[7/28] BDM X Netflix's CURSED Collaboration Event

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Greetings, Adventurers!


A collaboration between Black Desert Mobile and CURSED, a Netflix Original Series, is now live!


Meet Nimue, the Sword of Power's chosen, and aid her in her quest to escape those who seek to eliminate magic from the world!


Complete the questline to help Nimue and obtain a [Fey Coin], which can be exchanged for valuable and rare items.


See below for more details.



📢 Event Period

July 28 (Tuesday), 00:00 - 8/24 (Monday), 23:59

※ New events will open on July 28 without a scheduled maintenance.


📢 Event Details

1) Log in to Black Desert Mobile.

2) Go to the Event Tab and accept the [Cursed] Questline. Complete it to obtain [Fey Coin]. 


※ Go to the Altar of Agris, Forest of Plunder, and Cron Castle in Balenos to find the Red Paladins for the following quests:

1) Nimue's Argument

2) What Was Lost

3) A Statue, a Mirror, and a Map


3) [Fey Coin] can be exchanged for valuable items that will be of use on your adventures.

※ You must have a CP of 2,000 or higher to accept this questline. 

※ This questline can only be accepted once per Family.


📢 Tips

1) Visit BDM's official Facebook and get 4 coupon codes that will yield extra [Fey Coin]!

- Use all 4 coupons to get a total of 60 [Fey Coin]. 

2) A very special event to celebrate the collaboration between Netflix and Netflix's Cursed will take place on Facebook on August 3.


📢List of Rewards

Item  Exchange Cost (Fey Coins) Purchase Limit
[Abyssal] Crystal Chest 
JIN Liverto Main Weapon
[Mystical] Relic Chest 
[Mystical] Accessory Selection Chest
[Mystical] Lightstone Chest x2 
Boss Stamp x500 
Ancient Tablet x750 
Advice of Valks 50% x2 
Restoration Scroll x350 


※ Please Note

 - You will only receive the item if you tap on the check-in button.

 - The log-in records will reset every day between 00:00 - 00:10. 

 - The log-in rewards will be placed directly in your Inventory.

 - The items obtained through this event may or may not be Spiritbound depending on the item.

 - Event items cannot be moved or restored.

 - The event period and conditions are subject to change.


Thank you.