shop]

- The Drop Rate UP Event for Abyssal-grade items has ended.

ㆍThe drop rates will be adjusted to the normal rates (from before the start of the event).

■ New Events

- Path of Glory Special Missions Event

- Puzzle Event

- Field of Valor Event


■ Ending Events

- Terrmian is Now Open (Season 2)!

- Beat the Summer Heat! Black Spirit Bingo

- Black Spirit Race

- Herawen's Special Missions  



■ New Products

- Pearls + Emblem Growth I

- Pearls + Emblem Growth II

- Pearls + Emblem Growth III

- Path of Glory Extra Entry Pass

- 5,000 Pearls Bundle

- 10,000 Pearls Bundle

- All-Inclusive Black Stone Chest

- Major Shakatu Exchange Certificate Chest

- Pearls + Golden Vault I

- Pearls + Golden Vault II

- Lucky Chest

- Armor Outfit Craft Package

- Weapon Outfit Craft Package

- Pearls + Enchantments

- Pearls + Advanced Mystical Relic Chest


■ Sales Ending

- Major Exchange Coupon Chest

- Major Gold Coin Chest

- Bundle of 7 Advice of Valks 10%

- Bundle of 25 Advice of Valks 10%

- Bundle of 10 Advice of Valks 50%

- Bundle of 25 Advice of Valks 50%

- Daily Boss Stamps (14 Days)

- Double Daily Boss Stamps (14 Days)

- Pearls + Alchemy Stone Package

- Striker All-Inclusive Chest

- Pearls + Magical Residue

- Pearls + Magical Essence

- Limited Mystical Accessory Package

- Pearls + Lucky Relic Chest


■ Sales Ending Next Week

 - Special Boss Rush Challenge Chest

 - Lucky Relic Chest

 - Major Boss Stamp Chest

 - Major Ancient Tablet Chest

 - Special Ruins Challenge Chest